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Spm essay writing format

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Big 4 Auditor Resume Help/Review - You Can Be Harsh. Want to writing, Vote on this Content?! No WSO Credits ? Join your schools investment fund or something along those lines. If there is not one, try and create something. You need some type of greek vi before experience to show that you have a genuine interest in finance. Writing Format! Want to discover can design, Vote on this Content?! No WSO Credits ? First and foremost, your description of your audit job is spm essay writing, too vague. the first sentence is good since you want that to be a strong overview of your job.

However, for the rest of can design a website with your description, you need to give specific examples of projects. These examples should include your goals, process, and spm essay writing format, results. The reason you want to be specific is that it actually gives the interviewer an stress relief, idea of spm essay your experience instead of just vaguely telling them a job description. Next, your bottom section looks a little weird. First of all, I think it looks a little squished to stress essay, the left side of the spm essay, resume and throws off the overall balanced. Second, your interests are too vague. Everyone likes music--are you especially passionate somehow? Do you collect records? Know a ton about a specific genre? I also don't like people saying they have Microsoft Office proficiency because without a certificate or something it doesn't mean anything.

Overall its a good resume. Thesis Am Charlotte! The way it is now, its not the formatting or writing that will keep you out of anywhere--it's simply a lack of experience. Want to Vote on this Content?! No WSO Credits ? @FutureWaller - thanks for the comment. unfortunately i have graduated already, would CFA be an option in that regard? b/c i am mulling taking L1 but the sentiment is generally that it's not relevant in spm essay writing, IB. In Ancient Philosophy! @MJK - thanks for your input. I have revised the audit experience section (slightly edits for anonymity). how does it look now?

Want to Vote on this Content?! No WSO Credits ? edited version attached above. Spm Essay Format! Want to Vote on essay for application to university this Content?! No WSO Credits ? Sorry I've been really slammed this week. I'll take a look soon. Want to Vote on spm essay writing format this Content?! No WSO Credits ? remove relevant coursework and remove/rework additional info section. Thesis Of I Simmons! professional experience should probably be on spm essay format top.

Want to Vote on this Content?! No WSO Credits ? Want to Vote on this Content?! No WSO Credits ? Related Content on Wall Street Oasis. Please tell us a little bit more about essay for application to university, yourself to send you the most relevant notifications. Week Month All Time Comments Investment Banking Resume Template - Official WSO CV Example Attached to the bottom of this post, you will find the Wall Street Oasis Investment Banking Resume Template for undergraduate students, used by the WSO paid service and thousands of candidates to successfully land a job in investment banking. For those of you looking to make sure your CV. Take a Knee: Trump, the NFL, and the First Amendment In case you#039;ve been under a rock or are outside the format, US, basically here#039;s the how you, TLDR. NFL players started taking a knee during the national anthem to bring awareness to police brutality against minorities (citing incidents like Michael Brown, Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, and spm essay writing, others).

Pre-Interview routine Obviously this depends greatly on an over of i, the phone vs. Spm Essay! in-person, but what does your process consist of? I have taken this opportunity to describe my phone interview strategy: I hardly ever sleep the course meaning, night before, because who knows, I may never get this opportunity again. Spm Essay! I wake up groggy as. Cryptocurrency: How to in ancient greek philosophy, Not Lose Your Life Savings Hi Monkeys, Long-time WSO lurker here wanting to give back to the community. I am a college student who recently interned for spm essay format, a company in the Bitcoin/Blockchain space. With all the buzz around Bitcoin right now, I felt it would be a good opportunity to essay to university, share my thoughts on investing in. My Take on Deciding Between Top Summer Analyst Offers I recently gave a piece of writing advice to a buddy#039;s younger brother who was choosing between some great SA offers. I wanted to share it with all you young masters of the essays greek philosophy plato, universe as well. In this specific case, my friend#039;s brother was choosing between two great EBs.

One that people on. Do#039;s Dont#039;s - 1st Year Private Equity Associate There are a lot of spm essay posts on WSO about IBD, the internship, the do#039;s don#039;ts, how to handle PE recruiting, etc. I feel like there is a lack of material on the do#039;s and don#039;ts of being a new PE associate. I felt like this definitely would have helped me handle the. Thesis! AMA: From Pizza Delivery to Quantitative Research/Data Science/Programming What is going on, everybody? I have been a lurker on WSO for a while and thought I would share a story with you.

Here goes nothing. I worked full-time and went to school full-time pretty much all throughout school. Knowing I didn#039;t want to deliver pizza for the rest of my life, I. Living in a city you hate, due to work I work for format, a very well known tech firm (i.e., Amazon, Facebook, Google), and although the job is ok for of work, the most part (fantastic hours, laid back, love the people in my team), I absolutely despise the city I live in. After having lived in spm essay format, truly world class cities, the new reality has been brutal. Polarization and Anger: A WSO Story I#039;ve been lurking/commenting for a while now and I#039;ve seen WSO become an hooks about, unfortunate reflection of the drivel I can find on writing format any social media site. This site went from some of the most prescient pre-crash analysis that the internet could provide combined with some hilarious. Essay For Application To University! Why are rational people so scarce on campuses? I would say that Ben Shapiro represents the most articulate and full body of ideas on the right side of the center as a conservative. I#039;ll layout some of the social ideas of spm essay writing a more moderate right sider, to give context into what I mean by the right of center and to distinguish from the.

KPMG EVS Internship Interview from MBA level Hey folks, I have an interview coming up here soon for the EVS group at for application to university, KPMG. Talked to writing format, a recruiter at a non-Business career fair, as an for application, MBA student (FT student at program rated around. 25-30) and. Senior Hoping To Do PE After IB Hi guys, I'm a current senior at a semi-target that was lucky enough to get a FT offer in format, IB at one of the stronger BBs (think GS, MS, JPM) in a mid-tier group. I know it's a bit early to think about. Do investment banks listen to employees? Looking at UBS's post-Brexit strategy, the answer seems to be a huge YES! Mr Orcel, president of the investment bank, decided to ask many of the London employees where they would like to go, and.

Bad Interview The GS VP who interviewed me on a superday said these stuff (his job) is boring. Am Charlotte Simmons! It just slided out of his mouth like that. I believe he can only be this honest in front of spm essay writing format someone he will. Of Work! MM PE Analyst Exit Opps - Megafund? Hi guys, I have an offer from spm essay format, a MM PE shop for an analyst position (think L Catterton/CCMP/Crestview level--about $10B in committed capital). For Essays About! To be frank, the writing, compensation isn't as high as I had. About! WSO Mobile Offers: Text WSO to 38470 and get. . Spm Essay Format! Brown Advisory First Round Interview Hi all, I was recently offered a first round phone interview with Brown Advisory for next week. I couldn't find too much info about Brown Advisory outside of their website, so I was wondering if.

Don#039;t know where to go/want A friend of Mine who graduated in '12 with a quantitative degree and then took 3 years off to go to China to start his own business (small business and working as accounting manager on the side) and. Direct Hire? Hello Everyone, I currently have an internship that will end in early spring and would like to in ancient greek philosophy vi before, pursue an analyst position. Format! I was curious if anyone has heard of a bank hiring someone and having them. ICONIQ Capital Hey guys, I understand the firm is a family office for many of the wealthy in essays greek, the Silicon Valley. I have applied for the financial analyst position at the company, and if anyone has worked at ICONIQ. What do you bring to work? To all the previous interns and junior members, what do you bring to work everyday?

I'm in st but curious to writing format, hear about any position. This can range from backpack, briefcase, laptop bag to what'. Info on Financo Recruitment Process Has anybody gone through Financo's recruitment process? What could I expect from a first round and a superday? The Financo company overview page hasn't been updated in quite awhile. Thanks! Hot Girl Diaspora Out of the hooks for essays about, 100+ SA at my firm this past summer, the only hot girls (all 4 of them) in the class either went to other banks or didn't get a return offer. This is depressing because now I will be stuck.

Financial Valuation Modeling Boot-Camp Financial modeling is a skill that any investment banking analyst will have to master. Although the majority of investment banks and spm essay, other financial firms now have formal training programs, many. Prop Shop Black Lists Name all the to university, companies that blacklist for failing their interview. One I know for sure.Optiver, possibly Akuna but not 100%. These 6 FREE Financial Modeling Lessons.

Can Help You Land Your $100k+ Dream Job. Our Fun Excel Training and Challenge Contest DCF Modeling, Tons of writing format Free Templates Video Tutorials Valuation Lesson on Trading Comps Cash Flow Modeling and meaning, more! Sign up today and Get 6 FREE Financial Modeling Lessons.

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ph d research thesis ( Prepared for What is Research Immigration Course, Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon University, 14 October 1987) Ph.D. Spm Essay? thesis is a website with, treated very seriously at leading universities. Expectation is high. Ph.D. thesis represents a substantial work. Faculty often tell other people that We have a student working on this area for his or her Ph.D. thesis. Amazingly enough, this is usually sufficient to convince people that the problem is somehow going to be solved. Ph.D. thesis research is a task to ensure that the student can later take on independent, long-term research commitments. (If a Ph.D. Writing Format? student does not intend to be a researcher, the Ph.D. thesis work is not worth the effort in general at for application to university, least at CMU.) Through the Ph.D. thesis process the student is spm essay writing format, transformed into a professional researcher.

Faculty are judged by hooks yourself the theses of their Ph.D. students. High standard Ph.D. thesis is probably one of the most important factors that contribute to the success of graduate education at leading American universities. Writing? Ph.D. thesis is thesis, probably the only real challenge for getting a Ph.D. degree. Ph.D. qualifier is seldom a problem for motivated students. Ph.D. thesis research is probably more mechanical than a new graduate student would think. (Of course the process is still too complex to writing format be automated.) Knowing this mechanism can be more important than thesis results themselves. Thesis Of I Simmons? Some information presented here may be relevant to your whole research career, i.e., it is not just for the Ph.D. thesis per spm essay se. Of I Simmons? This talk consists of pragmatic advice.

The talk is based on my personal experience (i.e., not based on any serious research) I happen to have research experience in both theory and system areas. We will compare thesis research in these two areas. Spm Essay Writing Format? This is a common sense talk and will have down to earth discussions. I wish someone told me this before. 2. Why Ph.D. Good For Essays About Yourself? thesis could be really difficult for a student. Most likely this is your first, major research experience. A big challenge for most students No simple recipe Different talents Different kinds of theses Different approaches The work is judged by thesis committee (mostly advisor). Spm Essay Writing Format? This produces anxiety. With? Unlike other research you will do, the evaluation mechanism for thesis research is very unique. No clear contract No clear standard (we only know it is high) Recall the Stanford murder case (the former student said, after he had finished--he did finish something-- his jail term, that he might do it again under a similar circumstance).

3. Types of Ph.D. Spm Essay Writing Format? theses (from Allen Newell)--not a topic of this talk. Opens up new area Provides unifying framework Resolves long-standing question Thoroughly explores an area Contradicts existing knowledge Experimentally validates theory Produces an ambitious system Provides empirical data Derives superior algorithms Develops new methodology Develops a new tool Produces a negative result. 4. Growth of a star (the transformation process that some students go through to become a mature researcher)--which stage are you in? Knowing everything stage Student: I have designed a supercomputer even before graduate school. Essays In Ancient Greek? Faculty: speechless Totally beaten up stage Student: speechless Faculty: smiling at the student's progress so communication is possible now. Confidence buildup stage Student: I am not stupid after all. (student thinks) Faculty: Uh oh, she is ready to argue. (faculty think) Calling the shot stage Faculty: I am going to design an n-processor supercomputer. Student: You are crazy, because . Format? 5. Stages of Ph.D. thesis research. Selection of area--not a topic of stress relief, this talk Selection of advisor--not a topic of this talk Becoming a researcher in the area Building up general knowledge, experience, and confidence Knowing issues and important questions in the area Capturing research opportunities Don't let any idea or question go by without first giving it careful thought.

Be alert and diligent. Pay attention to new technologies Examples VLSI, networking, and new chips such as the Weitek floating-point chips three years ago which in some sense gave the writing, initial motivation for the Warp project Some useful things to do (from Dave Gifford, MIT) Read recent proceedings of the best conferences, and about yourself, ask more senior people what were the best papers. Try to figure out spm essay what makes a great paper (and thus what makes great research). Keep a notebook that contains your research notes. Put all of stress relief essay, your empirical data and spm essay writing format, initial ideas in the notebook. Make notes on a paper as you read it and think about the assumptions of the author and the importance of the results.

Follow references from one paper to another until you know an area extremely well. Don't count on your advisor to stress hand you all of the spm essay, relevant papers out of discover how you a website, his file drawer. He doesn't have them all! Thesis proposal It is the most crucial stage in spm essay format, the sense that the basic concept is plato, worked out here. To get important results you need to format ask important questions This is the time you need your advisor most. Problems in essays in ancient greek philosophy plato, later stages are usually rooted from a weak thesis proposal. Purpose A research plan A serious attempt to get an overview of the whole research course Not really a contract Need some flexibility because research always has uncertainty. Spm Essay? Forming the committee Varies a lot Choose people for your thesis committee that can help with needed expertise. For example, it is useful to have a relevant theory faculty member on a systems committee and am charlotte simmons, vice-versa.

However, there is usually no need to optimize too much on writing the selection of the committee members--advisor still plays the most important role. However it can be very important, when you have a questionable advisor, or you have an interdisciplinary topic. A review If there is any serious doubt, it had better show up now. Proposal could sometimes be viewed as just a forcing function for discover how you can design a website taking care of certain things. Some of the difficult questions always asked in a thesis proposal: What is your approach and what is new? What is spm essay format, your secret weapon? (Herbert Simon) How do you measure your own progress?

What are the success or completion criteria? How will the expected results change the-state-of- the-art? The grand challenge for a thesis proposal is to come up with an approach or an experiment. It is easy to essay for application identify a general problem area, but setting up an approach and designing an experiment can be difficult. Need ideas Just need one good idea, really Unfortunately, there is format, no magic here (however see some hints below). For Essays Yourself? This is the hard part of any research project for everyone (not just for students).

Need independent thinking You should be good enough to start arguing with your advisor on technical issues and writing, research tastes. Need to elaborate on focus, approach, experiment, and potential impact For theory research you may propose some new models of stress relief essay, computation. Examples: area-time complexity (new VLSI model in theory), parallel algorithms (new cost models) For system research you may design experiments and argue their relevance. Examples: multiprocessor architecture, compiler for a parallel machine Useful things to know when preparing a thesis proposal Be honest. There is no need to exaggerate your claims! If you point out the weaknesses in your approach you will disarm your critics. Spm Essay Writing Format? Pick a project that is manageable so you can do an excellent job - things are always harder than they seem. It is far better to course of work do an outstanding job on a moderate size project than a moderate job on a large project. Include a tentative thesis outline and a month by format month schedule in your thesis proposal. This may be difficult to do but it is of work, better than no plan at all.

This will also help gauge the total size of the work you are committing yourself to do. Producing results Lots of work--what else do you expect? System--be inside an active project without losing sight of spm essay format, thesis Need to be a worker as well as a conceptual person. Your work depends on other people's work and vice versa Opportunity to see real problems Getting good support, including encouragement and demand, from the group It seems that this arrangement really works in of work meaning, all cases. Be quick, because you don't want to format be overtaken by the environment (this is one of the pitfalls to avoid, as described below) Theory--be lucky!

Be flexible It is hard to insist that you will prove a theorem before you go to sleep. Be quick, because theoretical results are totally portable and so competition can be keen. Keep the committee informed (at least those trouble makers) You can get real help sometimes. Committee members are obliged to talk to you. Sometimes finding a qualified person beyond your advisor to discuss your work can be difficult. Don't want surprises in the later stage of the thesis Ways to stress relief finish a thesis Incremental and adaptive approach A sequence of incremental results Big-bang approach (this is not recommended in writing, general) One big theorem A big piece of am charlotte simmons, software or hardware Writing Why some students find that Ph.D. thesis writing is very difficult First major document Writing is time-consuming--part of the .9999 perspiration (Satya) Think how many good sentences you can write in an hour. Fighting with fonts, figures, references, etc.? Please don't be too picky.

When results are not totally solid, writing can be really difficult even for an experienced writer (now you know another reason why proposal writing is not easy) Can't say too much and don't want to say any less Writing about spm essay writing format flaky results can be a real challenge. In this case you should improve your results first. Writing has to do with presentation rather than finding new results. Meaning? So writing may not be as exciting.. Writing Format? However, thesis writing is can design, useful in spm essay writing, the sense that it helps reveal possible problem areas and provides new insights. Help get a large picture on can design a website with what you really have. Help organize the concepts Completeness is forced. You must take care of things that you have been ignoring. Spm Essay Writing Format? For example, you need to do comparison with other results Correctness of the results is checked.

You had better have the proof now for any plausible theorem that you have been believing. New insights on how things really work New ways of looking at your results Recommendations Get some practice--write some papers before thesis Write some joint papers with people who have substantial writing experience Need to know the theme of the thesis very well Outline first Write the conclusion first (try it at least) Start writing chapters which are more settled. Write the greek, introduction last Iterative process Make the spm essay writing, writing as precise as possible, so that you know exactly what you are talking about. Stress Relief Essay? This will save lots of rewriting. Precise writing usually also yields good English. Getting final comments from the committee Not too early or too late Getting some committee members to read can be a challenge. Spm Essay Writing Format? They are busy people. Discover Can Design? You want to give them an optimal version to make comments.

How much to ask for comments varies a lot Should not have any surprises now. You had better know what you have been doing by now. However, if there is any problem, it had better show up now. Defense Mostly a formality and spm essay format, a happy occasion (should be like that) You know that your results are good and you will present them well. Good For Essays? You should know the format, answer to can design a website with the question - What are the three main ideas in writing, your thesis?. You should be able to rattle them off and relate them to previous work. Getting a date set can be more difficult than you think. Committee members do not necessarily stay at CMU as long as you do! Weekend defense is not really desirable. Of I Simmons? May be difficult to get audience.

However defense is still very important: Opportunity for final improvements for writing format the thesis Formal presentation to the community Many people form their opinion of relief essay, your n-years' work from this presentation Presentation material can be used for future presentations Used in format, recruiting presentations if you have not settled on a job yet Psychologically important Once in a life time occasion--you will remember it always. Of I Am Charlotte? Don't want to blow it. Absolutely no surprises After defense Usually there is still some minor work to be done for the thesis (too bad) Defense was moved early for various reasons New comments from defense Did not have time or did not want to format polish the thesis before defense Publication Articles, books (or give the thesis to your parents) Very important to publish the results in essays, journals This is the only reliable way to archive your results. (You don't want to lose them after all these efforts, do you?) Publication is important for academic career. May break the thesis up in several articles. When appropriate, some articles may have joint authors such as your advisor. Spm Essay Writing Format? Do it right away before you get on to the next thing. Books can be good too. Yourself? Follow-on work Keep mining the thesis--why not? Finally you are free!

6. Methods to get into the depth of a topic (or how to come up with good ideas) No magic, but we will still try . How to develop initial ideas Study other work and do comparison What are similar issues and solutions? Look at examples Generalization and format, abstraction Make hypothesis and meaning, validate it formally or informally-- keep trying You will discover issues at least. Spm Essay Writing? Do modeling and abstracting Get the essence Just do something--be active Implementation--details reveal issues Join a project to do some real work! Handle a smaller case Implement a throw-away simulator, language, design, etc. Start proving theorems, even if they are known to be difficult. Quick way to understand issues Work with good, experienced researchers (don't forget to use your advisor!) They might have deep insights on good about similar problems. They can help calibrate the difficulty of the spm essay format, problem. You learn the subject matter from them more quickly and how you can design a website with, directly. You learn their techniques Every successful researcher has his or her own bag of tools: Calculation, synthesis, analysis, persistence If they also get stuck once in spm essay writing, a while, you know that you are not that bad after all.

How to develop existing ideas further Exploring problem and solution spaces Enumerate parameters individually (and do quick pruning) To see where your current ideas sit in the space Correlate results Generalize ideas and hooks for essays yourself, results to other points in the space Produce phenomena and explain them (Herb Simon) Brainstorming your ideas with others Presenting your ideas in papers or/and seminars Ideas will be checked out spm essay writing carefully and relief essay, systematically (see above on thesis writing) Example steps that can be used to spm essay writing format get some depth from a simple result such as a speed-up curve Explain the curve Look at the problem and for application to university, solutions spaces Do some comparisons Change the assumptions How stable is the writing format, result? How will results vary or correlate under different assumptions? Derive some general principle Similar curves for essays in ancient philosophy plato other situations? General comments Thinking is the spm essay format, key Thinking is more important than reading Books are not always right. Essay For Application? Note that in the system area with few exceptions people who build systems do not have time nor need to write up their experience--it is too bad but it is a reality. Be alert on writing format all sorts of opportunities Do the course meaning, thinking right away while you have it. Ideas and interest may be lost more quickly than you like to believe Talking to people Don't over do it (you still need to spm essay format do the work yourself) 7. Breaking myths. Advisor is a stronger researcher than you. It is true that advisor is experienced, wise, smart (maybe), and essays greek philosophy vi before, knowledgeable in spm essay writing format, general. Advisor also sees a bigger picture, and has contacts in thesis of i am charlotte, the area.

However, advisor is not always right. Advisor is not as focussed as you. Advisor does not have more time or energy than you do. Advisor is not as innovative in general. They know too much. Spm Essay Format? They are more conservative. They know too many horror stories.

Aging does not help. Advisor's knowledge may be obsolete (don't say this in front of for application, him or her!). Spm Essay Writing? You must believe that you can do better than advisor for some research areas. System theses take longer than theory theses. The most difficult part of a thesis is to come up with some good, new ideas. The difficulty in thesis simmons, getting new ideas is the same for theory or system research. Writing? Theory thesis is in of work, general not about solving open problems. Actually good theoreticians always work on format new problems, models and methods so that they can solve the problems that are solvable in the first place. Greatest contributions are ground breaking ones, such as new models.

New approaches give new insights to old problems. This is the way open problems usually get solved (e.g., the four-color problem). For systems theses it is important that the major ideas in the thesis are independent of the implementation--the goal is to have the meaning, ideas live on in other systems as well. A good systems thesis usually has a new algorithm or new method at its core. Few theory students who finish really early are likely those who have prior research experience. (Recall that theory results are highly portable!) Incompetent theory students are more noticeable than weak system students. So we don't often see theory students who drag on spm essay format for a long time. There are some differences in systems and theory research however, but they should not have too much impact on the thesis research time. System needs implementation, whereas theory needs more background study. Theory research is self-sufficient and system implementation may depend on other people's work (you should not get into a situation where you don't have control). Stress Relief? Ph.D. Spm Essay Writing Format? thesis research follows some standard guidelines.

Yes, a Ph.D. this must represent a substantial result in a very high standard. But there are many ways to leave a mark in a research area. As long as you have come up with some good ideas and in ancient greek philosophy vi before plato, pushed the frontier of knowledge, you will be surprised sometimes how flexible your committee could be in terms of the spm essay writing format, research approach, acceptable results, and thesis presentation. There is greek philosophy vi before plato, a small percentage of format, Ph.D. theses completed in discover how you can design a website with, unusual manner. Format? Don't give up too early if you belong to this class. Good For Essays About? Try it or you will never know.

8. Pitfalls to writing format avoid (easy ones to avoid listed first) The goal is too big to for essays reach. Theory Proving P /= NP Proving P = NP is spm essay, even worse (likely this thesis will never finish!). Deciding whether P = or /= NP is discover how you with, best of the three (i.e., be flexible) System The initial effort is so large that real issues never get a chance to be looked at. It is important to size the writing format, project and essay to university, evaluate the total effort carefully based on spm essay writing past experiences. Ideas cannot stand without an implementation that competes with commercial products. Chess machine implementation is OK, because there is no commercial competitor. In this sense, Warp hardware is more difficult than software. Hooks Yourself? Floating-point designs that require a high-performance chip implementation to spm essay format validate the concept would be disastrous.

Never need to implement another vector processor! The thesis area is overtaken by technology and environment Technology advances have solved the thesis problem. For Application? A clever operating system using no more than 128K memory is not very interesting today. Advisor (or student sometimes) has changed his or her interest Other new projects have better approaches and writing format, opportunities Other people have published similar and/or better results. Advisor has a better job elsewhere or the project is over. Lesson: You should always do your thesis as quickly as possible. Totally isolated work No encouragement and support--no one cares about your thesis Can't even find an advisor sometimes Doing a thesis away from CMU is really difficult. System research Lone ranger approach is essays in ancient philosophy plato, almost suicidal.

No software, systems and writing, application support for evaluation Very difficult to do anything real without feedback from a community Theory research At least global networking is needed. Not knowing when to stop Thesis is not the last research you will do. You can do the same research after your Ph.D. thesis (while making more money). Learn to make reasonable assumptions to can design a website with restrict the spm essay writing format, problem Unhealthy competition between student and advisor This is more likely to happen in the theory area. The potential is always there (especially for smart professors with lots of to university, ego). In general if both sides try to be fair, things can always be worked out. Writing Format? Lots of numbers and relief essay, hacking but no fundamental principles System research has to have more than implementation. Implementation for a thesis research is spm essay format, interesting only if it can be used to validate some theory. This problem should be fixed as early as possible. Things dragged on--wonderful general ideas in the beginning that never get developed into a coherent approach (i.e., heading to a black hole--there is no output) Wrong areas for the student (and perhaps the advisor) with respect to ability and interest Nightmare case--it does no good to anyone. 9. Some other general advice.

Stay away from areas that have been thoroughly mined by your ancestors. Keep yourself at the very front of a research area so that you have a better chance to hit something big or at least new. After all in for essays, research what matters is the work that pushes us into new territories. Spm Essay Format? Make use new advances in other areas Don't avoid thinking Thinking is hard but there is no substitute for it. Course Of Work Meaning? Psych yourself up for this unique experience of doing a Ph.D. Spm Essay? thesis Make yourself believe you are solving the essays in ancient greek philosophy, most important problem in the world Remember what worked for you before If you work best when you are competing with others, then create some confrontation. Must be very alert about issues and opportunities Thesis process is sort of artificial (almost a torture in some way) The thesis is judged by a committee (mainly your advisor) More subjective than exams Probably one of the most humiliating experiences for people of this age (advisors should all remember this and be considerate.) The process is not a typical research style--you don't do anything similar to it again even if you will be doing research after the degree. The thesis process can be long and treacherous. (Be prepared for it.) You don't want depression.

There are quite a few very competent people who just do not want to go through this. Spm Essay? Use forcing functions well to speed up the thesis process Competing with someone else Family pressure Financial pressure A job is stress relief essay, waiting Advisor is spm essay writing, leaving or project is over Equipment is retiring Never throw away advisor's comments Cox-Denning case Keep good relationship with your advisor (even after you graduate) Good thing to meaning do--no exception almost Relationship is unique. Advisor usually has lots of influence on you in this very important stage of writing format, your life. Advisor also appreciates the about yourself, good research you did with him, and is in general interested in your well-being. Advisor may be your mentor for spm essay writing format your entire career.

10. All the effort is worth it (believe it or not)

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The Punishment of Female Rebellion in ‘the Bacchae’ and ‘Macbeth’ To be a woman is to be submissive. Spm Essay Writing? Such is the case in regards to gender roles in both Euripides’s The Bacchae and in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. In both tragedies, women are expected to be weak and delicate, keeping to all but house chores and childrearing. Also in both tragedies are female characters who break the confines of their gender roles, giving opportunity for in ancient, the play to present terrifying implications and consequences of this rebellion from femininity. Agave, from The Bacchae, and Lady Macbeth, from Macbeth, are examples of spm essay writing format, these women who disrupt the established role of for essays yourself, women in their respective plays to only end up creating chaos, which in turn, could only be solved with the weakening and spm essay format removal of these unconventional women. Of I? The two both exhibit themes of female rebellion and the play responds to the theme in almost identical ways.

In both plays, the theme of female rebellion is writing, presented with women who are ultimately punished for straying from essays greek philosophy vi before plato conventionally established idea of being a woman, leading one to spm essay writing format, realize the plays’ favor for stress, traditional gender roles. Need essay sample on The Punishment of Female Rebellion in ‘the Bacchae’ and ‘Macbeth’ ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $12.90/page. This favoring of the established traditional gender roles is evident in the plays’ transitions in imagery used to define the spm essay writing format characters, the character’s deteriorating relationships, and their eventual downfall due to madness with Agave and Lady Macbeth being the examples of the punishing of of work, female rebellion. Progressive imagery in the plays indicate a correlation with women who break traditional roles and ultimate succumbing to format, madness, as both Agave and Lady Macbeth both become associated with progressively more objectionable imagery. In the case of Agave in The Bacchae, she was initially presented regally as a “queen” of a kingdom. However, after she left to frolic and become one of the Bacchae, exiting her traditional role as a housewife, she is depicted in a much different manner.

What is regal eventually becomes sickening. Of I Simmons? For example, she is format, described as being part of a group that is “ripping a fat, young, lowing calf apart” and “dripping blood and gore” (909). Once she leaves her traditional female role, the play paints her in a negative light. From being one of the essays in ancient philosophy vi before members of the royal family, she transitions to a frenzied animalistic state. Spm Essay Writing? Here, “ripping a… calf apart” creates savage, grotesque, and ultimately unappealing image that results in the play painting her in a bad light. The “dripping blood and gore” only does more to reinforce the unattractive and distasteful images and qualities that the play associates with those who break gender norms. It is as if the play is course meaning, punishing Agave’s character for her being unorthodox, as the change in spm essay format associated imagery correlates with her changing of gender roles. Such is even more apparent as the essay to university animalistic imagery continues. Agave is later described as “foaming at spm essay writing the mouth, eyes rolling in their sockets, … possessed, in course of work meaning a Bacchic frenzy” (1391). Spm Essay? The animalistic nature of the previous quote has now evolved into a state of bestial madness.

Agave “foaming at the mouth” creates a violent, diseased image while her demonic eyes in good hooks about yourself “a Bacchic frenzy” generates the idea that she is in a unnatural state of possessed rage. Spm Essay Writing? Such ultimately paints Agave in a bad light, as, connotatively, being ascribed qualities of course, a possessed feral beast is negative. It can be concluded from the examples of Agave being depicted as a feral animal that it is implied that the format losing of one’s traditionally feminine side translates to one’s losing of rational thought and control over am charlotte their bodies, and thus inferring the play’s rejection of female rebellion. Similarly, Lady Macbeth displays the same patterns in Macbeth. Like Agave, Lady Macbeth transitions from good to relatively bad light with a progression of associated imagery.

With Lady Macbeth inherently breaking the role of the traditional female at her first appearance, she, instead of going through a transition, is immediately branded and portrayed as a negative figure through associated imagery. She, instead of being submissive to her husband, is spm essay format, manipulative by course nature and demanding. For her lust of power and position, the play, in format turn, paints her in a bad light. For instance, Lady Macbeth instructs her husband, “Look like th’ innocent flower but be the serpent under it,” alluding to the biblical satanic serpent (Iv, 57). In this metaphor, her husband represents the flower with Lady Macbeth taking on the role of the in ancient philosophy plato serpent in this metaphor and with it, the serpent’s satanic and manipulative characteristics. Not only is the simple image of a snake unsettling to most, it creates notions of danger and evil, aspects commonly associated with the reptile, to be inferred in association with Lady Macbeth. To reinforce the negative attributes given to spm essay format, her, Lady Macbeth’s presents grotesque images that ultimately result in her being a repugnant character. For example, when describing a smiling baby, she notes that she would have “pluck’d [her] nipple from his boneless gums, and dash’d the brains out” (Ivii, 58). “Boneless gums” and “[dashing] brains out” only disconcert readers with its horrific connotation.

The literal image of one bashing the brains out of an innocent infant heavily reinforces the essay idea that the character of spm essay format, Lady Macbeth is being punished by the play for her breaking of gender roles. Good For Essays Yourself? Through pathos and the image of writing, killing an infant, Lady Macbeth conveys an offensive idea to the readers, further shoving her into a perceived bad light. While she is demonstrating qualities not befitting of a woman (attempting to be tough), the play draws parallels between that with upsetting images in her dialogue, making her character ultimately unlikable. The change in of i associated imagery affect perceptions of Lady Macbeth correlate with the breaking of gender roles. As evident, like Agave in spm essay writing format The Bacchae, the play punishes women who stray from gender norms by presenting them in good hooks for essays about yourself an ultimately bad light, making them distasteful to reader. Along with the progressive imagery associated with Agave and Lady Macbeth is the spm essay writing format progressive state of relationships they have with other characters, as they deteriorate in response to both character’s unconventional gender roles. In the case of Agave, she and her son Pentheus make a good example. With Agave, her son is at first proud of his regal mother. When introducing himself, he declares, “I am Pentheus, son of Agave and Echion” following a statement claiming “power” (633-635).

The context of the how you a website with quote suggests that Pentheus uses his mother’s name as a way of solidifying his perceived power, therefore making her a rhetorical anchor for ethos. In other words, Pentheus, after claiming to have power, uses his mother’s ethos to solidify it. Spm Essay Format? This puts Agave into an initial position of good light and stress essay respect, in writing format addition to implying her strong ethos and relatively good relationship she has with Pentheus. This changes after Agave’s dismissal of her traditional role as a woman. Soon after her leaving for the Bacchic rituals, Pentheus deems her and the women involved collectively as “a great insult to thesis of i am charlotte, all the Greeks” and even goes as far as noting that they deserve “a slaughter” (951, 973). Pentheus consciously knows his mother is a part of writing format, this group and in ancient vi before yet, he not only deems them an “insult” to society but calls for their deaths because of spm essay, their actions.

The transition of good hooks about, her relationship with Pentheus from good to bad is apparent here, as the spm essay writing format diction of the words used is in stark contrast to how you can design with, the context of the previous quote. Agave goes from spm essay writing format being held high and being used as an anchor for ethos to being a complete embarrassment to her son and nation. Her being an “insult” infers her being undesirable and her son wanting her “slaughter” only vi before plato, strengthens that idea exponentially. Consequently, Agave’s relationship with other characters took a nosedive once she left for the Bacchae. Agave’s relationship with her son ultimately ends horrifically with her “in a Bacchic frenzy,… ripping off chunks of Pentheus’s flesh,” tragically killing her child (1394-1400). It is also noted that she does so with Dionysus “[putting] power into those hands of hers” (1397). Since Dionysus is the representation of the spm essay writing format breaking of the traditional, it can be inferred that it was that that causes the tragic end to Agave’s relationship with her son. It can be argued that, the essays greek vi before plato “power” being put into her hands is not the frenzied state, but the breaking of traditional femininity.

Similar to how Agave’s portrayal through associated imagery plunges from spm essay writing a regal queen to a frenzied animal, her relationship with her son also takes a critical blow, as she, at the end of the how you can design a website day, kills him with her own bare hands. It can be inferred from writing format her now shattered relationship that the play punishes characters through their relationships. Presenting consequence to being untraditionally feminine perpetuates the idea that the play, itself, is set against female rebellion. As with Agave’s tragic relationship with Pentheus, Lady Macbeth’s relationship with her husband deteriorates in hooks for essays yourself the course of the play, due to her exhibiting untraditional gender roles. Like how Agave was respected by Pentheus at the start of The Bacchae, Lady Macbeth is respected by spm essay her husband at this point. At first, Lady Macbeth has a good relationship with Macbeth, where she has a say in decisions. However, she eventually exhibits manipulative and controlling qualities while playing the dominant role in her marriage with Macbeth.

She goes as far as to taunt him by relief essay saying “When you durst do it, then you were a man” (Ivii, 49). The context and writing chastising tone of the quote suggests that Lady Macbeth is scolding her husband through emasculation, suggesting that she instead plays the good hooks role of manipulator and spm essay format claims the a website governing position in their relationship by not just telling him. what to do but also degrading him in format the process. It is this unfeminine behavior that hurts Lady Macbeth. Course Meaning? Her dominant role is reversed later in writing the play, as a result of the power. When making the next decision, Lady Macbeth had no idea or control over it.

Lady Macbeth is not even aware of the to university decision, as Macbeth tells her to “be innocent of the knowledge, dearest chuck, till thou applaud the deed” (IIIii, 47). With Macbeth essentially telling his wife that it is writing format, better for her not to know of for application to university, his business, he strips all power from his wife. Macbeth does not even bother telling her of his business, in stark contrast to Lady Macbeth having a role in the decision making. Lady Macbeth, coming from a position of significance, is now reduced to irrelevance, thus making the spm essay writing format transition from a relatively good relationship to a relatively bad one. Fundamentally, Macbeth is taking away power from how you can design with his wife by making her insignificant and writing format irrelevant in their relationship. It can be argued that the play is condemning Lady Macbeth for her exhibiting of non-feminine roles , as her deteriorating relationship with Macbeth correlates with her initial breaking of gender roles.

Just as in the case with Agave and Pentheus, Lady Macbeth demonstrates a deteriorating relationship with Macbeth after the exhibiting of non-feminine qualities, reinforcing the idea that both plays punish women for doing so. In due course, being not traditionally feminine leads to both of the characters’ downfalls and removal from the good for essays about yourself plot, the play’s ultimate punishment. Spm Essay Writing Format? For Agave, her downfall as a result of breaking gender norms is greek, apparent through her banishment from format Greece. Here, she directly blames the straying from for essays about traditional femininity for her downfall. Once she breaks free of the Bacchic frenzy and realizes her treacherous acts, she gives blame to Dionysus and regrets her decision to break gender norms. By noting that “Dionysus destroyed [her],” Agave makes clear the spm essay writing format point that even she believes that following Dionysus’s female rebellion was a wrong choice and that it was because of his ideology that she is stress relief essay, reduced to her current pathetic state (1602). The context of the format quote perpetuates the play’s stance on traditional gender roles by making a woman, herself, deny female rebellion. Also, the use of the word “destroyed” not only implies Agave’s defeated state, but it also demonstrates the play’s antagonism of Dionysus and his ideology by making Agave the victim and emphasizing the harm and destruction that comes with breaking the conventional roles. In the end, she is removed from the plot with her banishment with Dionysus noting, “that polluted creature, must go into perpetual banishment” (1697). How You Can Design? Not only does the play, again, rejects the idea of writing, female rebellion but it also provides a tragic endgame for Agave. To clarify, “polluted” in this context references Agave’s mindset, having broken traditional roles.

It can be inferred that the good for essays about yourself off-putting and distasteful connotation emphasizes the play’s negative position on women rebelling. Also, Agave’s banishment is the end result of her dealing with female rebellion; because she steps out of what is considered normal for a woman, she spirals down into this sociopathic route that eventually leads her to madness and spm essay ultimate banishment from society. In conjunction with her regal persona being annihilated for one of a crazed beast through imagery and the tragic killing of her son, it is safe to say that female rebellion resulted in Agave’s downfall. Eventually, Lady Macbeth, too, faces a downfall; much like how Agave succumbed to madness, Lady Macbeth does the same but for guilt. While washing her hands, Lady Macbeth exclaims, “Out, damned spot! Out, I say! ” (Vi, 25). Mad with guilt, she hallucinates, obsessing over essays in ancient greek the fact that she could not wash nonexistent blood off her hands. The tone of the quote suggests anger, as the entirety is in exclamation, emphasizing her madness by adding a sense of alarm.

This is a direct consequence of her breaking gender roles. It was she who instigated the murder of Duncan and it was his death that caused her guilt, which caused her madness. Transitively, one can also say that it was because of her unconventional behavior that gave her these results, attributing the breaking gender norms as the reason. This irrational behavior, combined with sleepwalking, leads to spm essay writing, a doctor proclaiming that “[her] disease… is beyond… [his] practice” and essay for application to university that only “the divine” can help her (Vi, 12). The gravity of her madness is realized with this quote, as even the king’s doctor could not treat Lady Macbeth, making her downfall more apparent. Ultimately, Lady Macbeth is so consumed by guilt that she falls from a unnaturally masculine female into an enfeebled woman and reestablish traditional gender roles by the play’s end. The play eventually puts Lady Macbeth into spm essay writing format, her place in irrelevance while Macbeth, makes all of the decisions. By play’s end, she is forgotten, as when she is removed from the plot through death, her husband notes that he has no time to think of her, “She should have died hereafter; there would have been a time for such a word” (Vv, 3). Lady Macbeth’s fall from grace is the end result of her dealing with female rebellion.

Because she and philosophy plato Agave step out of what is considered normal for a woman, they spiral down a sociopathic route that eventually leads them to madness and being forgotten. With both of spm essay, their madness being a direct result of her untraditional behavior, it is safe to say that female rebellion resulted in the downfall of Lady Macbeth and Agave. As evident, in both plays, female rebellion is dealt almost identically with Agave and Lady Macbeth ultimately falling from grace. Both women start as regal figures, but fall into madness as a result of them exhibiting unfeminine characteristics, such as Agave joining the Bacchic rituals and Lady Macbeth manipulating her husband. The enabling of the two to leave their conventional role as a woman ultimately leads to meaning, their association with negative and spm essay format distasteful images, deteriorating relationships, and downfall, resulting in nothing but horrifying destructiveness.

Falling for sociopathic behaviors, women have disgraced and humiliated themselves as a result of breaking gender norms. As such, it can be concluded that both The Bacchae and Macbeth exhibit a favor for traditional gender roles with both condemning those who break it.

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7 Tips for Teaching a Class with Business Plan Pro. Teaching with Business Plan Pro business planning-software? Kristen Langham asked me about it last week, via email, while I was off to Houston for the Rice University 2008 Business Plan Competition (more about that on my blog). Writing Format! For 11 years now, I#8217;ve been using Business Plan Pro as part of hooks for essays about, my undergrad class in starting a business. I teach the writing, class every Spring quarter, at the University of about yourself, Oregon.

Here#8217;s some of the things I#8217;ve learned: I#8217;ve created downloadable Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files describing each of the assignments I give and made them available for download at my class website at I assume, and writing I hope, that you#8217;ll find them easy enough to hooks yourself, read, understand, and use. I ask my students to create explanations of the problem and solution, a market analysis, sales forecast, expense budget (which includes personnel plan), startup costs, and an executive summary. The instructions sheets are all included in the downloadable assignments. In one of spm essay writing format, my more popular classes, I challenge the class to philosophy, do the numbers of a business plan in a single class. Then we do it together, with Business Plan Pro projected. Spm Essay Writing Format! We agree on of i am charlotte, a hypothetical business (usually a book store or coffee house) and create, within a single hour, a sales forecast, cost of sales, personnel, expenses, startup costs, and cash flow and balance sheet. I do that by writing not paying too much attention to thesis of i am charlotte, fine tuning the numbers, just getting some quick estimates. Spm Essay Writing Format! We see together how the numbers interact.

Here#8217;s how that goes in for application to university, more detail: I use the Forecaster function to set a one-row sales forecast, and then set a percentage value down below, also in the sales forecast table, for writing, cost of sales. Relief Essay! I then jump to income statement and set some expenses, typically rent, utilities, and something big for marketing. Then I go to the Personnel Plan table and set up salaries, quickly, for a few people. I am summarizing, so quite often I#8217;ll just use a single row to spm essay format, represent salaries. I#8217;ll go to the Startup Costs table and estimate some startup expenses and startup assets. I try to make the number significant, because I#8217;ll use it to discover how you a website with, make a point about cash flow.

I pop briefly back to the Sales Forecast and Profit and Loss to show progress, then go over to cash flow. I use the Cash Flow table first. If I#8217;ve done my numbers right, it will show that this hypothetical company makes a profit but lacks working capital. Then we talk about startup financing, and cash flow, and how much working capital is required. We make some assumptions and fill in the startup funding table.

Then I show them that Cash Flow is better now, with the chart. Finally, we look at spm essay writing format the Balance Sheet, and then the ratios, which are both completed automatically at that point. And all of this should take about an hour of class time, if I do it right. I use a template that I created with Business Plan Pro for thesis, a simple 10-point business plan, focusing on the slides I like my students to use when they finish the class with a presentation. You can click this link to download and save the writing, .zip file that contains the relief essay, template. The template#8217;s named #8220;Startup Plan Template.pdtx#8221; and spm essay writing it works with Business Plan Pro version 11. Use the Business Plan Pro help to simmons, install it as a template, using the template manager.

There are also downloadable instructions included with the first assignment. My favorite business plan to use as an example is the sample plan for Metolius Graphics, because it contains a serious flaw. It#8217;s a graphic design company selling to businesses, whose plan setup didn#8217;t include sales on spm essay writing format, credit, and therefore doesn#8217;t have accounts receivable. I use it to thesis simmons, show them why they shouldn#8217;t trust sample plans, and how a company can be profitable but run out of writing, cash. The most visual part of that demo is to go back to plan setup, change the setting to say #8220;yes#8221; to the sales on greek vi before plato, credit question in the setup. This of course fouls up the cash flow, which is the whole point of the exercise.

I do use the projector every other class or so to go over spm essay format the numbers routines, like the sales forecast, and later on the cash flow, because it#8217;s so much better to show my students how these things work. Demystifying is really ideal. Stress Essay! I warm them ahead of time that computer problems and software problems aren#8217;t reasons for not turning in assignments. I tell them not to wait until the last minute to print, and to back up their work often, and to spm essay format, keep copies on a portable USB/thumb drive it they have to. I#8217;m not sure they follow my advice, but it makes it harder for essay, them to writing, excuse themselves from course of work meaning, assignments for that kind of a problem, since I#8217;ve already warned them against it. All of this is on my mind today because Kristen asked me last week, and today I have my second class in the 19-class schedule for this Spring Quarter. This is now the 11th year in a row I#8217;ve taught this class. It#8217;s the only class I teach, but it#8217;s still hard, takes a lot of time, and is thoroughly enjoyable. I wouldn#8217;t miss it.

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Coding Techniques and Programming Practices. Summary: This article provides coding techniques and programming practices for improving the quality of source code. (12 printed pages) Superior coding techniques and programming practices are hallmarks of a professional programmer. The bulk of programming consists of writing, making a large number of yourself, small choices while attempting to solve a larger set of problems. How wisely those choices are made depends largely upon the programmer's skill and format expertise. This document addresses some fundamental coding techniques and provides a collection of discover how you can design a website with, coding practices from which to learn. The coding techniques are primarily those that improve the readability and writing maintainability of code, whereas the programming practices are mostly performance enhancements.

The readability of source code has a direct impact on how well a developer comprehends a software system. Code maintainability refers to discover can design, how easily that software system can be changed to add new features, modify existing features, fix bugs, or improve performance. Although readability and maintainability are the result of many factors, one particular facet of software development upon which all developers have an influence is coding technique. The easiest method to ensure that a team of developers will yield quality code is to establish a coding standard, which is then enforced at routine code reviews. Coding Standards and Code Reviews. A comprehensive coding standard encompasses all aspects of code construction and, while developers should exercise prudence in its implementation, it should be closely followed. Spm Essay Format! Completed source code should reflect a harmonized style, as if a single developer wrote the code in one session. At the inception of a software project, establish a coding standard to ensure that all developers on the project are working in concert.

When the good hooks software project will incorporate existing source code, or when performing maintenance upon an existing software system, the spm essay coding standard should state how to deal with the existing code base. Although the primary purpose for conducting code reviews throughout the essays greek philosophy plato development life cycle is to identify defects in the code, the writing reviews can also be used to enforce coding standards in a uniform manner. How You Can Design A Website! Adherence to writing, a coding standard can only be feasible when followed throughout the software project from inception to completion. It is not practical, nor is it prudent, to impose a coding standard after the fact. Coding techniques incorporate many facets of software development and, although they usually have no impact on the functionality of the application, they contribute to an improved comprehension of source code. For the purpose of this document, all forms of essay, source code are considered, including programming, scripting, markup, and query languages. The coding techniques defined here are not proposed to form an inflexible set of writing format, coding standards.

Rather, they are meant to serve as a guide for developing a coding standard for a specific software project. The coding techniques are divided into good for essays yourself, three sections: Perhaps one of the most influential aids to understanding the logical flow of an application is how the spm essay writing various elements of the application are named. A name should tell what rather than how. By avoiding names that expose the underlying implementation, which can change, you preserve a layer of abstraction that simplifies the hooks yourself complexity. For example, you could use GetNextStudent() instead of GetNextArrayElement() . A tenet of spm essay writing, naming is how you with that difficulty in selecting a proper name may indicate that you need to spm essay writing, further analyze or define the purpose of an item. Make names long enough to be meaningful but short enough to avoid being wordy. Programmatically, a unique name serves only to differentiate one item from hooks yourself, another. Expressive names function as an aid to the human reader; therefore, it makes sense to provide a name that the human reader can comprehend.

However, be certain that the names chosen are in compliance with the applicable language's rules and standards. Following are recommended naming techniques: Avoid elusive names that are open to subjective interpretation, such as Analyze() for a routine, or xxK8 for a variable. Such names contribute to ambiguity more than abstraction. In object-oriented languages, it is redundant to include class names in the name of class properties, such as Book.BookTitle . Instead, use Book.Title . Use the verb-noun method for naming routines that perform some operation on a given object, such as CalculateInvoiceTotal() . In languages that permit function overloading, all overloads should perform a similar function. For those languages that do not permit function overloading, establish a naming standard that relates similar functions. Append computation qualifiers (Avg, Sum, Min, Max, Index) to the end of a variable name where appropriate. Use customary opposite pairs in writing, variable names, such as min/max, begin/end, and open/close.

Since most names are constructed by concatenating several words together, use mixed-case formatting to hooks about yourself, simplify reading them. In addition, to help distinguish between variables and routines, use Pascal casing ( CalculateInvoiceTotal ) for routine names where the first letter of each word is capitalized. For variable names, use camel casing ( documentFormatType ) where the first letter of each word except the first is capitalized. Boolean variable names should contain Is which implies Yes/No or True/False values, such as fileIsFound . Avoid using terms such as Flag when naming status variables, which differ from Boolean variables in that they may have more than two possible values. Instead of writing format, documentFlag , use a more descriptive name such as documentFormatType . Even for a short-lived variable that may appear in good yourself, only a few lines of code, still use a meaningful name.

Use single-letter variable names, such as i, or j, for short-loop indexes only. If using Charles Simonyi's Hungarian Naming Convention, or some derivative thereof, develop a list of standard prefixes for the project to help developers consistently name variables. For more information, see Hungarian Notation. Format! For variable names, it is sometimes useful to include notation that indicates the scope of the variable, such as prefixing a g_ for global variables and m_ for module-level variables in meaning, Microsoft Visual Basic®. Constants should be all uppercase with underscores between words, such as NUM_DAYS_IN_WEEK . Also, begin groups of writing format, enumerated types with a common prefix, such as FONT_ARIAL and FONT_ROMAN . When naming tables, express the name in the singular form. For example, use Employee instead of Employees . When naming columns of tables, do not repeat the table name; for relief essay example, avoid having a field called EmployeeLastName in a table called Employee . Do not incorporate the data type in the name of a column. This will reduce the amount of work needed should it become necessary to change the data type later. Do not prefix stored procedures with sp _, because this prefix is reserved for identifying system-stored procedures. In Transact-SQL, do not prefix variables with @@ , which should be reserved for truly global variables such as @@IDENTITY . Minimize the use of abbreviations.

If abbreviations are used, be consistent in their use. Format! An abbreviation should have only one meaning and likewise, each abbreviated word should have only one abbreviation. For example, if using min to abbreviate minimum , do so everywhere and do not later use it to abbreviate minute . When naming functions, include a description of the course of work meaning value being returned, such as GetCurrentWindowName() . File and folder names, like procedure names, should accurately describe what purpose they serve. Avoid reusing names for spm essay writing format different elements, such as a routine called ProcessSales() and for application a variable called iProcessSales . Avoid homonyms when naming elements to prevent confusion during code reviews, such as write and right . When naming elements, avoid using commonly misspelled words. Also, be aware of differences that exist between American and British English, such as color/colour and check/cheque. Avoid using typographical marks to identify data types, such as $ for strings or % for integers. Software documentation exists in two forms, external and internal. External documentation is maintained outside of the source code, such as specifications, help files, and design documents. Internal documentation is composed of spm essay, comments that developers write within the source code at development time. One of the how you can design with challenges of software documentation is ensuring that the writing format comments are maintained and updated in essays in ancient greek philosophy plato, parallel with the source code. Writing! Although properly commenting source code serves no purpose at run time, it is invaluable to a developer who must maintain a particularly intricate or cumbersome piece of thesis of i, software.

Following are recommended commenting techniques: When modifying code, always keep the commenting around it up to date. At the beginning of every routine, it is helpful to provide standard, boilerplate comments, indicating the routine's purpose, assumptions, and limitations. A boilerplate comment should be a brief introduction to understand why the routine exists and what it can do. Avoid adding comments at writing format, the end of a line of code; end-line comments make code more difficult to read. However, end-line comments are appropriate when annotating variable declarations. In this case, align all end-line comments at a common tab stop. Avoid using clutter comments, such as an entire line of asterisks. Instead, use white space to separate comments from code. Avoid surrounding a block comment with a typographical frame.

It may look attractive, but it is difficult to of work, maintain. Spm Essay Format! Prior to deployment, remove all temporary or extraneous comments to avoid confusion during future maintenance work. If you need comments to explain a complex section of plato, code, examine the code to determine if you should rewrite it. If at all possible, do not document bad code—rewrite it. Spm Essay Format! Although performance should not typically be sacrificed to course of work, make the format code simpler for human consumption, a balance must be maintained between performance and maintainability. Use complete sentences when writing comments. Comments should clarify the stress essay code, not add ambiguity.

Comment as you code, because most likely there won't be time to do it later. Spm Essay Writing Format! Also, should you get a chance to revisit code you've written, that which is obvious today probably won't be obvious six weeks from now. Avoid the use of superfluous or inappropriate comments, such as humorous sidebar remarks. Use comments to explain the intent of the hooks about code. They should not serve as inline translations of the code. Spm Essay Writing Format! Comment anything that is stress essay not readily obvious in writing format, the code. To prevent recurring problems, always use comments on bug fixes and work-around code, especially in a team environment. Use comments on good hooks about code that consists of loops and logic branches.

These are key areas that will assist the reader when reading source code. Separate comments from writing format, comment delimiters with white space. Doing so will make comments stand out and easier to locate when viewed without color clues. Stress! Throughout the application, construct comments using a uniform style, with consistent punctuation and structure. Notes Despite the availability of external documentation, source code listings should be able to spm essay, stand on their own because hard-copy documentation can be misplaced. Stress Relief Essay! External documentation should consist of specifications, design documents, change requests, bug history, and the coding standard that was used. Formatting makes the logical organization of the code stand out. Writing! Taking the time to ensure that the source code is formatted in a consistent, logical manner is helpful to yourself and to other developers who must decipher the source code. Following are recommended formatting techniques: Establish a standard size for an indent, such as four spaces, and use it consistently. Align sections of code using the prescribed indentation.

Use a monospace font when publishing hard-copy versions of the source code. For Application To University! Except for spm essay writing format constants, which are best expressed in all uppercase characters with underscores, use mixed case instead of underscores to make names easier to relief essay, read. Align open and close braces vertically where brace pairs align, such as: You can also use a slanting style, where open braces appear at the end of the line and close braces appear at the beginning of the line, such as: Whichever style is chosen, use that style throughout the spm essay writing format source code. Indenting the code yields easier-to-read code, such as: Experienced developers follow numerous programming practices or rules of thumb, which typically derived from hard-learned lessons.

The practices listed below are not all-inclusive, and should not be used without due consideration. Veteran programmers deviate from these practices on occasion, but not without careful consideration of the for application to university potential repercussions. Using the best programming practice in the wrong context can cause more harm than good. To conserve resources, be selective in spm essay, the choice of data type to ensure the size of a variable is not excessively large. Keep the lifetime of variables as short as possible when the variables represent a finite resource for good hooks yourself which there may be contention, such as a database connection. Spm Essay Writing! Keep the for essays about scope of variables as small as possible to spm essay writing format, avoid confusion and to ensure maintainability.

Also, when maintaining legacy source code, the potential for inadvertently breaking other parts of the code can be minimized if variable scope is limited. Use variables and routines for one and essay to university only one purpose. Format! In addition, avoid creating multipurpose routines that perform a variety of unrelated functions. When writing classes, avoid the use of public variables. Instead, use procedures to provide a layer of encapsulation and also to allow an opportunity to validate value changes. When using objects pooled by can design with MTS, acquire resources as late as possible and release them as soon as possible. As such, you should create objects as late as possible, and destroy them as early as possible to free resources.

When using objects that are not being pooled by MTS, it is necessary to examine the expense of the object creation and the level of contention for resources to determine when resources should be acquired and released. Use only one transaction scheme, such as MTS or SQL Server™, and minimize the spm essay writing scope and duration of transactions. Be wary of essay to university, using ASP Session variables in a Web farm environment. Spm Essay Format! At a minimum, do not place objects in for application to university, ASP Session variables because session state is spm essay writing format stored on a single machine. Consider storing session state in a database instead.

Stateless components are preferred when scalability or performance are important. Design the components to accept all the needed values as input parameters instead of relying upon object properties when calling methods. Essay! Doing so eliminates the need to preserve object state between method calls. When it is necessary to maintain state, consider using alternative methods, such as maintaining state in a database. Do not open data connections using a specific user's credentials. Connections that have been opened using such credentials cannot be pooled and reused, thus losing the spm essay writing format benefits of connection pooling. Avoid the use of forced data conversion, sometimes referred to as variable coercion or casting, which may yield unanticipated results. Essays In Ancient Philosophy! This occurs when two or more variables of different data types are involved in the same expression. When it is spm essay necessary to perform a cast for other than a trivial reason, that reason should be provided in an accompanying comment. Develop and course use error-handling routines.

For more information on error handling in spm essay, Visual Basic, see the Error Handling and Debugging chapter of the Microsoft Office 2000/Visual Basic Programmer's Guide, available in the MSDN Library. For more information on discover how you can design a website with error handling and writing format COM, see Error Handling in the Platform SDK. For more information on error handling for Web pages, see Be specific when declaring objects, such as ADODB.Recordset instead of just Recordset , to avoid the risk of name collisions. Require the use Option Explicit in Visual Basic and about VBScript to encourage forethought in the use of spm essay format, variables and to minimize errors resulting from typographical errors. In Ancient Greek Philosophy! Avoid the use of variables with application scope. Spm Essay! Use RETURN statements in stored procedures to relief, help the spm essay writing format calling program know whether the procedure worked properly. Use early binding techniques whenever possible. Use Select Case or Switch statements in lieu of repetitive checking of a common variable using If…Then statements. Explicitly release object references.

Never use SELECT * . Always be explicit in which columns to retrieve and retrieve only the columns that are required. Refer to essay, fields implicitly; do not reference fields by their ordinal placement in a Recordset. Use stored procedures in lieu of SQL statements in source code to leverage the performance gains they provide. Use a stored procedure with output parameters instead of spm essay, single-record SELECT statements when retrieving one row of data. Verify the discover a website with row count when performing DELETE operations. Perform data validation at the client during data entry. Doing so avoids unnecessary round trips to the database with invalid data. Avoid using functions in WHERE clauses. If possible, specify the spm essay writing format primary key in of work meaning, the WHERE clause when updating a single row. When using LIKE , do not begin the spm essay string with a wildcard character because SQL Server will not be able to use indexes to search for matching values. Use WITH RECOMPILE in CREATE PROC when a wide variety of for essays yourself, arguments are passed, because the plan stored for the procedure might not be optimal for a given set of parameters.

Stored procedure execution is faster when you pass parameters by position (the order in which the format parameters are declared in the stored procedure) rather than by name. Use triggers only for data integrity enforcement and business rule processing and not to return information. After each data modification statement inside a transaction, check for an error by testing the global variable @@ERROR . Use forward-only/read-only recordsets. To update data, use SQL INSERT and UPDATE statements. Never hold locks pending user input. In Ancient Philosophy Vi Before! Use uncorrelated subqueries instead of correlated subqueries.

Uncorrelated subqueries are those where the inner SELECT statement does not rely on spm essay writing the outer SELECT statement for for application to university information. In uncorrelated subqueries, the inner query is run once instead of being run for each row returned by the outer query. Tune the RecordSet.CacheSize property to what is writing format needed. Using too small or too large a setting will adversely impact the performance of an application. Bind columns to field objects when looping through recordsets. For Command objects, describe the parameters manually instead of using Parameters.Refresh to am charlotte, obtain parameter information. Explicitly close ADO Recordset and Connection objects to insure that connections are promptly returned to the connection pool for use by other processes. Use adExecuteNoRecords for format non-row-returning commands.

Using solid coding techniques and for essays about yourself good programming practices to create high quality code plays an important role in software quality and spm essay writing format performance. In addition, by consistently applying a well-defined coding standard and thesis of i am charlotte proper coding techniques, and holding routine code reviews, a team of programmers working on a software project is more likely to yield a software system that is easier to comprehend and maintain. McConnell, Steve. Code Complete . Redmond, WA: Microsoft Press, 1993. Spm Essay! McConnell, Steve. Software Project Survival Guide . Redmond, WA: Microsoft Press, 1998. Maguire, Steve. Writing Solid Code . Redmond, WA: Microsoft Press, 1993. Of Work! Ranade and Nash. The Elements of C Programming Style . New York: McGraw-Hill, 1992.

Kernighan and writing format Plauger. The Elements of Programming Style . New York: McGraw-Hill, 1982. Caner, Cem, et al. Testing Computer Software, Second Edition . New York: Wiley Computer Publishing, 1999. Discover A Website With! Hunt, Andrew, et al. Format! The Pragmatic Programmer . Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley, 2000. Thesis Of I! Holub, Allen.

Enough Rope to Shoot Yourself in the Foot: Rules for C and spm essay writing C++ Programming . New York: McGraw-Hill, 1995.

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Essays schrijven - het literaire zelfonderzoek. Naast hoofdredacteur van Schrijven Magazine en Schrijven Online is spm essay, Louis Stiller ook docent essayschrijven bij de Schrijversvakschool in Amsterdam, en auteur van een aantal essayboeken. Of I Simmons! Tevens is writing, hij auteur van het boek 'Essays schrijven', in de Schrijfbibliotheek van Augustus. Essays zijn overal, elke dag. How You A Website With! In de krant, op de radio, in de Tweede Kamer, in writing format, de klas, in de kerk. How You Can Design A Website! Elke dag vergasten auteurs Ca of Mu ons op een essayjuweeltje in writing format, het linkerbenedenhoekje van de Volkskrant. Am Charlotte Simmons! Elke week spreken dominees en pastoors hun uitgesponnen religieuze essays vanaf de preekstoel. Spm Essay Format! Elke maand verschijnen tientallen literaire essays in course, tijdschriften als Tirade, De Gids of writing format Bunker Hill – soms vermomd als recensie, monografie of am charlotte ingezonden brief. Door deze alomtegenwoordigheid zouden we het essay het meest succesvolle literaire genre kunnen noemen.

Nog meer dan gedichten en verhalen. Die tref je weliswaar tegenwoordig ook op de merkwaardigste plaatsen aan, maar de veelkoppigheid van het essay maakt dat je vaak als lezer, kijker of writing luisteraar nauwelijks door hebt dat je met een essay te maken hebt. Course Of Work! Ingezonden brief van een brandweercommandant in NRC Handelsblad: essay. Spm Essay Format! Slotbeschouwing bij het najaarsoverleg: essay: Gesproken column van Francisco van Jole in to university, De Leugen Regeert: essay. Ondanks deze brede verschijning lijkt het essay nog altijd het literaire genre met de minste status te zijn. Romanschrijver, dat willen we worden, of writing dichter; toneelschrijver zou ook mooi zijn, misschien scenarist. Of Work Meaning! Verhalenverteller, ook leuk. Spm Essay! Maar essayist?

Ooit een groepje adolescenten bij de studie Nederlands met rode konen horen discussieren wie betere essays schrijft: Piet Meeuse of Bas Heine? Weliswaar wordt de PC Hooftprijs afwisselend uitgereikt aan een dichter, een prozaist en een essayist, maar nog nooit hoorde ik een aangeschoten jongedame in stress essay, de kroeg opscheppen dat zij de beste essayist van Nederland wil worden. Writing Format! Veel uitgevoerd, weinig begeerd: dat is essay to university, het lot van het essay. Het zij zo. Bedenk: waar kun je essays aantreffen? In welke media, op welke plekken? Wat doen die essays? Wat is spm essay writing, hun doel, hun functie?

Probeer voor jezelf te formuleren wat essays zijn. Deel 2: Op zoek naar de persoonlijke vraag. Wat een essay precies is, is of work meaning, nog altijd voer voor vele discussies. Is elke willekeurige column en recensie in format, een dag- of weekblad er een, hoort een biografie ook tot het genre, en kun je alle schoolopstellen essays noemen? Dat laatste is essays, nog niet eens zo’n rare veronderstelling, als je naar het curriculum van Amerikaanse en Engelse scholen kijkt. Essayschrijven wordt daar gedrild: inleiding, these, uitwerking, conclusie. Spm Essay Format! Ook de dikke Van Dale lijkt een Angelsaksische knieval te maken door een essay te definieren als ‘een persoonlijk gekleurde verhandeling over meaning een wetenschappelijk of spm essay writing letterkundig onderwerp’, met daarachter een grote pijl en het woord ‘opstel’. Er zijn echter verschillende redenen om het schoolopstel niet tot de kerngroep der essays toe te laten.

Een van de belangrijkste argumenten is dat een echt essay een persoonlijk onderzoek is, een gedachtenexperiment waarbij je van te voren niet weet waar het je zal leiden. Stress Relief! En zelfs als je nergens uitkomt, dan nog is het soms boeiend om op te schrijven hoe je van punt A naar punt G kwam, via F, S, L en – wederom – A. Spm Essay Writing! Een opstel heeft daarvoor een veel te rigide structuur. Alleen al die verplichte conclusie: dat heeft weinig te maken met het meanderende, onderzoekende karakter dat het echte essay kenmerkt. Yourself! De Franse werkwoorden assayer / essaier die ten grondslag liggen aan het genre betekenen dan ook proeven, toetsen of spm essay writing format uitproberen. ‘Essayisten zijn vrijbuiters, ze zijn niemand ook maar een zier verplicht,’ concludeert Tanny Dobbelaar dan ook in hooks, haar boek Schrijven met Montaigne (besproken in writing, Club Schrijven Magazine 9/5). Wat zijn dan wel ‘echte’ essays, welke horen tot de kerngroep? Een naam werd hiervoor al even genoemd, namelijk de grondlegger van het genre, Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592) die zich halverwege zijn leven terugtrok op zijn landgoed om zijn gedachten te ordenen en te scherpen in simmons, een nieuwe vorm, die hij de naam essai meegaf. Wie Montaignes drie kloeke delen essays leest (niet te snel, ze zijn voor fijnproevers), ziet al snel wat deze onderscheidt van opstellen, scripties en dissertaties. Writing! Bij een Montaigne-essay ga je namelijk uit van je persoonlijke ervaringen, gedachten en emoties – iets wat je in good hooks about yourself, (semi)wetenschappelijke werk juist te allen tijde probeert te vermijden. Writing Format! Vrijwel alle goede essays geven dan ook inzicht in het persoonlijke leven of in de persoonlijke gedachten van de auteur.

Niet omdat die belangrijk zijn (soms gaat het om hele eenvoudige waarnemingen), maar omdat ze een aanleiding kunnen vormen om algemeen geldende ideeen te onderzoeken. Stress Relief! Wanneer kun je zeggen dat iemand een gelukkig leven heeft gehad? Wat betekent het om verbannen te zijn? Mag een arts fouten maken? Wat is de waarde van vriendschap? Dat soort kwesties worden door Montaigne en zijn nazaten onderzocht. Uiteindelijk gaat het niet om ‘hoe je ergens over writing denkt’, maar ‘hoe je ergens over thesis am charlotte denkt’. Writing! Ofte wel: het gaat niet om je mening, niet eens om je argumenten, maar om de manier waarop je redeneert, voelt, verbanden legt: de logica, evenzeer als de plotselinge invallen.

Als je een goed essay schrijft, geef je de lezer een kijkje in je geest. Zoek een vraag, een kwestie, een zorg die al een tijd in je hoofd rondwarrelt. Thesis Am Charlotte Simmons! Je hoeft er nog geen antwoord op te weten. Spm Essay Writing! Liever niet. Probeer je gedachte op te schrijven en kijk of stress relief essay je er een algemene, abstracte vraag uit kunt afleiden. Elke essay begint in spm essay, wezen met zo’n vraag. Essay For Application! Kijk vooral naar kwesties waarover je twijfelt: hoe duidelijker het antwoord je voor ogen staat, hoe ongeschikter het onderwerp is writing format, voor een essay. Essay! Formuleer nu je basisvraag. Zoek een vraag, een kwestie, een zorg die al een tijd in spm essay writing format, je hoofd rondwarrelt. Good For Essays! Je hoeft er nog geen antwoord op te weten.

Liever niet. Probeer je gedachte op te schrijven en kijk of je er een algemene, abstracte vraag uit kunt afleiden. Spm Essay Format! Elke essay begint in with, wezen met zo’n vraag. Kijk vooral naar kwesties waarover je twijfelt: hoe duidelijker het antwoord je voor ogen staat, hoe ongeschikter het onderwerp is writing, voor een essay. Formuleer nu je basisvraag. Een persoonlijke aanleiding, zorg of relief essay vraag is spm essay format, het beginpunt van een essay, maar daar moet het niet bij blijven. Met een essay wil je uiteindelijk proberen uit je persoonlijke ervaringen een algemene kwestie aan te snijden en te onderzoeken, zoals Jorge Luis Borges deed in zijn beroemde mini-essay ‘Argumentum Ornithologicum’ uit het boek De Maker . ‘Ik sluit mijn ogen en zie een zwerm vogels. Course! Het visioen duurt een seconde of spm essay writing format misschien korter; ik weet niet hoeveel vogels ik heb gezien. Good Hooks Yourself! Was hun aantal bepaald of spm essay writing format onbepaald?

Deze vraag impliceert die naar het bestaan van God. Essay For Application! Als God bestaat, is het aantal bepaald, want God weet hoeveel vogels ik heb gezien. Spm Essay! Als God niet bestaat, is am charlotte, het aantal onbepaald, want dan kan niemand de telling verrichten. Spm Essay! In dat geval zag ik niet negen, acht, zeven, zes, vijf, vier, drie of of i am charlotte twee vogles. Spm Essay! Ik zag een aantal tussen de tien en een, dat niet negen, acht, zeven, zes, vijf, enz., is. How You With! Een dergelijk getal is niet voorstelbaar: ergo, God bestaat.’ Slechts tien regels telt het essay, dat begint met de beroemde zin: ‘Ik sluit mijn ogen en zie een zwerm vogels.’ Hoeveel vogels het zijn weet Borges niet, en juist dat intrigeert hem. Spm Essay Writing Format! Als God bestaat, weet hij het juiste aantal en is discover how you a website, het een bepaald getal. Spm Essay Writing Format! En als God niet bestaat is for essays about yourself, het een onbepaald getal, want niemand heeft het aantal vogels geteld: het kunnen er drie, vijf, acht of spm essay format negen zijn.

En dus zag Borges in stress relief essay, die flits een getal dat niet twee, drie, vier, etcetera was, en dat kan niet. En dat bewijst dat God bestaat. Van een eenvoudig fantasiebeeld naar een Godsbewijs in tien zinnen: dat is het essay ten voeten uit. Spm Essay Writing! Wat ook goed te zien is essays in ancient vi before plato, aan dit voorbeeld is spm essay writing, hoe een essay bij de lezer werkt: het biedt geen voordehandliggende conclusie, maar zet aan tot denken, tot redeneren, tot het verzinnen van tegenargumenten. Klopt het wel wat Borges beweert? Hoezo is een onbestaand getal een bewijs dat God bestaat? Kun je het bestaan van God wel beredeneren? De lezer maakt als het ware zelf het essay af. Bedenk hoe je zelf een lezer over relief je onderwerp kan laten nadenken.

Wat prikkelt hem? Hoe kun je hem laten nadenken? Natuurlijk niet door hem alleen maar te overladen met argumenten en voorbeelden. Spm Essay Writing! Hoe moet je redeneren, schrijven, om je lezer in good, zijn hoofd je essay 'af te maken'? Om een essay goed op te kunnen bouwen, moet je als schrijver eerst vele wegen in writing, je hoofd aflopen. Essay! Sommige wegen lopen al snel dood, andere zijn te evident: daarvoor hoeft een lezer je artikel niet te lezen. Zoek dus naar de onverwachte sporen, die je een eind verder brengen. Writing! Doe dit door jezelf voortdurend vragen te stellen, argumenten en voorbeelden te verzinnen, losjes te associeren. In Ancient Vi Before Plato! Je materiaal mag je overal vandaan halen, van wetenschappelijke rapporten tot songteksten. Spm Essay Writing Format! Juist die vele mogelijke dwarsverbanden onderscheiden een essay van een wetenschappelijke tekst. Stel bijvoorbeeld dat je je al een tijdje ergert aan mensen die trein en tram proberen in how you can design, te komen voordat iedereen de trein verlaten heeft – een verschijnsel dat de laatste jaren steeds vaker de kop opsteekt.

Als je rechttoe rechtaan je ergernis zou uitschrijven, zou je geen essay hebben, maar een opinierend stuk, een column. Spm Essay Writing Format! Je onderzoekt namelijk niets, poneert alleen maar. Dus: zet je ergernis opzij en probeer onder, achter, in, over het probleem te duiken. Je medepassagiers voor laten gaan is een kwestie van etiquette, maar wat is discover a website with, de functie van etiquette? Kan die functie veranderen? Ken je nog meer voorbeelden van modern voordringen? Waar doet je die langs elkaar duwende en schuivende massa aan denken, welk beeld komt in writing, je op?

Hoe gaat het in de ons omringende landen? Hebben we eigenlijk al een naam voor de voordringers? En hoe noemen we de mensen die zich laten wegdringen? Probeer in deze fase zoveel mogelijk ideeen en sporen te verzamelen: het bekritiseren en uitwerken ervan komt later. Ga terug naar je basisvraag of of work –kwestie uit oefening Zet deze middenop een vel papier. Associeer nu vrijelijk en zet de beelden, woorden, vragen, voorbeelden en argumenten eromheen.

Schets met pijlen welke elementen met elkaar te maken hebben. Doe nu hetzelfde met de beelden, woorden, vragen en voorbeelden: werk ze verder uit door ze op hun beurt weer te omringen met eigen beelden, woorden, vragen en voorbeelden. Spm Essay Format! Hoe ga je hier een essay uitschrijven? Bedenk een route, een structuur, een vorm. Na het vrijelijk associeren begint het bekritiseren van je eigen ideeen: welke zijn te evident, welke sporen lopen dood.

Zoek naar de gedachtensporen waarvan je – vaak intuitief – vermoedt dat er veel achter schuilt. In het voorbeeld van de voordringende treinreizigers kun je bijvoorbeeld al snel vermoeden dat de gedachten over stress essay etiquette een beetje voor de hand liggen. Spm Essay Writing! En een sociologische verkenning van treingedrag bij onze buurlanden is course, meer iets voor Elsevier. Writing! Zoek naar een vager, lastiger spoor, zoals de naamgevingskwestie of good yourself een intrigerend beeld dat spontaan bij je opkwam, toen je over spm essay writing format dit onderwerp nadacht. Wat je altijd kunt doen: een paar uur op een groot station doorbrengen en observeren wat er nu precies gebeurt. Can Design A Website! Nogmaals: niet om je te ergeren (probeer die emotie even aan de kant te schuiven), maar om te weten wat dat nu precies inhoudt, dat voordringen, hoe het eruit ziet, wat de geluiden zijn, de geuren, de kleuren. Het gebruik van je zintuigen is format, sowieso een belangrijk onderzoeksmiddel bij het schrijven van essays. Simmons! Je bent je eigen controlemiddel, je eigen meetinstrument. Spm Essay Format! Een goede essayist is een scepticus, iemand die veel bekritiseert, over weinig een pasklaar oordeel klaar heeft, en alles zoveel mogelijk onderzoekt. Of Work Meaning! De zintuigen spelen daarbij een cruciale rol.

Wat betekent vriendschap? Observeer ‘ns een verjaardagsfeestje, probeer in format, het cafe de echte vriendschappen te onderscheiden van de onechte, en stel enkele cruciale vragen aan je beste vriend of course meaning vriendin. Kijk, meet, leer. Neem je onderwerp, je vraag of je twijfel en verzin een onderzoek dat je zou kunnen doen: een literatuuronderzoek in spm essay, de bibliotheek, observeer het gedrag van mensen, of for essays about yourself houdt een weeklang je eigen leven in spm essay writing format, de gaten. Kijk, meet, leer. Good Hooks For Essays About Yourself! Probeer vervolgens hier conclusies uit te trekken, maar liever nog vervolgvragen, argumenten, verdere associaties. Bij het uitwerken van een essay ben je zo vrij als een vogel: het essay heeft geen vaste vorm en geen vaste formule. Je kunt er voor kiezen je gedachtenroute in spm essay writing format, z’n geheel op te schrijven, en je lezers deelgenoot te maken van je mentale reis. Of Work! Maar je kunt ook alleen de resultaten van die reis weergeven, ongeveer zoals Borges zijn ornithologische argument in tien zinnen wist weer te geven. Belangrijker nog dan de vorm is de stijl waarin je dit alles giet.

Een essay is een literaire vorm en probeer daarom zo weinig mogelijk te preken, ook al geloof je zeer sterk in spm essay writing, je eigen opvattingen. Discover How You A Website! Wees vooral sceptisch – ook over writing je eigen gedachten, waarden en ideeen. In Ancient Greek Philosophy! Onderzoek veel, geloof in writing format, weinig. Probeer verder algemene uitspraken zoveel mogelijk te concretiseren. About Yourself! Dat de verkeersveiligheid eind jaren ’60 bar en boos was, is een algemene uitspraak, dat er toen meer dan drieduizend verkeersdoden per spm essay writing format jaar waren (nu: om en nabij de 1100) is een concreet feit waar je lezers zich iets bij kunnen voorstellen. Een ander iets dat je bij het schrijven in greek vi before, de gaten moet houden is dat je natuurlijk met een rationeel betoog bezig bent, met argumenten en redeneringen. Writing Format! Dat kan een gortdroog betoog worden. Presenteer daarom de feiten zo levendig mogelijk. Wees evocatief: geef je lezer iets om voor z’n ogen tevoorschijn te toveren.

Mondialisering is een groot woord, maar een korte beschrijving van de Amerikaanse callcenters in New Delhi of de bloemenveiling van Aalsmeer waar rozen uit Rwanda worden verhandeld, levert je lezer een beeld. Om het spannend te houden kun je werken met de bekende middelen die je ook bij proza of can design toneel toepast: werp vragen op, laat opzettelijk gaten vallen die je elders pas invult en kom steeds terug op je hoofdvraag, het liefst in spm essay format, verschillende varianten. Course! Werk niet met een vast plan, maar wel met een basisidee, een sfeer, een grondtoon. Spm Essay Writing! Wat je altijd kunt doen om een langzaam inzakkend essay te versterken is philosophy plato, een tweede lijn aan te brengen. Spm Essay! Dat kan zelfs een prozaverhaal zijn, zoals Milan Kundera toepaste in to university, zijn novelle Ballingen. Pas met zo’n afwisseling van betoog en verhaal wel op dat je de lezer niet te snel heen en weer laat schieten: geef hem rustig de tijd om in spm essay format, je betoog of in discover can design a website, je verhaal te komen.

Liever een paar pagina’s per deel, dan afwisselen per spm essay alinea. Leun bij je redeneringen zo weinig mogelijk op de autoriteit van anderen. Citeren mag, maar nog beter is het, om het gelezene te herkauwen en in discover how you with, je eigen woorden neer te pennen. Werk je gedachtenstroom uit. Writing Format! Kies voor een uitgangspunt en bepaal je toon, maar maak geen schema hoe je betoog zal gaan. Laat je leiden door je eigen geschrijf. Zorg er wel voor dat je blijft redeneren, argumenteren, naar voorbeelden en (zintuigelijke) ervaringen zoekt.

Ga niet te snel, wees precies in stress, je redeneringen en argumenten. Spm Essay Format! Hoe scherper je gedachtengang kunt beschrijven, hoe dichter je bij nieuwe inzichten komt, zo blijkt uit de ervaring. Tijdens het schrijven ontstaan vaak de interessantste gedachten – geef ze de ruimte. Course Of Work Meaning! Lees vervolgens je eigen essay en probeer te achterhalen of hij ‘werkt’. Writing! Waar ga je te snel, waar te langzaam? Blijft er genoeg over om als lezer door te willen lezen? Is het slot intrigerend genoeg om nog ‘ns flink over essay for application to university na te denken? Laat het geheel vervolgens aan anderen lezen en vraag hen om commentaar. Spm Essay Writing! Herschrijf, herformuleer tot je de scherpste route door je eigen geest hebt blootgelegd.

Heb je een tip voor een onderwerp van een schrijfoefening? Stuur dan een mailtje hier. Volg onze online cursus voor beginnende schrijvers! Stuur het in voor Tekstuur Proza! Meer informatie vind je in thesis of i am charlotte, Schrijven Magazine.

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