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India essay sanskrit

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Ben Carson Tells of His Journey from Poverty. By: July • Essay • 1,212 Words • November 26, 2009 • 644 Views. Essay title: Ben Carson Tells of His Journey from Poverty. Ben Carson tells of his journey from essay poverty. Benjamin S. Carson went from an angry street fighter in Detroit to become director of thesis on supply resilience, pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Carson, who attributes his escape from the poverty of his youth to india sanskrit, the support and love of his mother, is the splendid recipient of numerous honors and awards, including an honorary degree from UD in 1997. India Sanskrit. His autobiography, Gifted Hands, chronicles the road from a broken home and poor self-esteem to his life today. His second book, Think Big, elaborates on his philosophy of success in life, and his newest book, The Big Picture, offers an in-depth look at a professional surgeon's life, as well as his perspectives on priorities, race, society, success and splendid living out a life of india, faith in a complex world.

He and his wife, Candy, created a program known as the Carson Scholars Fund, for students in grades four through 12 in Maryland, Delaware and utrecht Washington, D.C., who meet high standards of academic achievement and humanitarian service. These remarks, presented at essay sanskrit UD's 151st Commencement exercises May 27, are printed with permission of Benjamin S. Carson Sr., M.D. Congratulations to on supply chain, all the graduates. You know that a Commencement builds dreams. I think back on a time when I was in essay sanskrit your seat and also even much further back than that, when I was a youngster sometimes spending hours sitting in the hallways of Detroit's Receiving Hospital or Boston City Hospital.

We were on medical assistance, so we had to in economic, wait for one of the interns or residents to finish with all their work so they could see us. But, I used to entertain myself by listening to essay sanskrit, the PA system: Dr. Jones, Dr. Jones to the emergency room; Dr. Johnson, Dr. Johnson to the clinic.

It sounded so important, and I would be thinking, One day, they'll be saying, 'Dr. Carson, Dr. Carson to the operating room.' But, of course, nowadays we have beepers, so I still don't get to hear it. But, it was wonderful having that dream. Role Of Government In Economic. You know, you have to have something that inspires you to essay, go on. I have to tell you that things kind of fell apart for me when I was 8 years old.

My parents got divorced. My mother was one of 24 children and got married at age 13. They moved to Detroit from rural Tennessee, where she discovered that my father was a bigamist. (I was telling that story at a commencement at the University of Utah. Nobody thought it was that strange. No, actually they don't do that anymore in Utah, and the fact of the thousand splendid suns essays matter is, if everybody had the essay sanskrit morals of the people in Utah, we'd be in pretty good shape.) But, at any rate, things kind of fell apart, and we moved to Boston. (I was in Boston this past week speaking at the Harvard Medical School commencement.) But, things weren't so good while we were living there. We lived in utrecht phd thesis one of the tenements. We became very, very familiar with poverty. I'll tell you I learned a very important lesson during that time; it was from my mother.

She had a very difficult life, but she never adopted the victim's mentality. Sanskrit. She never felt sorry for herself, regardless of all the things that happened. And, that was a good thing. The problem was she never felt sorry for us, either. Utrecht. So, no excuse was ever acceptable, and she would always say if you came up with an india, excuse, Do you have a brain? And, if the do short answer was yes, then she would say, You could have thought your way out of it. Well, eventually we moved back to Detroit; poverty was rampant. I was a fifth-grade student, perhaps the sanskrit worst fifth-grade student you've ever seen in your entire life. My idea of a good day was when I got somebody else kicked out of class.

Because, I knew that I wasn't going to achieve, and, if I got other people not to achieve, I felt good. You know, misery loves company. Utrecht. And, my nickname was Dummy. We were having an argument. (2009, 11). Ben Carson Tells of His Journey from Poverty. . Retrieved 11, 2009, from Ben Carson Tells of His Journey from Poverty . 11 2009. 2009. 11 2009 Ben Carson Tells of His Journey from essay Poverty. ., 11 2009. Web. 11 2009. Ben Carson Tells of His Journey from Poverty. Role Of Government Development. 11, 2009. Accessed 11, 2009. India. A Thesis. Imaginative Journeys . Imaginative journeys can be taken through the imagination or psyche of an essay, individual as they explore, reflect and fuse together the seemingly intangible.

When I received my schedule for the fall semester back in the summer, I read that I had Racism and Sexism in the United States. Benjamin Solomon Carson Biographical Information: Born in Detroit, Michigan September 18,1951 the second son of Sonya and plan Robert Solomon Carson Graduated with honors from india Southwestern. . Thousand Suns. /wikipedia/commons/f/f1/Ben_Carson_by_Skidmore_with_lighting_correction.jpg Ben Carson : Surgical Pioneer Although Ben Carson is most presently known for . Get Access to 87,000+ Essays and Term Papers Join 179,000+ Other Students High Quality Essays and Documents. Free Essays, Book Reports, Term Papers and india essay sanskrit Research Papers.

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Literature survey on epidemiology and essay, pathology of gangliocytic paraganglioma. © Okubo et al; licensee BioMed Central Ltd. 2011. Received: 24 September 2010. Although gangliocytic paraganglioma (GP) has generally been regarded as a neuroendocrine tumor, its origin remains unclear. We therefore aimed to investigate the details of this disease by carefully analyzing and thousand suns essays, extracting common features of the essay sanskrit disease as presented in selected publications.

We searched for stories have a thesis, English and Japanese cases of GP using the essay sanskrit PubMed and IgakuChuoZasshi databases on August 2010. A Level Essay. We then extracted and india sanskrit, sampled raw data from the selected publications and do short, performed appropriate statistical analyses. Additionally, we evaluated the expression of hormone receptors based on our previously reported case. 192 patients with GP were retrieved from the databases. Patient ages ranged from 15 y to 84 y (mean: 52.3 y). The gender ratio was 114:76 (male to female, 2 not reported).

Maximum diameter of the india essay tumors ranged from 5.5 mm to 100 mm (mean: 25.0 mm). The duodenum (90.1%, 173/192) was found to be the most common site of the disease. In 173 patients with duodenal GP, gastrointestinal bleeding (45.1%, 78/173) was found to be the do short stories have a thesis most common symptom of the disease, followed by india sanskrit, abdominal pain (42.8%, 74/173), and anemia (14.5%, 25/173). Rate of lymph node metastasis was 6.9% (12/173). Our statistical analysis indicated that significant differences were found for gender between GP within the submucosal layer and exceeding the utrecht phd thesis submucosal layer. Furthermore, our immunohistochemical evaluation showed that both epithelioid and pancreatic islet cells showed positive reactivity for progesterone receptors. Our literature survey revealed that there were many more cases of GP exceeding the sanskrit submucosal layer than were expected.

Meanwhile, our statistical analyses and immunohistochemical evaluation supported the following two hypotheses. Stories. First, vertical growth of GP might be affected by progesterone exposure. Second, the origin of GP might be pancreatic islet cells. However, it is strongly suspected that our data have been affected by publication bias and to confirm these hypotheses, further investigation is required. Duodenal gangliocytic paraganglioma with lymph node metastasis. Chief Clinical presentation. Follow up (months) Takabayashi et al. [ 53 ]. Additional surgical intervention.

Recurrence 11 years after first surgical intervention. Sundararajan et al. [ 54 ]. Anemia, subclinical jaundice. Witkiewicz et al. [ 36 ]. Abdominal pain, vomiting, weight loss. Epigastralgia, tarry stool.

Gastrointestinal bleeding, anemia. NR: not reported, PD: pancreatoduodenectomy, PPPD: pylorus-preserving pancreaticoduodenectomy. NED: no evidence of disease. There were twelve cases of gangliocytic paraganglioma with lymph node metastasis. Few studies reported the epidemiology, pathology, and india essay sanskrit, clinical characteristics of the disease. We then evaluated the details of the disease by a business, carefully analyzing and extracting common features of the india essay sanskrit disease as presented in these selected publications. We searched English and Japanese cases of structure a level GP published from 1957 to the early trimester of 2010 using the essay PubMed and do short a thesis, IgakuChuoZasshi databases on August 2010 by conducting a search of gangliocytic paraganglioma with case report options as an india additional tool. Do Short A Thesis. As a result, 4574 English and india essay, 27 Japanese publications were retrieved. We checked the do short have a thesis abstracts and 73 English and india essay, 24 Japanese (total 97) publications were regarded as cases of GP and 4504 publications were excluded. Since this disease entity has been reported under other names, prior to thesis resilience, Kepes et al. naming it as a GP [ 2 ], such as ganglioneuroma, non-chromaffin paraganglioma, and paraganglioneuroma, we checked the references of 97 selected publications. The characteristic three components could be confirmed in essay, the manuscript or a figure.

The paper was cited in other publications as a GP report. These 105 publications contained reports on thesis chain, 192 patients with GP. In the india essay sanskrit present study, we conducted a non-systematic literature review using 173 patients with duodenal GP. We extracted and sampled raw data from the structure of an a level essay selected publications, such as clinical findings (age, sex, clinical symptoms, operation method, and india essay sanskrit, outcome), histopathological findings (site, maximum diameter of the do short tumor, diagnostic rate from essay biopsy before operation, the depth of the tumor invasion, and with or without lymph node metastasis), and structure of an history, immunohistochemical findings. In addition, we performed appropriate statistical analyses using the sanskrit extracted data. Statistical analyses were performed using the non-parametric Mann-Whitney U test or Chi-square test. Differences were considered significant at P 0.05.

Additionally, we evaluated gender differences based on the results of our statistical analyses. Of An A Level. Moreover, we evaluated the expression of hormone receptors in relation to estrogen and india, progesterone based on our previously reported case [ 6 ]. Finally, we declare that our study may be affected by of government in economic, publication bias because it comprises a cumulating case series. 192 patients with GP were retrieved from the india essay PubMed and splendid essays, IgakuChuoZasshi databases. Patient ages ranged from essay 15 y to 84 y (mean: 52.3 y). The gender ratio was 114:76 (male to role in economic, female, 2 not reported). Maximum diameter of the tumors ranged from 5.5 mm to 100 mm (mean: 25.0 mm). The duodenum (90.1%, 173/192) was found to be the most common site of the india essay sanskrit disease, followed by the low-level spinal cord (2.1%, 4/192) [ 7 – 10 ], respiratory system (2.1%, 4/192) [ 11 – 14 ], jejunum (1.6%, 3/192) [ 5 , 15 , 16 ], and esophagus (1.0%, 2/192) [ 17 , 18 ]. There were individual cases involving the stomach [ 5 ], appendix [ 19 ], retromediastinum [ 20 ], pancreas [ 21 ], and mature teratoma [ 22 ] (constituent of the phd thesis lesion), as well as a case of double focus in the duodenum and pancreas [ 23 ] (0.5%, 1/192, respectively).

In accordance with these findings, the essay sanskrit present study focuses on the duodenal lesion, which represents the site for the overwhelming majority of cases of the disease. 173 patients with duodenal GP were retrieved from the PubMed and utrecht phd thesis, IgakuChuoZasshi databases. Patient ages ranged from 15 y to 84 y (mean: 52.6 y). India. The gender ratio was 102:69 (2 not reported). Gastrointestinal bleeding (45.1%, 78/173) was found to be the utrecht most common symptom of the disease among the symptoms reported in the papers, followed by abdominal pain (42.8%, 74/173), and anemia (14.5%, 25/173). In contrast, biliary obstruction was extremely rare (4.6%, 8/173). Essay Sanskrit. The follow-up period ranged from 12 months to 96 months, and on supply resilience, no death from GP was reported. With the essay exception of a patient that had part of thesis on supply a previous tumor at the initial operation [ 24 ], no recurrence has been reported. There is only one report of a patient who underwent radiotherapy after surgical intervention [ 25 ]. 15 patients underwent an endoscopic procedure for removal [ 26 – 40 ], and india, one patient required additional surgical intervention due to the presence of utrecht phd thesis a tumor residue following her first endoscopic intervention [ 36 ]. Histopathological findings from forceps biopsies performed prior to essay sanskrit, surgical intervention were described in essay, 35 patients.

Among these cases, 4 patients were correctly diagnosed as GP, 24 patients did not show evidence of tumor cells (specimens did not contain tumor cells), and 7 patients were diagnosed or suspected of having a different neuroendocrine tumor (3 carcinoid tumors, 2 paragangliomas, 1 ganglioneuroma, and 1 case involving atypical cells). The maximum diameter of the tumors ranged from sanskrit 5.5 mm to 100 mm (mean: 24.2 mm). On Supply Resilience. The depth of the tumor invasion was described in 108 patients, comprising 42 patients with submucosal invasion, 62 with muscularis propria invasion, and 4 with connective tissue beneath the muscularis propria. In summary, 42 patients had GP within the india sanskrit submucosal layer and structure history essay, 66 patients had GP exceeding the submucosal layer. India Essay Sanskrit. Moreover, 12 of these patients showed lymph node metastasis that involved one submucosal lesion [Table 1 ]. Representative findings for each of the three characteristic components of thesis chain tumor cells are as follows. In epithelioid cells, neuron specific enolase (NSE) showed the highest positive rate (93.9%, 77/82), followed by synaptophysin (90.0%, 36/40), pancreatic polypeptide (PP; 89.7%, 70/78), somatostatin (81.8%, 63/77), chromogranin-A (67.4%, 60/89), cytokeratins (48.3%, 28/58), and serotonin (22.0%, 13/59). In spindle-shaped cells, S-100 protein showed the highest positive rate (94.2%, 98/104), followed by india sanskrit, NSE (84.0%, 63/75), and synaptophysin (64.7%, 22/34). Immunohistochemical findings for each of the three characteristic components of the how to a business plan tumor.

Neuron specific enolase. Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide. Positive or negative findings from immunohistochemistry in india sanskrit, 173 extracted duodenal gangliocytic paraganglioma are summarized. Comparative analysis of clinicopathological findings. To determine significant factors associated with the progression of the tumor, the following comparative analyses were carried out. When we employed evidence of metastasis as an indicator of thesis chain progression, a significant difference was found only for the ages of patients among the sanskrit clinicopathological findings concerning those with and in economic, without lymph node metastasis (Mann-Whitney U test: p = 0.01), and patients with metastasis were significantly younger than those without metastasis. In contrast, no significant differences were found in the maximum diameter of the essay tumors or gender when comparing patients with and without lymph node metastasis (Mann-Whitney U test: p = 0.10 or Chi-square test: p = 0.55, respectively). Comparison of history clinicopathological findings between patients with and without lymph node metastasis. Patients with lymph node metastasis. Patients without lymph node metastasis. Number of patients.

17 to india, 67 (mean: 43.5) 15 to 84 (mean: 53.4) Significant difference was found. (Mann-Whitney U test: p = 0.01) Maximum diameter of the do short a thesis tumor (mm) 5.5 to 65 (mean: 29.8) 10 to sanskrit, 100 (mean: 23.5)

No significant difference was found. (Mann-Whitney U test: p = 0.10) Gender (male to female) 96:63 (2 not reported) No significant difference was found. (Chi-square test: p = 0.55)

A significant difference was found for thesis, the ages of india sanskrit patients with and without lymph node metastasis (Mann-Whitney U test: p = 0.01), and patients with lymph node metastasis were significantly younger than those without lymph node metastasis. In contrast, no significant differences were found for maximum diameter of the tumor or gender in chain, patients with and without lymph node metastasis (Mann-Whitney U test: p = 0.10 or Chi-square test: p = 0.55, respectively). Comparison of clinicopathological findings between GP within and exceeding the submucosal layer. Gangliocytic paraganglioma within the submucosal layer. Gangliocytic paraganglioma exceeding the submucosal layer. Number of patients. 28 to 84 (mean: 54.1) 15 to essay, 73 (mean: 50.0) No significant difference was found (Mann-Whitney U test: p = 0.23)

Maximum diameter of the phd thesis tumor (mm) 5.5 to 65 (mean: 21.7) 10 to 100 (mean: 26.8) No significant difference was found (Mann-Whitney U test: p = 0.18) Gender (male to female)

Significant difference was found. (Chi-square test: p = 0.02) Rate of india sanskrit lymph node metastasis. Significant difference was found. (Chi-square test: p = 0.03)

Significant differences were found for gender and the rate of lymph node metastasis between patients with GP within the submucosal layer and exceeding the submucosal layer (Chi-square test: p = 0.02, 0.03, respectively). However, no significant differences were found for thesis on supply chain resilience, the maximum diameter of the india essay sanskrit tumor or the age of thesis chain a patient between males and females. In addition, Spearman's rank correlation coefficient was calculated to essay, assess any potential relationship between the maximum diameter of the a level history tumors and ages of essay sanskrit patients, but no significant relationships were found. Immunohistochemical evaluation of phd thesis female sex hormone receptors. Photomicrographs showing immunohistochemistry for india essay sanskrit, estrogen and progesterone receptors . (A and B) Epithelioid cells in both primary and metastatic foci were negative for estrogen receptors (? 400). (C) Pancreatic islet cells showed a weakly positive reactivity for estrogen receptos (? 400). (D and E) Epithelioid cells in of government in economic, both primary and essay, metastatic foci showed a strongly positive reactivity for structure of an history, progesterone receptors (? 400). (F) Pancreatic islet cells showed a strongly positive reactivity for india essay sanskrit, progesterone receptors (? 400).

We collected as many publications written in English or Japanese involving GP and examined them to extract characteristic features of the tumor as presented in phd thesis, clinical and india essay, histopathological findings. We focused on determining the significant factors associated with the progression of the suns tumor. Here we discuss the clinical, histopathological, and immunohistochemical findings in reference to essay, matters that emerged from our research. In the utrecht phd thesis present study, we found gastrointestinal bleeding as the india essay sanskrit most common symptom, followed by abdominal pain. This fact has been previously accepted and our data confirm it. Suns. All patients without autopsies and sanskrit, having clinically incidental focus had surgical interventions, including 15 patients with endoscopic intervention. Indeed, one patient required additional surgical intervention due to thesis chain resilience, a residue of the essay sanskrit tumor at development essay, her first endoscopic procedure [ 36 ], while other patients showed a good outcome without recurrence or metastasis. Furthermore, there was no record of a patient dying from GP, and patients with this tumor, therefore, have an extremely good prognosis. However, one patient has been reported as showing a recurrence due to a residue of a previous tumor at essay, his initial surgical intervention [ 24 ]. Accordingly, we emphasize the stories have importance of both a histopathological assessment of india sanskrit extensive tumor components at the surgical margin and imaging examinations to monitor for recurrence or metastasis after the operation.

Although one patient received irradiation after surgical intervention [ 25 ], we maintain that patients without residual tumor require no adjuvant therapy because no recurrence or metastasis has been reported in such patients. By contrast, it is still unclear whether a residual tumor can be controlled by irradiation or chemotherapy alone without surgical intervention. The immunohistochemical findings on structure of an a level history, the tumors need consideration since the identification of three cellular components are essential for diagnosis. Epithelioid and sanskrit, ganglion-like cells showed a high positive rate for several kinds of immunohistochemical neuroendocrine markers, such as synaptophysin, chromogranin A, and NSE. In addition, epithelioid cells showed a high positive rate for PP. In contrast, spindle-shaped cells had the structure history highest positive rate for S-100. These results are consistent with other previous publications. Furthermore, positive rates for each hormone, such as somatostatin, serotonin, gastrin, glucagon, and insulin in epithelioid cells, were significantly different and india, the meaning of this finding is worth investigating. Role. However, these extracted immunohistochemical findings should be regarded as hints or suggestions because it is india essay thought that results involving negative data have not been described in previous publications.

In fact, our previous case report did not describe the immunohistochemical evaluation of each hormone according to negative reactivity. Incidentally, we previously tried to stories have, establish the immunohistochemical prognostic indicators of GP using bcl-2, p53, and Ki-67, which are acceptable prognostic indicators in several kinds of neuroendocrine tumors [ 41 – 44 ]. However, all of these indicators showed a negative reactivity. Unfortunately, there were no other cases of india sanskrit GP that included an immunohistochemical evaluation using bcl-2 and p53, and thousand suns essays, the value of these factors as prognostic indicators of GP remains unclear. In contrast, two cases without lymph node metastasis were described with the Ki-67 labeling index in GP [ 45 , 46 ]. However, both showed extremely low Ki-67 labeling index values. Therefore, we suggest that immunohistochemical evaluation using Ki-67 may have a limited prognostic value in GP. Finally, we gained insight into india sanskrit, the progression of splendid suns essays GP tumors and india sanskrit, related factors. It has been accepted that GP usually arises from the submucosal or muscular layer, which may make the diagnosis difficult using a forceps biopsy prior to surgical intervention. A Business. In fact, we revealed that the diagnostic rate by biopsy before surgical intervention was only 11.4% (4/35). In addition, we showed that many more cases of india sanskrit GP exceeding the submucosal layer were reported (61.1%, 66/108) than expected, and GP exceeding the of government in economic submucosal layer is a risk factor for lymph node metastasis.

These facts emphasize the importance of imaging examinations prior to surgical interventions. It is essay interesting to stories have, note that significant differences were found for gender between GP within the submucosal layer and exceeding the submucosal layer. On the basis of sanskrit our investigation, a hypothesis emerged that asserted no significant relationship for thesis chain resilience, gender and that female gender induces vertical growth of the tumor. To confirm part of our hypothesis, we focused on female-specific factors and initially evaluated tumor cells immunohistochemically using anti-estrogen and progesterone receptor antibodies. As a result, our immunohistochemical evaluation revealed that epithelioid cells showed positive reactivity for sanskrit, the progesterone receptor. Utrecht. Furthermore, some investigators reported that progesterone regulates neural differentiation [ 47 , 48 ]. These facts suggest that the essay sanskrit vertical growth of prepare a business GP might be affected by progesterone exposure. Additionally, it is interesting to note that normal pancreatic islet cells also showed positive reactivity for the progesterone receptor. It has been reported that normal pancreatic islet cells and pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors showed positive reactivity for the progesterone receptor [ 49 ], and india sanskrit, our literature survey demonstrated that epithelioid cells showed a high positive rate for PP (89.7%, 70/78) immunohistochemically. Thousand. These facts indicate the relationship between GP and pancreatic islet cells. However, immunohistochemical evaluation for estrogen receptors differs between epithelioid cells and normal pancreatic islet cells, and our immunohistochemical evaluation was based on only one patient.

Furthermore, it is india strongly suspected that our data have been affected by publication bias. To confirm these hypotheses, further investigation is do short have a thesis required (e.g. compare the sanskrit positivity between the metastatic cases [ 6 , 24 , 25 , 36 , 46 , 50 – 56 ] and a level history essay, non-metastatic cases for the immunohistochemical antigen expression). Our literature survey revealed that there were many more cases of GP exceeding the india sanskrit submucosal layer than were expected, and significant differences were found in gender between GP within the submucosal layer and utrecht phd thesis, exceeding the submucosal layer. Furthermore, our immunohistochemical evaluation showed that both epithelioid cells and normal pancreatic islet cells showed strongly positive reactivity for progesterone receptors. India Sanskrit. These immunohistochemical results support the following two hypotheses. First, vertical growth of GP might be affected by progesterone exposure. Plan For Investors. Second, the origin of GP might be the pancreatic islet cells. However, further investigation is required to confirm these hypotheses.

Since the data of this study were extracted and india sanskrit, sampled from previous publications, written informed consent for publication from patients does not exist with the exception of thesis resilience our previous publication. As for our previously reported cases, written informed consent was obtained from the patients for publication of this study as well as any accompanying images. India Sanskrit. A copy of the written consent is available for review by the Editor-in-Chief of this journal. Thesis Chain. Furthermore, the india essay anonymity of all patients was strictly protected. neuron specific enolase. This work was supported by the Health Science Research Grants for Research on thousand splendid, Emerging and india sanskrit, Re-emerging Infectious Diseases (H16-Shinko-6 and H19-Shinko-8), Measures for Intractable Diseases (H20 nannchi ippann 35) from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan, by a Grant of the a level essay Strategic Basis on Research Grounds for Non-governmental Schools at Heisei 20th from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Japan to K. S, and Toho University project grant to Y. O. The authors thank Minoru Shinozaki for his excellent technical support and Tsutomu Hatori, Aki Mitsuda, Chikako Hasegawa and Takayuki Hirano for their histopathological advice. Authors' original submitted files for images. Dr. Shibuya reports receiving research grants from Pfizer Inc., Janssen Pharmaceutical K.K., and Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co.

All authors declare that they have no competing interests. YO conceptualized this study, integrated the data, and wrote the manuscript as a major contributor; MY carried out the histopathological evaluation and revised the manuscript; TN carried out statistical evaluation and revised the manuscript; KK and HN carried out india essay sanskrit, statistical evaluation; KS gave final approval to the manuscript as a corresponding author; TY, MY, KS, DS, and TI sampled publications and extracted raw data from English and Japanese publications and integrated the data; MT advised the have first author on essay, gangliocytic paraganglioma as a clinical doctor; NH carried out histopathological and statistical evaluation and revised the manuscript as a last author. All authors contributed to essay, conceptualizing and writing this study. Furthermore, all authors read and approved the final manuscript. Dahl EV, Waugh JM, Dahlin DC: Gastrointestinal ganglioneuromas; brief review with report of a duodenal ganglioneuroma.

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View ArticlePubMedGoogle Scholar Aung W, Gallagher HJ, Joyce WP, Hayes DB, Leader M: Gastrointestinal haemorrhage from a jejunal gangliocytic paraganglioma. J Clin Pathol. 1995, 48: 84-85. Essay Sanskrit. 10.1136/jcp.48.1.84. View ArticlePubMedPubMed CentralGoogle Scholar Weinrach DM, Wang KL, Blum MG, Yeldandi AV, Laskin WB: Multifocal presentation of role essay gangliocytic paraganglioma in the mediastinum and esophagus. Hum Pathol. 2004, 35: 1288-1291. 10.1016/j.humpath.2004.07.013.

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10.1016/S0090-8258(03)00272-5. View ArticlePubMedGoogle Scholar Kawaguchi K, Takizawa T, Koike M, Tabata I, Goseki N: Multiple paraganglioneuromas. Virchows Arch A Pathol Anat Histopathol. 1985, 406: 373-380. 10.1007/BF00704306.

View ArticlePubMedGoogle Scholar Dookhan DB, Miettinen M, Finkel G, Gibas Z: Recurrent duodenal gangliocytic paraganglioma with lymph node metastases. India Essay Sanskrit. Histopathology. 1993, 22: 399-401. 10.1111/j.1365-2559.1993.tb00145.x. View ArticlePubMedGoogle Scholar Wong A, Miller AR, Metter J, Thomas CR: Locally advanced duodenal gangliocytic paraganglioma treated with adjuvant radiation therapy: case report and structure of an a level history essay, review of the iterature. World J Surg Oncol.

2005, 3: Google Scholar Scheithauer BW, Nora FE, LeChago J, Wick MR, Crawford BG, Weiland LH, Carney JA: Duodenal gangliocytic paraganglioma. Essay Sanskrit. Clinicopathologic and immunocytochemical study of structure a level history 11 cases. Am J Clin Pathol. 1986, 86: 559-565. View ArticlePubMedGoogle Scholar Hayashi K, Kuroda M, Mizoguchi M: A case of duodenal gangliocytic paraganglioma. Official Journal of the Japanese Association of india Pathologists.

1994, 12: 45-(In Japanese) Google Scholar Ohya M, Utsunomiya S, Yao T: A case of utrecht phd thesis gangliocytic paraganglioma. India Essay. Official Journal of the Japanese Association of Pathologists. 1996, 14: 6-(In Japanese) Google Scholar Miyaji J, Kuriyama A, Hiraoka J, Matsuo N, Kawamuwa H, Kawamura H, Ishikawa M, Abe K, Ohmoto M, Tamaru M, Nishina K, Umeda M, Kurokawa T, Ishikawa M: A case of essays duodenal gangliocytic paraganglioma. Stomach and Intestine. 2000, 35: 1443-1447. (In Japanese) Google Scholar Nakamura T, Ozawa T, Kitagawa M, Takehira Y, Yamada M, Yasumi K, Tamakoshi K, Kobayashi Y, Nakamura H: Endoscopic resection of india essay sanskrit gangliocytic paraganglioma of the minor duodenal papilla: case report and review. Gastrointest Endosc. 2002, 55: 270-273. Role In Economic Development. 10.1067/mge.2002.120782. View ArticlePubMedGoogle Scholar Hengstler P, Binek J, Meyenberger C: Endoscopic resection of a juxtapapillary gangliocytic paraganglioma.

Endoscopy. 2003, 35: 633-634. View ArticlePubMedGoogle Scholar Nagai T, Torishima R, Nakashima H, Tanahashi J, Iwata M, Ookawara H, Yokoyama S, Yada K, Sato R, Murakami K, Fujioka TJ: Duodenal gangliocytic paraganglioma treated with endoscopic hemostasis and resection. Sanskrit. Gastroenterol. 2004, 39: 277-283. Structure Of An A Level History Essay. 10.1007/s00535-003-1289-2. View ArticleGoogle Scholar Sanchez-Pobre P, Saenz-Lopez S, Rodriguez S, Sanchez F, Alemany I, Lopez G, Colina F, Martinez-Montiel P, Marin JC, Castellano G, Solis Herruzo JA: Safe endoscopic resection of gangliocytic paraganglioma of the major duodenal papilla.

Rev Esp Enferm Dig. India Essay Sanskrit. 2004, 96: 660-664. PubMedGoogle Scholar El Idrissi-Lamghari A, Rioux-Leclercq N, Pagenault M, Bretagne JF: Voluminous juxtapapillary gangliocytic paraganglioma. Gastrointest Endosc. 2005, 62: 445-446. 10.1016/j.gie.2005.04.003. View ArticlePubMedGoogle Scholar Chahal P, Prasad GA, Sanderson SO, Gostout CJ, Levy MJ, Baron TH: Endoscopic resection of nonadenomatous ampullary neoplasms. J Clin Gastroenterol. Thesis On Supply Chain Resilience. 2007, 41: 661-666. India Sanskrit. 10.1097/01.mcg.0000225651.00308.79. View ArticlePubMedGoogle Scholar Witkiewicz A, Galler A, Yeo CJ, Gross SD: Gangliocytic paraganglioma: case report and review of the literature.

J Gastrointest Surg. Thesis Chain Resilience. 2007, 11: 1351-1354. 10.1007/s11605-007-0217-9. View ArticlePubMedGoogle Scholar Loew BJ, Lukens FJ, Navarro F, Roy M, Mattia A, Howell DA: Successful endoscopic resection of essay sanskrit a gangliocytic paraganglioma of the minor papilla in a patient with pancreas divisum and pancreatitis (with video). Gastrointest Endosc. 2007, 65: 547-550. Have A Thesis. 10.1016/j.gie.2006.07.019. View ArticlePubMedGoogle Scholar Morita T, Tamura S, Yokoyama Y, Onishi T, Kuratani Y, Mizuta H, Onishi S: Endoscopic resection of india a duodenal gangliocytic paraganglioma. Dig Dis Sci.

2007, 52: 1400-1404. 10.1007/s10620-006-9370-3. View ArticlePubMedGoogle Scholar Yamaoka H, Uchida M, Okamoto K: A case of duodenal gangliocytic paraganglioma. Medical Journal of Kochi Health Sciences Center. 2007, 2: 41-44. (In Japanese) Google Scholar Ishikawa S, Inaba C, Hori K, Wato M, Kawai K: Gangliocytic paraganglioma. Endoscopia Digestiva. 2009, 21: 1596-1597. (In Japanese) Google Scholar Gal AA, Sheppard MN, Nolen JD, Cohen C: p53, cellular proliferation, and apoptosis-related factors in thesis on supply resilience, thymic neuroendocrine tumors. Mod Pathol. 2004, 17: 33-39. 10.1038/modpathol.3800009.

View ArticlePubMedGoogle Scholar de Krijger RR, van der Harst E, van der Ham F, Stijnen T, Dinjens WN, Koper JW, Bruining HA, Lamberts SW, Bosman FT: Prognostic value of p53, bcl-2, and c-erbB-2 protein expression in phaeochromocytomas. J Pathol. 1999, 188: 51-55. India Essay. 10.1002/(SICI)1096-9896(199905)188:151::AID-PATH3103.0.CO;2-R. Thousand Essays. View ArticlePubMedGoogle Scholar Cadden IS, Atkinson AB, Johnston BT, Pogue K, Connolly R, McCance D, Ardill JE, Russell CF, McGinty A: Cyclooxygenase-2 expression correlates with phaeochromocytoma malignancy: evidence for a Bcl-2-dependent mechanism. India Sanskrit. Histopathology. 2007, 51: 743-751. 10.1111/j.1365-2559.2007.02846.x. View ArticlePubMedGoogle Scholar Wang DG, Johnston CF, Sloan JM, Buchanan KD: Expression of Bcl-2 in lung neuroendocrine tumours: comparison with p53.

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10.1007/s00795-009-0442-2. View ArticlePubMedGoogle Scholar Saito J, Hirata N, Furuzono M, Nakaji S, Inase M, Nagano H, Iwata M, Tochitani S, Fukatsu K, Fujii H, Ishii E, Kataoka J, Mikata R, Masuya Y, Ito H, Ohmori J, Wakasugi S, Ebara M, Hoshi K: Nippon Shokakibyo Gakkai Zasshi: A case of duodenal gangliocytic paraganglioma with lymph node metastasis. Nippon Shokakibyo Gakkai Zasshi. 2010, 107: 639-648. (In Japanese) PubMedGoogle Scholar Bukovsky A, Caudle MR, Svetlikova M: Steroid-mediated differentiation of neural/neuronal cells from epithelial ovarian precursors in vitro. Cell Cycle.

2008, 7: 3577-3583. 10.4161/cc.7.22.7101. Essay Sanskrit. View ArticlePubMedGoogle Scholar Liu L, Wang J, Zhao L, Nilsen J, McClure K, Wong K, Brinton RD: Progesterone increases rat neural progenitor cell cycle gene expression and proliferation via extracellularly regulated kinase and progesterone receptor membrane components 1 and 2. On Supply Chain. Endocrinology. 2009, 150: 3186-3196. 10.1210/en.2008-1447. View ArticlePubMedPubMed CentralGoogle Scholar Alabraba EB, Taniere P, Reynolds GM, Stewart PM, Wigmore SJ, Bramhall SR: Expression and functional consequences of oestrogen and progesterone receptors in human insulinomas.

Endocr Relat Cancer. 2007, 14: 1081-1088. 10.1677/ERC-07-0093. Essay Sanskrit. View ArticlePubMedGoogle Scholar Buchler M, Malfertheiner P, Baczako K, Krautzberger W, Beger HG: A metastatic endocrine-neurogenic tumor of the ampulla of Vater with multiple endocrine immunoreaction--malignant paraganglioma?. Digestion. 1985, 31: 54-59. 10.1159/000199178. View ArticlePubMedGoogle Scholar Inai K, Kobuke T, Yonehara S, Tokuoka S: Duodenal gangliocytic paraganglioma showing lymph node metastasis in a 17-year-old boy. Cancer. 1989, 63: 2540-2545.

10.1002/1097-0142(19890615)63:122540::AID-CNCR28206312313.0.CO;2-H. View ArticlePubMedGoogle Scholar Hashimoto S, Kawasaki S, Matsuzawa K, Harada H, Makuuchi M: Gangliocytic paraganglioma of the papilla of Vater with regional lymph node metastasis. Am J Gastroenterol. 1992, 87: 1216-1218. PubMedGoogle Scholar Takabayashi N, Kimura T, Yoshida M, Sakuramachi S, Harada Y, Kino I: A case report of duodenal gangliocytic paraganglioma with lymph node metastasis.

The Japanese Society of Gastroenterological Surgery. 1993, 26: 2444-2448. Phd Thesis. (In Japanese) View ArticleGoogle Scholar Sundararajan V, Robinson-Smith TM, Lowy AM: Duodenal gangliocytic paraganglioma showing lymph node metastasis: a case report and review of the sanskrit literature. Arch Pathol Lab Med. On Supply Chain Resilience. 2003, 127: 139-141. Google Scholar Bucher P, Mathe Z, Buhler L, Chilcott M, Gervaz P, Egger JF, Morel P: Paraganglioma of the sanskrit ampulla of a business plan for investors Vater: a potentially malignant neoplasm. Scand J Gastroenterol. 2004, 39: 291-295.

10.1080/00365520310007503. View ArticlePubMedGoogle Scholar Mann CM, Bramhall SR, Buckels JA, Taniere P: An unusual case of duodenal obstruction-gangliocytic paraganglioma. J Hepatobiliary Pancreat Surg. 2009, 16: 562-565. 10.1007/s00534-009-0092-8.

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Add, change, or delete borders from documents or pictures. Borders can add interest and emphasis to various parts of your document or email message. You can add borders to pages, text, tables and essay sanskrit table cells, graphic objects, and pictures. How To Prepare A Business Plan? What would you like to india sanskrit do? You can put a border around just one page if that page is at the beginning of a document or a section. If the page is in utrecht the middle of your document, first insert a section break. On the india essay sanskrit Design tab, choose Page Borders . Role Of Government Essay? In the Borders and Shading dialog box, design your border: Under Setting , choose the border style you want. India? Under Style , choose the line style you want. In the Color list, choose a border color. In the Width list, choose the line width you want.

If you want a clip-art border instead, in the Art list, choose a border graphic. In the Apply to list, choose This section - First page only . Tip: This setting also works if you’re adding the border to phd thesis the first page in your document. In the Preview pane, click the border you want to delete. Tip: To change where the border appears on the page, choose Options and india sanskrit adjust the margin settings. If you’ve added a page border in your document, you can remove it by changing the page border setting to None . Phd Thesis? On the Design tab, choose Page Borders . In the Borders and Shading dialog box, in the Apply to list, choose the page (or pages) you want to remove the border from.

Under Setting , choose None . You can use the Border Styles gallery to add a border to essay your table. Click inside your table, and of government in economic then click the essay Table Move Handle to select the table. The Table Tools Design tab appears. In the Borders group, choose the Border Styles list, and then choose a border theme. In the Borders list, choose where you want to add borders. Tip: To change or add borders for part of your table, choose Border Painter and then click each border in the table that you want to change or add. Word applies the border style you’ve already chosen, and of an a level history you don’t need to select the table first. India? When you add a table to a document, it’s automatically given a plain black border around the entire table and every cell within it. Role In Economic Essay? Even if you’ve added other borders to india essay the table, you can remove all or some of the role of government in economic development borders. Click inside your table and the table move handle appears in the upper-left corner.

On the Table Tools Design tab, choose Borders . Click No Border : Select the essay sanskrit cells whose borders you want to remove by dragging your mouse across them. On the Table Tools Design tab, choose Borders , and chain then make your selection. Click inside your table. Click Table Tools Design Line Style No Border . Your cursor becomes a paintbrush that you can drag along each border you want to erase. Adding borders to the pictures in your documents can make them stand out, and can give the india essay document a more polished look. How plain or fancy the borders are is suns essays up to you. The Picture Styles gallery offers many preset styles that make it easy for india you to add a special sort of border with one click. Choose the image that you want to add a border to.

On the Picture Tools Format tab, in the Pictures Styles gallery, choose a style. Splendid Suns? Choose More to india sanskrit view additional styles in the gallery. Customize your picture's border. If you’d rather completely customize your border, you can choose the border color, the border width, and line style. Click the image that you want to add a customized border to. On the Picture Tools Format tab, choose Picture Border . Choose one of the following: In the Weight list, choose a border width.

In the Dashes list, choose a line style. The way you remove a picture border depends on whether it’s a picture style or a custom border. Choose the picture you want to remove a border from. Do Short A Thesis? On the Picture Tools Format tab, do one of the following: If the border is an outline, in essay sanskrit the Picture Border list, choose No Outline . If the border is do short stories a style and you know which style it is, In the Picture Effects list, choose the style that's applied, then choose No (style). For example, to remove a shadow, click Picture Effects Shadow No Shadow . India? If you aren’t sure what style is role of government essay applied, you can reset the picture, but resetting also will remove any other changes you’ve made.

In the Adjust group, choose Reset . Remove a custom border. Choose the picture you want to india essay remove a customer border from. On the Picture Tools Format tab, in the Picture Border list, choose No Outline . Use the Borders button to add a border to text to set it apart or add emphasis. You can add borders to any side of the text or all sides to make a box. Place your cursor or select the text where you want to add a border. On the have Home tab, in essay the Paragraph group, in essays the Borders list, choose a border option. Creates a border below the paragraph or table cell at sanskrit the cursor’s current location or below the selected paragraphs or cells. If you select a portion of text smaller than a paragraph, a box is created around the thesis on supply resilience selection. Same as Bottom Border , but applies to the top.

Same as Bottom Border , but applies to the left. Sanskrit? Same as Bottom Border , but applies to the right. Removes borders from the selection. Creates a box around each paragraph for the selected text. If no text is selected, Word creates a box around the paragraph at the cursor’s current location. If you press Enter while typing in an All Borders text box, a new box appears for resilience the new paragraph. Creates a box around the india essay sanskrit selected text. If no text is selected, Word creates a box around the paragraph at the cursor’s current location. Thousand Splendid Suns Essays? If you press Enter while typing in a paragraph with Outside Borders , the box expands to include the india new paragraph. Creates borders between the selected paragraphs.

If no text is selected or if only one paragraph is selected, nothing happens. If you press Enter while typing in phd thesis a paragraph with Inside Borders , a new border appears. Inside Horizontal Borders. For regular paragraphs, this does the same thing as Inside Borders . For a table, this adds borders between rows and not columns. India Essay Sanskrit? Inside Vertical Borders. In a table, this adds borders between columns and utrecht phd thesis not rows. For regular paragraphs, this doesn’t do anything.

Diagonal Down Border. In a table, this adds a diagonal line from the top left to india the bottom right of each cell. For regular paragraphs, this doesn’t do anything. Diagonal Up Border. In a table, this adds a diagonal line from the bottom left to the top right of each cell. For regular paragraphs, this doesn’t do anything.

Inserts a horizontal line as a graphic below the cursor’s current location. Draw a table using your cursor. Displays cell boundaries in splendid suns tables that have no borders applied. Borders and Shading. Choose border formatting options such as line thickness, color, and style. Select all the text inside the border. Sanskrit? On the Home , in the Paragraph group, open the Borders list. Choose No Border . Select all the text inside the structure border. On the Home , in the Paragraph group, open the Borders list.

In the list of borders, click each border side you want to remove. Note: If the sanskrit border’s around a single word, the whole border disappears. Utrecht Phd Thesis? What would you like to india do? You can add a border to any or all sides of each page in a document, to pages in a section, to the first page only, or to all pages except the first. You can add page borders in many line styles and colors as well as a variety of graphical borders. You can set apart text from the rest of suns a document by adding borders. You can add borders to india essay sanskrit a table or individual table cell. You can add borders to drawing objects and pictures. You can change or format the border of an object in splendid suns the same way that you change or format a line.

On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Background group, click Page Borders . Make sure you're on the Page Border tab in india the Borders and Shading dialog box. Click one of the border options under Settings . Note: To specify that the stories have a thesis border appears on a particular side of a page, such as only at the top, click Custom under Setting . Under Preview , click where you want the border to appear. India Essay? Select the structure style, color, and sanskrit width of the border. Note: To specify an artistic border, such as trees, select an option in the Art box. Do any of the following: To specify a particular page or section for the border to appear in, click the option that you want under Apply to . To specify the exact position of the prepare a business plan border on india essay sanskrit the page, click Options , and then select the options that you want. Note: You can see the page borders on do short stories have a thesis your screen by viewing your document in Print Layout view. On the Page Layout tab, in sanskrit the Page Background group, click Page Borders . Make sure you're on the Page Border tab in the Borders and Shading dialog box. Change any options that you want, and then click OK . Note: You can see the page borders on your screen by utrecht phd thesis, viewing your document in Print Layout view. On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Background group, click Page Borders . In the Borders and Shading dialog box, on the Page Border tab, under Setting , choose None . Note: To remove the border from only one edge of the document—for example, to remove all but the top border—click the essay sanskrit borders that you want to remove in the diagram under Preview . Select the picture, table, or text that you want to apply a border to. To apply a border to specific table cells, select the cells, including the end-of-cell marks. Note: Press Ctrl+* to turn on Show/Hide paragraph marks and view the end-of-cell marks.

On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Background group, click Page Borders . Thousand Splendid Suns? In the Borders and india essay sanskrit Shading dialog box, on the Borders tab, choose one of the border options under Settings . Select the style, color, and width of the border. Structure Of An A Level Essay? Do any of the following: To place borders only on particular sides of the selected area, click Custom under Setting . Under Preview , click the diagram's sides, or click the buttons to india essay apply and how to a business remove borders. To specify the sanskrit exact position of a paragraph border relative to the text, click Paragraph under Apply to , click Options , and then select the options that you want. To specify a cell or table that you want the border to appear in, click the prepare a business for investors option that you want under Apply to . Select the text, picture, or table whose border you want to change. If you want to change a border on india sanskrit specific table cells, select the cells, including the end-of-cell marks. Note: Press Ctrl+* to phd thesis turn on Show/Hide paragraph marks and view the end-of-cell marks. On the essay Page Layout tab, in the Page Background group, click Page Borders . Click the Borders tab, and change any options that you want. Select the text, picture, or table whose border you want to remove.

If you want to remove a border from specific table cells, select the cells, including the end-of-cell marks. Note: Press Ctrl+* to turn on Show/Hide paragraph marks and view the role in economic development essay end-of-cell marks. On the Page Layout tab, in the Page Background group, click Page Borders . Click the Borders tab. Under Setting , click None . Essay Sanskrit? Note: To add a border to a drawing object, you must place the drawing object in a drawing canvas. On the Insert tab, in the Illustrations group, click the Shapes list, and then click New Drawing Canvas . Right-click the drawing canvas, and then click Format Drawing Canvas on role of government essay the shortcut menu.

On the Colors and Lines tab, under Line , choose a color, line style, and line weight. Add any drawing objects that you want to the drawing canvas. Right-click the drawing canvas with the border that you want to change, and then click Format Drawing Canvas on the shortcut menu. On the Colors and Lines tab, under Line , change the color, line style, and line weight. Select the sanskrit object with a border you want to remove. Right-click the drawing canvas, and then click Format Drawing Canvas on the shortcut menu.

Do one of the following: For Word 2010, under Line Color , select No Line , and under Line Style , clear all selections. For Word 2007, on the Colors and Lines tab, under Line , click No Color .

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CREATIVE WRITING - The FIVE BEST ESSAYS. Who am I? And why are you so different? In fact, I am a nobody. A piece of dirt. Compared to the world's population of six billion I'm a nobody.

Compared to people like Barack Obama and Mahatma Gandhi I don't matter. But in my own small world, I try to matter. I try to be someone you recognize. Somebody happy. Somehow me. I was different from the very beginning.

I was born nine weeks earlier than they expected, but I survived and india sanskrit now I am a healthy person. I am an thesis on supply chain, only child. Both my parents started to work again when I was three years old, so I was on my own more often than the other children, which was not bad at all. Essay? So I had to entertain myself. I grew up differently. When I was happy, I always sang songs nobody knew because I made them up in structure of an a level essay my mind. I have experiences nobody can share with me. Nobody grew up like I did. I grew up differently. I still am.

Different, I mean. I have all those pictures in my head, almost my whole life. India? Everything I see is like a picture stream in my head. I can see pictures of essays, my first day at school and india essay I can exactly remember the way the sun rays went through the utrecht windows of the classroom and illuminated my classmates' heads. Sanskrit? I see a long road in the desert, it's already sundown – my first visit in New Mexico, USA, when I was six years old. I think I can keep those pictures better than other people.

Other people forget those little details. I don't. I like to watch the people in splendid suns essays the underground and india try to imagine their life. Others wouldn't even realise them. I can look at a dirty wall or an uneven stone and suddenly I see faces or animals in those patterns of role in economic, nature, although they are not really there. India Sanskrit? Other people would call me insane if I'd tell them what I see. And what I see becomes stuck as a picture in on supply resilience my head.

I am so different because the pictures in india essay sanskrit my head get so many and sometimes I have the feeling that they'll make my head go off. So I have to get them out of my head. Structure Of An A Level History Essay? Therefore, I put them on a piece of paper. I write them down. I write what I saw once. Or I draw. Sometimes I even put those pictures in the music I make and share them with people. And then they don't call me insane anymore. But there's also another reason besides the pictures for why I am so different and why I am who I am: I'm not reasonable. I mean I'm kind of reasonable in the way that I do my homework and go to bed at sanskrit, 10 pm, but I'm totally not emotionally reasonable.

Let me give you an on supply, example: I once loved a person. It doesn't matter who he is. But if I were emotionally reasonable I would have told myself from the very beginning: Forget about him. It's neither reasonable nor possible that the india essay two of you will ever come together. Then, for a normal person, it would be okay. But from the very beginning I was not able to oppress my feelings in the way I just had to let the love out of me and see it as a possibility to do something weird in my life. Now since I know that he doesn't love me I can let it go, and in this point I'm reasonable again, but at of an, first, I'm as unreasonable as possible for as long as I can. And so are my plans and my lifestyle: Not reasonable from the very beginning.

Tomorrow I could be hit by a car and essay sanskrit die. Suns Essays? And who tells me I have to go to university and that I have to marry someday? It's my life. Sanskrit? And so I want it to be unreasonable, unpredictable and not at all comparable with any other life on this earth. My greatest aim is happiness, or at least the role in economic development essay shape of happiness. Sanskrit? I try to thesis on supply reach it every day.

Going swimming in a lake with my clothes on is definitely unreasonable, but it just pushes the happiness out of me. India Essay? You can hear nobody but me singReggae songs aloud on role of government a beach in essay sanskrit Northwestern Denmark, but these are exactly the best moments of my life. When nothing matters but happiness. I really don't have any fixed plans for my future, but I like the thought of me traveling around and doing what I have always wanted to do. I love Denmark because it's quiet and rough. I love San Francisco because you can discover something behind each corner of this city. And I love New Mexico because I feel at home in the desert there.

And I love France because I love the stories have French language and india essay sanskrit culture. Of Government In Economic Development Essay? A strange combination of places, isn't it? It's like a mirror to my strange soul. Sanskrit? I like roughness and loneliness, the heat and drought, but neither do I deny culture. I have dreadlocks. This is why people in the streets often look at me like as though they had just seen an alien.

I'd like to take away all these prejudices. I'm a kind person, well, I'm sarcastic and role in economic development I have a very special humor. India Essay Sanskrit? As far as politics are concerned I'm on the very left side (but not on the radical side), but I'm kind. I'm kind because I never had to argue with my brothers or sisters in my childhood and I often find myself in how to prepare the hammock of harmony, rocking myself into a world behind the little arguments. But don't blame me just for that. So, in essay fact, I'm a nobody, still, after all. I'm a piece of dirt although I wrote those lines in order to make myself matter.

That's what you might think now after having read all these selfish words which don't matter either. And you're totally right: Compared to the world's population of six billion I'm a nobody and how to plan compared to you and your friends I don't matter. But now, after all that, I slowly start to india essay matter in thesis on supply your brain because you begin to india essay sanskrit remember what you just read about me and you think about me. Maybe you start to search and utrecht find pictures in your head, banned into an empty corner. You start to share them and essay sanskrit then a sudden feeling of irrationality overwhelms you and role in economic development essay you decide to india essay visit your grandma and share ten cups of self-made frozen yogurt with her. You forget your future and live in the present. And maybe you even get to tell somebody that you love him or her, somebody of whom you thought up to this point: “It's either unreasonable or unrealistic.” And see: This is the point where I am different and I start to matter for you: This is the point where I could give you an impression of my way of living and the point where you (maybe in a long time) again feel the happiness pushing out of you.

Thank you for reading this and splendid essays making me matter. If I were an actress in a movie. I would be Emma Watson. In Harry Potter because. She is gorgeous, intelligent. And she is funny. If I were a colour.

I’d be brown because. I love chocolate. And I like making chocolate cake. I would be brown because. My skin is essay sanskrit, pale like white chocolate. And my eyes are like chocolate with mint. If I were an animal. I wish to on supply chain resilience be a cat because. I like sleeping, doing nothing. And I am keen on of massage. If I were a character in a book.

I wish to be Karigan G'ladheon. In the Green Rider because. She is sanskrit, brave, intelligent. And she is suns, generous. Axelle is a French name. But Walschaerts is a Flemish name. I am fourteen years old. So I am not old. My hair is brown like chocolate. Furthermore I am crazy about chocolate.

My eyes are green and brown. Whereas my skin is pale so not brown. I am of essay sanskrit, medium height. Moreover I am not overweight. I am honest and humble. By cons sometimes I am not sociable. I like playing the piano and practicing climbing. But I prefer skiing. For me, the structure of an a level history essay American series. Are better than the india sanskrit French series.

I think the savoury dishes. Are less delicious than the sweet dishes. I have one brother and thesis chain resilience one sister. Who are more than twenty years old. I have one sister. Who is seventeen years old. During the essay sanskrit weeks when I have to go to school. I share a bedroom with this sister because. My home is far from our high school.

My parents are not divorced. And they are married. We live in a little town. Out in the country in Drome. We live in chain this house for india essay sanskrit fifteen years. I have a half sister. Who has three daughters.

She lives in Grigny. It is structure of an a level, a town not far from Paris. Drome is a beautiful department. It is india sanskrit, one of the eight departments. In the chain region Rhone-Alpes. All of the departments have some specialities: - Ain has the “Galette de Perouges” - Savoie has the “gateau de Saint-Genix” - Ardeche has the chestnut cream.

- Haute-Savoie has the “Reblochon” it is a cheese. - Drome has the “Nougat” this is candies. - Loire has the “boudin au chocolat” - Isere has the india sanskrit “Bouffettes de Mens” it is a cake. - Rhone has the “Poire a la beaujolaise” In this region there is a memorial museum because. during the World War II. Lot of how to a business plan, soldiers died in the “plateau du Vercors” There is a museum of sweets and nougats in Montelimar.

We can practice “accrobranche” In the forest of Marsanne or in Privas. Where there is the biggest zip wire. About 43 698 km? And this region is india essay, more populated. Than Scotland or Denmark. For me, Rhone-Alpes is the better. Region because it is not far from a sea and the mountain. Rhone-Alpes composed France. This country is on supply chain, separated.

Into twenty two regions. France is india essay, one of the for investors twenty seven countries. This composed the European Union. In the india sanskrit capital of France, Paris, There is the only Disneyland Park of Europe. So I live in the region of Rhone-Alpes.

I am French and European. I am fourteen, I like chocolate, cats and I like practicing sport. If you read this you must be European. And you may be participate in. The Comenius project. But you might not be French. Are we the same age?

What do you look like? Do you enjoy practicing sport? What nationality are you? If you are British: What do you think of thesis on supply resilience, hooligans? Do you eat eggs at breakfasts? Do you often drink beer?

Do you eat canned food of essay, baked beans and mash potatoes? Do you go to school with a uniform? If you are a man, are you dressed like a gentleman? Or do you wear a kilt? Are you playing bagpipe? You are British but you can be. Scottish, Welsh or English. If you are German:

Do you eat a lot of potatoes? Do you drink beer? Do you like cars? Are you disciplined? Which “Lander” of Germany do you live in? Do you wear “Bayern” clothes? Have you blonde hair and blue eyes?

If you are Italian: Do you eat a lot of pasta? Do you eat ice cream? Do you like pizzas? Where do you live? In Sardinia? If you are Norwegian: Do you eat a lot of salmon?

Do you always wear warm clothes? In the splendid suns essays five regions, in which parts do you live? And you can be a boy. But you may be hate animals. My skin is pale. And your skin can be.

You might have black hair. As a consequence me because. I have brown hair. Yours parents can be divorced. Whereas my parents are married. You must be better. Than me at india essay, languages.

But I may be better. Than you for climbing. You might be have to wear a uniform for going to role development school. although I can wear jeans or dress at school. But we have things in common: You can be a girl like me.

You may love animals. And you might have cats like me. You can have brown and green eyes like me. Your hair might be of medium height like me. Your chin can be round like me. You must live with.

Your two parents in a same house like me. Maths and skiing like me. You can be as honest as me. We do the same project. Perhaps we are the same age. And we are Europeans. My name is india essay sanskrit, Martina, I’m a mint chocolate cream puff; I’m a little bit plump, like a pastry , my hair is blond, like cream. I’m a blend of rich chocolate infused into a bittersweet minty flavor which combine to provide a strong flavor that represents who I am.

I’m a contradiction between two different flavors that came together, Now at fifteen, I am still innocent and naive, I am fearful of do short stories have, heights, scary movies, and bed bugs. I look at life as a mine of essay, opportunities . I do not know who and what I will be when I'm 22, 27, or 32. I am really open to opportunities and experiences. I want to learn a wide range of topics, from foreign languages and geography to hip hop and modern dance . I look at life as a spontaneous adventure; wherever life takes me, I‘ll be there for a reason. I don’t have a clear image of my identity. A Level History? I am the perfect blend of india essay sanskrit, my innocent and carefree childhood, where everything was great and do short of my present and india essay sanskrit confident, fifteen year old self, who believes that through determination and the right kind of attitude, I can go far. I am the perfect contradiction of Mint Chocolate cream puff . I’m 15 years old and I come from Camponogara where I live in a confectionery shop. Something more about me ? Well, I’m talkative, I like chatting a lot, I love meeting new people!! I’m always optimistic, I never think that something is going bad.

The best thing that makes me happy is when my friends feel good. I hate when somebody is angry with me because I feel sad. I love jokes because they make me laugh a lot (everybody knows that a real laughter makes life long). I care about people in need. In Economic Development Essay? In fact I would like to india essay sanskrit feed everybody who’s starving because my taste is simply divine. I worry about utrecht nature and I can’t stand when people leave their litter on the ground. It really gets on my nerves when I hear on the TV that someone harasses a woman And in Italyit happens quite often.

I love dancing and I want to become a dancer. After school I want to go to essay the University and get a degree in languages. My favourite clothes are: jeans and large sweatshirts. I love trainers!! I really like reading especially stories about structure essay people who lived during the Second World War. I haven’t too much time to watch television, but when I do it I usually watch dance programmes like “America’s Best Dance Crew”or music programmes like Mtv. With my friends I talk about everything: from india essay sanskrit music to how to prepare plan boys, from dance to school. When I’m not at school I usually do my homework and when I finish it I go to essay sanskrit dance training or I go out of an a level essay, with my friends. I really like learning English and German and I don’t mind learning Geography but I don’t like Maths. If I won a million euros in the lottery first of all I would buy a beautiful car for my dad and india sanskrit a valuable ring for how to a business plan for investors my mum .If I suddenly had two weeks free I would call my friends and pay an essay sanskrit, unforgettable journey to New York !! I think that we’ll have a lot of fun there. I admire everybody who gets what they want.

I’m so young and I have much time for a thesis doing all the things that I would like to do in my life. First of india sanskrit, all a long journey around the world to know the different cultures and countries. I love knowing that there is someone different from me. As a cream puff I consider food a cultural element. How To Prepare A Business Plan For Investors? And I think that the preference for india essay sanskrit some food and the refusal for others, comes from the resilience culture. Every culture has a code which is determined by geographical, environmental, economical, historical and india sanskrit nutritional components. There are dishes which are related to thousand suns the place where you come from, they affirm your identity, and a meal promotes the integration for a different culture. As you know I’m a chocolate cream puff. Few days ago a customer took me to india his home and I heard that they were talking about chain different eating habits in the world. I learnt that In the United Kingdom for breakfast they have: eggs, bacon, grilled tomatoes, fried mushrooms, fried bread or toast with butter and sausages.

I thought: really?? That’s incredible ! In Italywe usually eat: coffee, milk, cereals, biscuits, tea and croissants. It’s totaly different. We eat that stuff for lunch!! Then I heard that they eat fish and essay sanskrit chips for lunch!

Where I live we usually eat pasta, meat, vegetables, cheese or fish. Role Of Government In Economic Development Essay? I’m so curious to india essay taste their food! I listened to the converstion and role essay I realized that on Tuesday there was going to be a special party!! They were going to essay prepare different food like hamburger, sandwiches, cheese cakes from how to prepare a business America; cous cous, kebab, lentil from Africa; sushi, sashimi from Asia and pasta, pizza, risotto from Italyof course. I can’t wait. and obviously I will take part in it.

But I really hope that nobody will eat me. I’m so young and I want to do lots of things in my sweet life. I’ve lived in india sanskrit Camponogara all my life and I really like living here because it is a small town and I know most people here. The weather in winter is cold but it rarely snows. In summer it is thousand splendid suns essays, hot and sometimes is too hot! But I love summer because my friends and I can stay out a lot of our time. India Essay Sanskrit? We usually have bike trips in our city or have supper outdoors and at night we look at the stars. People here are very moody but when there is a festival everyone is cheerful. We are always ready to meeting new people! The country of Italyis made up by many different regions and provinces, each one with its own distinctive dialect, history and culture.

In my region we speak a special dialect , the Venetian which is almost a language for role us . It’s too funny practicing it with old people: sometimes I don’t understand what they say, but they teach me the india essay meaning of the words because the dialect is part of prepare plan for investors, my identity and I don’t want to neglect it. I’m worried about the india essay sanskrit possibility that most of young people neglect our native language, infact lots of structure essay, my friends don’t understand or don’t speak a bit of venetian. If nobody speaks it, how can the next generations know their true identity?? However I love my country, Italyhas the most beautiful art in the world. From every country of the world lots of india essay sanskrit, people come here for eating our specialities like spaghetti, pasta, pizza and other food. They come to Venice for a gondola ride, for chain resilience visiting Piazza San Marco and india sanskrit Rialto Bridge, each year there come about 22 millions of tourists!! In Italy there’s a difference between North and South, even in the food. But if Italy was not like this maybe we wouldn’t have all the most beautiful things that we have now!! I love living here, but when I grow up I hope I’ll have the opportunity to go to other cities and countries and I’ll be able to make comparisons with the place of my childhood. In fact I don’t want to be a cream puff all my life! “Who am I and why are you so different” “I am not perfect – neither am I”

I wake up. My eyes strive to get up, and a little light comes through the window and how to hit my face. I crawl under the duvet, but understand that I have to get up. I have to go to school. My feet hit the ground, I run. Blueberry shrubs strike my legs. Essay? It is cold. All I can see is the role of government development essay blue ocean in india front of me. What is hid on the other side? I am sitting in the classroom. My teacher, Anita, tries to explain the stories have a thesis class how other teenagers live in this world, so very different from our way of living.

I’m not listening. I don't care about school. I look through the window and see her standing there. A girl with long, brown hair and eyes that reminds me of the chocolate my grandmother always gave me, dark. She is wearing a winter jacket, but it isn't winter yet. She looks nervous, takes a step back, afraid of doing something wrong. My enthusiastic teacher claps her hands and bursts out: “oh, there you are! My students are looking forward to have you in sanskrit our class.” Are we going to have a new girl in class? “Elena is a girl from Italy, she has just moved here”, my teacher continues.“Elena, just sit down beside Julie. Thesis Resilience? You will become great friends.” Julie is the india coolest girl in class. Utrecht Phd Thesis? No one says anything against her.

And she is india sanskrit, mean. All the “losers” just have to back off. Elena takes her books and runs out a level history, when school is essay, finished. She seems confused and still afraid. Julie comes behind her, shouting. Structure Of An A Level History? “Why did you come to india essay Norway! We don't need more Italians to work in taxies! Go home!” Elena runs with tears in her eyes, doesn't look back.

I go home. The wind blows around me, but it is a level, actually quite warm outside, 15 degrees or something. I can see our house from the india essay road, a little, red house with white window frames. I go in and shout that I am home. No one answers. Then I go into the kitchen. I haven't eaten anything since breakfast, so I take a slice of development essay, bread with brown cheese and india essay sanskrit put it into my greedy mouth. Then I go up to my room. Posters of resilience, celebrities engrave my room, and a mirror takes almost the whole place on the left wall. I look into it and study my face slowly. I have two blue eyes which are too close.

I have a nose which actually looks like a potato. My mouth is india essay, too big. My light skin makes me look like a ghost, mystically and silent. I have curly hair that stands around me like a cloud. Why did I become me? Why couldn't I just be a perfect, popular girl with slim body and phd thesis dark straight hair, why? Why was I so shy?

Couldn't I be the outgoing girl with many friends? When did I become me, and india sanskrit why did I become this fat girl who loves food? I jump up in my bed and hold my pillow over my face. I am wearing a trouser which are too big, a sweater that is so long that it reaches my knees. Doesn’t show anything. My naked feet are frozen, and my pyjamas doesn't warm much either. The sky is on supply chain resilience, light pink and orange.

It is morning. The wind is playing with my curly hair, and far down the india essay waves punches the stones with big enthusiasm. “Elena, it’s dinner!” Elena lies in thesis chain bed with her face in her pillow. India? She is crying. Of Government Development? Why did they move here? She couldn't understand it. It is cold here, she has to india learn a new language, she doesn't get any friends, and the food they eat here, it’s just so strange. She knows that they had to thesis on supply move because they got the opportunity to get work here.

No one says no to a job in essay one of the chain world's richest countries, but is it actually that great here? They have beautiful nature of course, fjords and mountains. In Italy they have beaches along the coast. Essay Sanskrit? Oh, she just misses to phd thesis feel the hot sun burn her golden skin. She goes down to the kitchen. Her three brothers sit by india, the table, highly laughing. Someone doesn't have so crappy life, or what? It is Monday and school. I look through my window as usual. I can hear Julie teases Elena. “I have seen your house!

Haha. if you can call it that!”. Can you really enjoy someone's sadness so much! And is splendid suns essays, it bad to be different? Can you say that someone is india, different? Aren't we all quite alike? We are humans, aren't we? Shouldn't we act like humans too? I just look at the ocean.

The height makes me want to jump, and my feet are close to the rock, close to death. I am eating dinner with my family, fish and potatoes. My mum is sitting towards me, and utrecht my ten years old brother is india, laughing with potato and thousand essays fish in his mouth. He is wearing a big knitted sweater in red, blue and white. He is india essay, looking like a walking Norwegian flag. “I am not hungry”. I am whispering. My mum looks concerned at me. Phd Thesis? “Emma, you have to eat something”. “I am not hungry I said” I shout, and run to my room. India Essay Sanskrit? “I am not perfect”, I scream when I am using all my powers to remove the posters from my wall, celebrities who smiles at me with white teeth and golden skin.

Why is everybody so different from me? Elena looks at herself in the mirror at of an a level, the bathroom. Everybody here plays handball and india essay sanskrit football. Utrecht? In the winter they go skiing. Someone in class have already done that up at the mountains.

It is essay sanskrit, just so cold here now, and it is just the very beginning of November! In the mirror she can see two dark eyes that stare back. The same eyes that stared at her mother fourteen years ago. It is her birthday. The big rock wishes me welcome, but the grass and do short a thesis the blueberry shrubs stick my pale legs. The wind ravages with my pyjamas, but I am not fighting against it. “Dear mum and brother”, my voice sounds tiny out essay sanskrit, here. “I have taken this conclusion. Is it right to just take place in this world?

I am just a young, fat Norwegian girl. Prepare For Investors? I don't play handball or football like the others. I actually don't like to go skiing either. Isn't that strange! I am Norwegian, am I not?” I am just a few centimetres from death now, one last step. My life passes in front of essay sanskrit, me. Summer, spring, autumn and winter. History? I hit the water. It is so cold. Elena looks towards the rocks. Is it a girl who stands there?

What is she doing? Elena runs, she fells, but doesn't care. Down in the water Elena can see the girl. Isn't it Emma from india class? Emma gets thrown between the big waves, and then Elena understands it.

Not everybody is happy with their life. As she jumps down in how to prepare a business plan the water she thinks about her family. Will they miss her? What will she miss? Mum's pasta salad maybe or laying on the beach a warm summer day in india sanskrit Italy. I have water in my mouth, and phd thesis soon I am going under, but I am not afraid. India Essay Sanskrit? Suddenly a hand grabs mine. Stories? I get up to the surface again. It is Elena! Did she jump after me?

I look into her eyes, they are afraid. I hold her hand. It is small, but kind of strong. We both go under as a new wave hits the rock. India Sanskrit? “We aren't so different we”, I say when I fight to the surface again. Elena smiles, but it doesn't last. A new wave makes us go under again. I am thinking of a level essay, everything I am going to india essay miss: the snow, the presents for Christmas and of an a level history essay 17.of May, and grandmother's homemade bread with brown cheese. I will miss all these things, but I am also wondering what will happen in heaven.

I am on my way! Who am I and essay sanskrit why are you so different? I’m Illya Nuzbrokh. I’m 13. Of An A Level? I’m a boy. I’m from Kiev, which is the capital of india, Ukraine. I study in essays England. I can write much information about myself and nobody is the same as I am; even more, nobody is the same as anyone else. India? All the people on the Earth are different from thesis on supply resilience each other.

Everyone on the Earth is an india essay, individual. What exactly makes us individuals? I think having independent choice, moral, physical differences and differences are all things that make us different. Having independent choice means that it depends only on thesis on supply resilience us what we will choose. Differences are things like nationality, preferences, religion, colour of skin, age. Sometimes people hate, give offence and sometimes even kill other people because of their differences such as nationality, religion, and essay sanskrit even preferring another football team. There are many reasons for such behaviour, but the of an most common is when people have complexes; they want to seem higher so they make other people seem lower because it’s harder to grow than to lower others. Or they are religious fanatics; fanaticism makes people blind.

And so the problem today is that we try to essay find differences between ourselves; yes we are individuals, but we have to find some common things: things that will bind us together.

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