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Life in the Universe: Essays by Carl Sagan (Audiobook) youtube

Life in the Universe: Essays by Carl Sagan (Audiobook) youtube This is the complete audiobook Life in the Universe: Essays by Carl

Carl Sagan and the Tradition of Science - Finding Our Place in the

Carl sagan essays

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avenue q essay Tony Awards 2004: BEST MUSICAL, BEST BOOK OF A MUSICAL, BEST ORIGINAL SCORE. Sagan Essays? Avenue Q is research paper, a newer Broadway show that has gotten lots of sagan essays attention because most of its main characters are puppets. Probably everyone is long, saying this, but to get an idea of what this show is carl, like, imagine if Sesame Street had puppets who cussed and characters who tried to gates millenium essay, get busy with each other. Avenue Q opened off Broadway in sagan essays, March 2003 at minute assignment the Vineyard Theatre. Opening day on Broadway was July 31, 2003. Technical stuff: It was based on carl sagan an original concept by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx (who also wrote the music and paper, lyrics for the show), the book is by Jeff Whitty, and Rick Lyon created and designed the puppets. The production is directed by Jason Moore. Many others contributed all along the way; for a full list of managers, designers, and producers, you can view the list at carl essays the musical's website, . Best? PRINCETON, the main character. He is just out of college and making his way through the transition from student to real life--and is sagan, obsessed with finding his purpose. (Princeton is a human puppet played by John Tartaglia.) KATE MONSTER, a lonely lady who works as a teaching assistant at a kindergarten. She's smart and funny, so why doesn't she have a boyfriend? (Kate is a monster puppet played by Stephanie D'Abruzzo.) BRIAN, a thirty-something who's just gotten engaged--and laid off from his job. (Brian is a human non-puppet played by Jordan Gelber.) CHRISTMAS EVE, Brian's fiance, a therapist who has a thick Japanese accent and no clients. Write Contrast Papers? (Christmas Eve is a human non-puppet played by Ann Harada.) ROD, a straight man (or maybe not so straight). He works as an investment banker, and has a girlfriend who lives in Canada even though no one's ever met her. Carl Essays? (Really!

He's NOT gay!) He drives his roommate Nicky up the wall because of his anal housekeeping habits. (Rod is a human puppet played by John Tartaglia.) NICKY, a happy-go-lucky guy who plays Ernie to Rod's Bert. He thinks his roomie should lighten up when discussing sexual matters (I think this is something we should be able to talk about. THIS CONVERSATION IS OVER!). Last Minute Assignment? He drives Rod up the wall by being a slob. (Nicky is a human puppet played by Rick Lyon.) GARY COLEMAN, the superintendent of Avenue Q. Carl? Former child star, now broke and bitter about his stigma; you'd better not ask him Whutchu talkin' 'bout, Willis? (Gary is a human non-puppet played by Natalie Venetia Belcon.) LUCY THE SLUT, a singer/dancer at site paper THAT kind of club. Likes to carl essays, make people feel special--for an hour or two. (Lucy is essay on globalization and its, a human puppet played by Stephanie D'Abruzzo.) TREKKIE MONSTER, a big hermit who is obsessed with the Internet.

Or rather, he's obsessed with the porn on carl essays the Internet, and is not the least bit ashamed of that fact. Carl Sagan Essays? (Trekkie is a monster puppet played by , Rick Lyon.) (There are several other characters like Mrs. T. and the Bad Idea Bears, but these are the carl sagan main ones.) The plot: So, Princeton shows up on and its Avenue Q looking for a cheap place to live. He comes in on the group discussing whose life sucks the most--Brian thinks it's his, because he lost his job; Kate thinks it's hers because she can't get a boyfriend; Rod and carl essays, Nicky think it's theirs because they're irritating each other; Christmas Eve thinks it's hers because life is , hard for foreigners and she has no clients and she has an unemployed fianc. Of course, they finally agree that it is their superintendent, Gary Coleman, who has it the worst. (I feel better now, says Brian, when Gary tells of carl sagan his woes.) Princeton gets his keys from minute Gary, and the group welcomes him to Avenue Q. Carl Sagan? We get to essay impact, zoom in temporarily on an argument between Rod and Nicky, where Nicky talks about a guy hitting on him and Rod is made very uncomfortable by the discussion of homosexuality. Nicky assures Rod that if he were gay, he could say so and it wouldn't bother Nicky, but Rod just gets mad and keeps telling him to carl sagan, shut up so he can read his favorite book ( Broadway Musicals of the 1940s ). Minute Assignment? And Princeton sings a song about finding his purpose, so then he goes to talk to his neighbor Kate.

They discuss their life goals, and Kate reveals that even though she is just a lowly kindergarten teaching assistant, she really wants to open a school just for monsters. Sagan? (Here I'll make a distinction: Kate is a monster, and Princeton is not, but they are both puppets.) Princeton asks her whether, since she shares her last name with the monster upstairs (the reclusive Trekkie Monster), are they related? She responds by calling him racist, and everyone gets in on assignment it, discussing racism and finally deciding that everyone's a little bit racist, so it's actually kind of funny. Kate gets assigned an carl, important job of gates scholarship teaching the kids her own lesson, and is considering teaching about the Internet until Trekkie bursts in and rants about how the Internet is basically for carl sagan essays, porn, and then everyone else backs him up on this, making Kate utterly disgusted with men. Princeton comes over write thesis compare, afterwards and carl sagan, offers her a mix tape he's made for site, her, and carl, she realizes he might like her (though the songs on the tape could indicate that they're just friends, that he's madly in love with her, or that he thinks she's fat). She thinks it didn't mean anything when he admits he's about to go make mix tapes for everyone else, but then he asks her on a date for that night. She accepts, and squeals He likes me! That night they go to essay on globalization and its impact, the date, which actually ends up being the whole group going to see Lucy the Slut at the Round the Clock Caf. They have some fun and some drinks.

A couple of carl sagan essays instigators, the Bad Idea Bears, convince Princeton to take Kate home because she's wasted, so he does so, and they proceed to have very noisy sex, waking up half the millenium questions neighborhood. Gary Coleman deals with the complaints by telling everyone to shut up and carl essays, let them do their thing. (Christmas Eve and Brian are having their own fun, and paper, you can kinda hear Trekkie Monster getting in on it, though he appears to be alone--wonder what HE'S doing??) Rod has a disturbing dream that Nicky said that he loved him, and is convinced they can finally be together, that he can stop hiding his true self. But then he wakes up and realizes it was a dream and he was talking in his sleep. Interspersed with this is Princeton and Kate developing a real interest in one another, and Princeton gives Kate his lucky penny. Brian and essays, Christmas Eve have their wedding, and at the reception Rod overhears Nicky suggesting to others that he might be gay. He bursts in and tells everyone about write compare contrast papers, his girlfriend who lives in carl sagan, Canada, and on globalization and its, then in return for what he said, Rod kicks Nicky out of their apartment, making him homeless. Things continue to fall apart as Princeton dumps Kate because she's distracting him from finding his purpose.

Poor Kate. In the second act, everyone's up the creek. Essays? Princeton won't leave his apartment because he's depressed, and he loses his job for best printing, being depressing on the phone. The gang tries to drag him out for a day of fun and he ends up going home with Lucy the Slut for some pity sex, or something. When Kate sees that she gets really annoyed and confides in sagan, Christmas Eve, who of course knows about getting along with a difficult person (being that she's now married). Christmas Eve tells her a lot of the time if you want to kill someone, it's a sign of love. Kate goes off to leave a nice note for Princeton saying to on globalization impact, meet her on top of the Empire State Building, but Lucy finds the note instead and tears it up. Nicky, still homeless, talks about his crappy life with Gary, who says that people like him (as well as people like himself) exist to make others feel better about themselves.

And Kate waits on top of the building for Princeton, who of course never shows because he never got the note. Kate throws his token penny off the building and figures she's done with him. Essays? (Weirdly, the penny falls and bonks Lucy on the head--hell of a bonk at 102 stories! That's karma for thesis, ya.) Everyone starts reminiscing about how wonderful it was when they were in college and on sagan essays the brink of such a bright life of possibility, and they start wishing they could all just go back there. Princeton runs into Nicky, who's asking for handouts on the street, and through giving him some money and feeling great about it, he realizes he needs to gates, focus on carl essays giving rather than getting. He decides to paper, get everyone to help him raise money to give to Kate, which will help her not only build her school for monsters, but probably up his chances of getting back with her. Carl Sagan? At first they don't have much success getting money, but then they hit up Trekkie Monster, who is impressed by the idea of a school for site research paper, monsters and decides to give them all the money he's made in investing in porn. (That's ten million dollars. Seriously, why's he still living on Avenue Q?) So, everything turns out pretty good: Kate gets her Monsterssori school, Rod comes out of the closet and carl sagan, asks Nicky to come back to research paper, live with him, Nicky gets Rod a boyfriend, and Kate agrees to give a relationship with Princeton a try again. But there's one little problem: Princeton STILL hasn't found a purpose.

Inspired by a new kid coming to carl essays, live on the street, he thinks it'd be great to put together a SHOW about research paper, post-college life! That's his purpose! Well, no--everyone else shoots him down and essays, tells him he's stupid. Oh well. ? They comfort him and tell him the present is what it is, and everything is just for carl sagan, now, for better or for worse. The end. The soundtrack is write contrast, available through the Victor label, © 2003 BMG Music. A lot happens that is NOT told in the songs, but you get a fuzzy idea from listening to the musical numbers. It's highly recommended.

The Avenue Q Theme--Sounds disturbingly like Sesame Street 's theme, about life on this low-rent street. What Do You Do with a B.A. in English?/It Sucks To Be Me--This is where Princeton wanders in all doe-eyed, and sees the neighborhood residents arguing about their lives sucking. If You Were Gay--Nicky tells Rod it'd be okay if he was gay, I'd like you anyway! Purpose--Princeton's goal song. Everyone's A Little Bit Racist--The gang accuses each other of all harboring some form of racism, but they decide that racist jokes might be uncouth, but ya laugh because they're based on truth. And apparently no matter what their race, they all seem to get the taxi cab with a driver who didn't shower. Sagan Essays? (Except Gary, who claims he can't even get a taxi.) The Internet Is For Porn--Trekkie's moment to shine, on the subject of his highest knowledge. Kate suggests that normal people do not look at porn on the 'Net, but the gang backs Trekkie up big time. Mix Tape--Princeton's mix tape brings up some interesting issues for site paper, Kate. I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today--Brian warms up the crowd at the Around the Clock Caf by sagan essays, doing this introduction. His fiance shoots him down by yelling Get a job! at the end. Thank you . . . HONEY.

Special--Lucy the Slut's song. Gates Millenium Scholarship? You Can Be As Loud As the Hell You Want (When You're Makin' Love)--Mostly sung by Gary, regarding noise complaints over loud sex. Are we being too loud? NAH, kids! You just keep doin' what you doin'! Interspersed heavily with sex noises between puppets. Essays? Fantasies Come True--Rod sings with Nicky in thesis compare papers, mind, while Kate sings about Princeton. My Girlfriend, Who Lives in Canada--It's Rod's denial song!

He keeps mixing up whether she lives in Alberta or if that is her name. There Is Life Outside Your Apartment--Brian and everyone decide that like it or not, Princeton is coming out with them. They go around the city and talk about how there is sagan essays, cool shit to do, but it can't come to you. At the end Princeton decides to write papers, let Lucy make him feel special. The More You Ruv Someone--Christmas Eve explains to Kate, in her broken English, You think getting arong same as ruving? Kate realizes that Princeton wouldn't make her so aggravated if she didn't have feelings for him.

Schadenfreude--Words of wisdom dispensed to Nicky by Gary Coleman. Apparently, Schadenfreude is a German word for Happiness at carl essays the misfortune of site research paper others. The most hilarious song on the album, in sagan, my opinion. I performed it on YouTube with my friend Johannes, with me singing Gary's part. I Wish I Could Go Back to site paper, College--Ahh, the drippy sentimental song about the past. Everyone who's been out of college a while will probably choke up at this one, though. Sitting in the computer lab/4 AM before the final paper is due/Cursing the world 'cause I didn't start sooner/And seeing the rest of the class there too! The Money Song--Everyone goes around collecting money for the monster school. School for Monsters/The Money Song (Reprise)--Trekkie remembers going to carl sagan essays, regular school and being teased because he was a monster, and so he decides to give up his porn earnings to essay and its, the cause.

There's a Fine, Fine Line (Reprise)/What Do You Do With a B.A. In English? (Reprise)--The pair gets back together, and Princeton thinks he might've found his purpose when he sees a recent grad wondering exactly what he had at the beginning. For Now--The slightly depressing Well stuff isn't great, lots of sagan people never get what they want song. 'Til our dreams come true, we live on Avenue Q! Any comments left here are PUBLIC. ? If you are not comfortable with that, mail me directly. Comments from others: Mikey: This one sounds real impressive I think that it would really be something to carl, see, and best online printing, like was stated some of the carl essays music which I have heard more than worthy of mentioning on long this medium, I hope that in the future I get to sagan, witness this in its complete state perhaps even live if no other format is gates essay questions, available, this essay was indeed a most informed one thanks for it. CursedFreedom: O. M. G. Ivy, you DO realize that you need to be in show business, right? Please tell me you realize that. When you sang I was imagining a cartoon character singing the whole time. you need to get in carl sagan essays, the voice acting business. lol.

I'm sure you may think you're more of a singer, (and you're great at compare papers that) but I think voice acting would be right up your alley. That's talent!

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If you’ve been affected by Hurricanes Harvey or Irma and have questions, we’re here to help. Posted September 8, 2017. If you’ve been affected and sagan essays have questions about your health plan benefits, please call us at 1 (800) 776-4672 toll-free. Our customer service representatives are available to help you from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. HST, Monday through Friday. Posted May 5, 2017. Dear HMSA Member, As you may have seen in carl the local news, the thesis printing, state Department of Health (DOH) has been notified that imported frozen raw tuna (ahi) cubes sold by assignment, food establishments on Oahu have tested positive for hepatitis A. This product, imported from Indonesia, was used to prepare poke sold between April 27 and May 1. Please use the millenium scholarship, information below to answer questions you may have.

Hepatitis A is a viral liver infection that often resolves itself in carl a few weeks with plenty of rest, fluids, and write contrast adequate nutrition. Symptoms range from mild to severe. Hepatitis A is write compare spread by: Person-to-person contact with an infected person who has failed to wash their hands after using the bathroom or preparing contaminated food. Or by consuming food or water that’s contaminated with the virus. To reduce the risk of infection, wash your hands often and carl essays follow food safety guidelines. The best way to prevent hepatitis A is with a vaccination that’s administered as two shots six months apart. The vaccine gives people long-term immunity – at least 25 years for quotes adults and at least 14 to 20 years for children. Who should get the vaccine? The Centers for carl sagan essays Disease Control and minute assignment Prevention recommends the vaccine for all children, international travelers in high-risk countries, and sagan people at high risk for infection such as those in close contact with an infected person. ? Children may have received the hepatitis A vaccine as part of their standard childhood immunizations.

People who don’t meet this criteria can still get the vaccine, but should talk to their doctor to last minute assignment, find out if it’s right for sagan them. Does HMSA pay for the vaccine? Yes, we’ll pay for it for members who have a prescription from their doctor. Carl Sagan? They can go to any participating pharmacy to get the vaccine. Why does HMSA require a prescription?

It’s very important that you understand both the benefits and printing possible risks associated with the vaccine. We strongly support the doctor-patient relationship and believe that your doctor is the carl, most qualified to advise you about the hepatitis A vaccine. If you and your doctor decide that a vaccine is right for site research paper you, your doctor can give you a prescription and we’ll pay for the vaccine. If you don’t have a primary care provider (PCP), you can visit an urgent care facility, a CVS/minuteclinic at selected Longs Drugs stores, or use HMSA’s Online Care®. If you have any questions about hepatitis A, visit the CDC website at If you have questions about your HMSA plan, please call an carl sagan essays, HMSA representative at one of the following phone numbers. Mark M.Mugiishi, M.D., F.A.C.S. HMSA Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer. Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Posted December 16, 2016.

Our Maui office is last minute closed for the day because of a water main break on Kaahumanu Avenue. The office will re-open Monday to serve our members. Posted August 30, 2016. Dear HMSA Member, To prepare for Hurricane Madeline, all HMSA offices on the Big Island will be closed Wednesday, August 31, for the safety of all HMSA employees and printing their families.

We expect to re-open soon to serve you. President and carl sagan essays Chief Executive Officer. Posted August 2016. Dear HMSA Member, As you may have seen in the local news, the state Department of Health (DOH) has reported the long quotes paper, source of the hepatitis A outbreak in Hawaii as frozen scallops. As HMSA’s chief medical officer, I’d like to carl sagan essays, share information with you on hepatitis A and the importance of making decisions with your doctor.

Hepatitis A is a viral liver infection. Most people with hepatitis A will recover in a few weeks with plenty of rest, fluids, and adequate nutrition. Symptoms are often similar to the flu and range from mild to in research paper, severe. Hepatitis A is spread by eating food or drinking water that’s been contaminated by the virus or by close contact with an infected person. You can significantly reduce your risk of infection by washing your hands often and carl sagan essays preparing food safely. Hepatitis A can also be prevented with a vaccination that involves two injections, which gives a person lifelong immunity. The hepatitis A vaccine is very effective but may not be right for everyone. The federal Centers for write thesis compare contrast Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the hepatitis A vaccine for all children, international travelers in carl essays high-risk countries, and people at paper, high risk for carl sagan infection. HMSA wants our members to on globalization and its impact, get immunized when they meet the essays, CDC recommended criteria or if they wish to gain lifelong immunity and essay on globalization impact have talked about the pros and carl sagan essays cons of the vaccine with their physician. That means we’re asking anyone curious about hepatitis A vaccination to discuss it with their physician and share in the decision of whether to get vaccinated. Does HMSA pay for the hepatitis A vaccine?

HMSA pays for the full cost of the vaccine for most members with a prescription. HMSA Akamai Advantage members may have to pay a copayment. If you and your physician decide that a vaccine is right for on globalization and its you, a prescription can be called into an HMSA participating pharmacy and administered there. Why should I talk to my doctor about the vaccine? Though the vaccine is very effective, it may not be right for everyone. We’re asking our members to talk to their doctors so that they can make an informed decision based on the pros and cons of vaccination. If you have questions, please call the number on your HMSA membership card and carl sagan our customer service professionals will help you.

Thank you for being an HMSA member. Serving you is our privilege. Mark Mugiishi, M.D., F.A.C.S. Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer. 2017 Affordable Care Act individual health plans. Posted August 1, 2016. Dear HMSA member, Today, I’d like to share with you our proposed 2017 premium for quotes our members with Affordable Care Act (ACA) individual plans. The process of asking the government to approve our premiums is important, but it’s usually routine. This year is different because we’ve asked for an average premium increase of about 43 percent, which is essays a large increase. I wish we didn’t have to ask for such a large increase, but we don’t have any other alternative.

I’d like to explain the challenges we’re facing with our ACA individual plans and why we’re asking for this amount. The lack of healthy members with ACA individual plans. About 3 percent of our members have ACA individual plans and buy their plan from HMSA. Many of these people couldn’t get health insurance before the ACA and the federal law has helped them tremendously in essays getting access to doctors and hospitals. A lot of these members have serious health conditions that require costly medical care and prescription drugs. Our challenge is that there aren’t enough healthy people with ACA individual plans. Healthy members keep premiums affordable and financially balance the members with serious illnesses. Without enough healthy members in these plans, we’re losing significant amounts of money: Last year, for every $1 in premiums we received from ACA members, we spent $1.20 on their medical and prescription drug claims.

This year, we built that loss into our premiums. Yet for every $1 in premiums we received from ACA members so far in 2016, we spent $1.15. We lost $17.5 million on ACA individual plans last year and we project a $15.5 million shortfall this year. Site Research Paper? That’s $33 million lost in two years. As a nonprofit, HMSA cannot afford to absorb these substantial losses. Doing that would require us to increase costs for other members, businesses, and the community.

Instead, we’ve asked for carl essays higher ACA individual plan premiums to make up for these financial shortfalls. Premium increases around the country. We’re doing everything we can to stabilize these premiums but it’s much more difficult than we anticipated when these health plans began three years ago. Dozens of health insurers around the country are struggling with the same problem and have asked for impact major increases of up to 60 percent. We’ll keep trying to solve these challenges because we’re committed to improving the health and well-being of everyone in Hawaii. If you receive your health plan through your employer, an Akamai Advantage plan, or a pre-ACA health plan (also called a grandmothered or grandfathered plan), this premium increase won’t affect you. If you have an ACA plan, your premium won’t change this year. Carl Sagan? The new premium won’t start until January 1, 2017.

We’re here to site paper paper, answer your questions about this complicated topic. You can visit an HMSA Center or office, or call us at 983-7280 on Oahu, or 1 (844) 230-0427 toll-free on the Neighbor Islands, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thank you for choosing HMSA. Serving you is our privilege. President and carl essays Chief Executive Officer.

Posted July 22, 2016. Dear HMSA member, Weather reports say tropical storm Darby will pass over online thesis, the Big Island on Saturday. We’ve temporarily closed the HMSA Center @ Hilo for the safety for our staff and members. The HMSA Center @ Hilo is scheduled to open Monday at 9 a.m. to serve you.

President and Chief Executive Officer. Posted April 7, 2016. Aloha Family Health Hawaii members, Recent news about the takeover of Family Health Hawaii by the state Insurance Commissioner is probably causing some anxiety. Carl Sagan Essays? I want to paper paper, assure you that HMSA is sagan essays here to help. With 78 years of experience serving Hawaii residents, we understand that keeping your doctor is carl essays important.

Receiving health care treatments and services from the same health care providers you know and trust is also a priority. Don’t worry. With HMSA’s extensive network of more than 6,000 participating providers in Hawaii, you and your family members will have direct access to the best doctors, hospitals, and clinics, whenever you need them. We care about essays you, your family, and your well-being. And we know that when it comes to health care, you don’t want to worry. We’ve opened a special hotline for Family Health Hawaii members and have dedicated customer service representatives who are ready to answer any of your questions and make sure you’re not left without health insurance.

Call us at 948-5555 or visit us at one of our HMSA Centers or offices. Gates Scholarship Essay Questions? You can also visit our online store to find employee insurance. Caring for the people of Hawaii is our promise and our privilege. Please allow us to carl sagan, serve you. President and Chief Executive Officer.

Posted September 10, 2015. Dear HMSA member, You may have heard that Excellus BlueCross BlueShield in New York state has been the victim of a cyber attack on its database. Hackers may have accessed personal information such as member names, dates of birth, email and mailing addresses, telephone numbers, Social Security numbers, member identification numbers, bank account information, and claims information, including clinical information in Excellus‘ systems for up to 7 million individuals, providers, and impact businesses going back to 1993. We‘re now working closely with Excellus to find out if information was accessed from current or former HMSA members who received medical or hospital services in the state of New York in the last 22 years. The attack could also affect those who bought long-term care insurance from MedAmerica, an carl, Excellus affiliate. HMSA offered MedAmerica products for a period of time. I want to assure you that no information was stolen from HMSA and our systems weren‘t involved. Free identity protection and credit monitoring.

Excellus has started mailing notification letters to affected people and essay and its MedAmerica will do the same. If you‘re affected, you‘ll get a letter in the mail in the next few weeks. We will also mail a notification letter to any affected HMSA members. Excellus is offering two years of free identity protection and credit monitoring services to anyone who‘s concerned they could be affected. Sign up today at Carl? If you think you could be affected, I encourage you to enroll in these services for peace of mind. You don‘t have to essay impact, wait for Excellus‘ letter. In addition, Excellus has a hotline for people to call with questions: 1 (877) 589-3331 toll-free. It‘s open Monday to Friday, 2 a.m. to 2 p.m. Hawaii time. Once again, no information was stolen from HMSA and our systems weren‘t involved.

Protecting our members‘ information is a top priority and in research paper we‘re doing everything we can to stay ahead of threats to member privacy: We have a sophisticated, multi-tiered security system and carl all HMSA employees are trained on how to essay on globalization and its, safeguard member information. We always encrypt member information when it‘s transmitted electronically and we often scan and monitor our databases for suspicious activity. We regularly inspect our security policies and in light of recent events, we‘re talking with leading experts about additional safeguards. And we‘re always reviewing the security of our partners and vendors who also need to be vigilant. We want to help you during a frustrating time and have set up a dedicated phone line to carl, answer questions about Excellus: 948-6404 on Oahu or 1 (800) 459-3963 toll-free on the Neighbor Islands or the Mainland. Paper? The phone line is open Monday to carl sagan essays, Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Hawaii time. We‘ll be sure to keep you updated as we receive new information.

President and Chief Executive Officer. Update on Hawai‘i Health Connector. Posted June 5, 2015. Dear HMSA member, Whatever happens with the Hawai‘i Health Connector, we’re here to help you. If you bought an HMSA plan on the Hawai‘i Health Connector, here’s what you need to know:

You’ll have your HMSA plan through the end of the year with no changes in benefits or costs. If you’re getting financial help from the Hawai‘i Health Connector to thesis printing, pay your premium, you’ll continue receiving the subsidy through the end of the year. You can keep your plan by paying your monthly premium as usual. If you need to buy a health plan, you can come directly to us. Our health plan specialists can help you choose the best option for carl sagan your needs. In case you have questions, please call us at 983-7280 on Oahu or 1 (844) 230-0427 toll-free on the Neighbor Islands or the Mainland, Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We’ll do all we can to help. President and Chief Executive Officer. Update on long quotes individual Affordable Care Act (ACA) health plans. Posted June 1, 2015. Dear HMSA member, We recently filed a request with the state Insurance Division to sagan, raise premiums for our individual Affordable Care Act (ACA) health plans for 2016. Our request for an average 49.1 percent increase is the highest premium increase we’ve ever asked for. Site Research? It’ll affect about 3 percent of our membership and will cover the much higher than expected medical costs for these members. At HMSA, we understand the frustration of rising health care costs. Carl Essays? We’re a local company that employs more than 1,600 Hawaii residents. Papers? We care about all of our members who are often our family, friends, and our neighbors.

Our decision to ask for this premium increase was truly difficult. We explored every alternative for a smaller premium, but ultimately had to ask for sagan this increase for and its several important reasons: Almost everyone in Hawaii already has health insurance from their employer, Med-QUEST, or Medicare. The small number of people left without coverage often had serious health conditions. Many of these previously uninsured people purchased our ACA plans. Long In Research? ACA plans began in essays 2014 and are still new. This is the first time we’ve been able to price these plans using actual claims and health information from these members.

We’ve learned many of these members are using substantially more medical services and scholarship prescription drugs than we expected. Now we have a much clearer understanding of the true cost of caring for these members. This year, several thousand members from the Compact of Free Association (COFA) community purchased individual ACA health plans from HMSA. These members came to us from the state Med-QUEST program and we’re honored to thesis compare contrast papers, serve them. However, many of these members have conditions that will likely require intensive medical services and expensive prescription drugs. The ACA has helped thousands of Hawaii residents get health coverage. That’s good for the well-being of our state. Write Papers? But it comes with a price that we’re seeing now. We’re not alone in asking for a large individual ACA plan rate increase. Carl Essays? Other health plans around the country are reporting premium requests as high as 51 percent, as you’ll see in this CBS News story. It’s important to remember that if you receive your health plan through your employer, an HMSA Akamai Advantage plan, or a pre-ACA health plan (also called a grandmothered or grandfathered plan), this premium increase won’t affect you.

If you have an ACA plan, your premium won’t change this year. The new premium won’t start until 2016. I know this is a lot of information to take in. As always, we’re here to answer your questions. You can visit an HMSA Center or office, or call us at assignment, 983-7280 on Oahu, or 1 (844) 230-0427 toll-free on the Neighbor Islands, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Thank you for choosing HMSA. Carl Sagan Essays? Serving you is our privilege. President and Chief Executive Officer. Update on Hawai‘i Health Connector. Posted May 14, 2015. Dear HMSA member, You’ve probably read news stories that say the future of the Hawai‘i Health Connector is site paper uncertain. Whatever happens with the essays, Hawai‘i Health Connector, we’re here to gates essay questions, help you. If you bought an HMSA plan on the Hawai‘i Health Connector, here’s what you need to know: You will have HMSA coverage through the carl essays, end of the year with no changes in benefits or costs.

If you’re getting financial help from the long quotes in research, Hawai‘i Health Connector to pay your premium, you will continue receiving the subsidy through the end of the year. You can keep your coverage by carl essays, paying your monthly premium as usual. If you have any questions, please call us at 983-7280 on Oahu or 1 (844) 230-0427 toll-free on the Neighbor Islands or the Mainland, Monday to thesis papers, Friday, from 8 a.m. to carl, 5 p.m. We’ll do all we can to help. President and Chief Executive Officer. Update about the Premera cyber attack. Posted April 20, 2015. Dear HMSA member, We’ve started mailing letters to about 14,000 people who are or were HMSA members and about 300 providers who could be affected by the cyber attack against Premera Blue Cross in Washington state. Best Thesis? No data was stolen from HMSA and our systems weren’t involved in the attack. If you’re affected, you’ll get a letter from me about carl sagan essays Premera in a few days.

It has information on free services from Premera that can help keep your personal information safe. If you don’t receive a letter from me about Premera soon, that means you’re not affected. Click here to carl, read my letter to gates millenium scholarship essay, members and essays here for my letter to providers. Free identity theft protection and credit monitoring. We want to help people protect their information. I’m urging affected members and providers to , enroll in two years of free identity theft protection services and sagan essays credit repair from Premera. These services include: Daily credit monitoring and write compare contrast papers alerts when new accounts are opened in their name An Experian credit report to sagan, look for signs of fraud $1 million identity theft insurance coverage A fraud resolution agent who will work closely with them to resolve identity issues. Members can enroll in these services online at carl sagan, at no cost. Paper? Premera is carl paying for all services. In addition, Premera will send its own notification letter soon.

These members could be affected because they saw a doctor, visited a hospital, or had medical services in essay on globalization Washington or Alaska since 2002. Or their doctor ordered labs or medical equipment for them from these states. Affected providers cared for a Premera member at some point since 2002. Premera said that exposed information could include names, dates of birth, email and mailing addresses, telephone numbers, Social Security numbers, HMSA membership numbers, bank information, and sagan claims information, including clinical information going back to 2002. However, we think it’s highly unlikely that our members’ Social Security number, email, telephone number, or financial information was accessed. Site Paper? As a practice, we do NOT share that information about our members. We’re doing everything we can to stay ahead of threats to member privacy: We have a sophisticated security system with many layers of protection and all HMSA employees are trained on how to safeguard member information. We always encrypt member information when it’s transmitted electronically. And we continually scan and monitor our databases for suspicious activity.

We regularly evaluate our security policies and thesis contrast we’re working with leading experts to evaluate our safeguards to carl essays, protect member information. We regularly review the security of our partners and vendors. In light of the Premera and Anthem hacks, we’re taking an even harder look at write thesis contrast, HMSA’s security controls. We’re enhancing our layers of security and have extended monitoring of our systems. I’m truly sorry that the Premera cyber attack may have affected our community. As a board member of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association I’m advocating for the strongest security policies at contrast, our BCBSA partner health plans. We want to sagan essays, help you during a frustrating time and best thesis have set up a dedicated phone line to answer questions about Premera: 948-6404 on Oahu or 1 (800) 459-3963 toll-free on essays the Neighbor Islands or the Mainland. The phone line is open Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Essay On Globalization? Hawaii time. President and Chief Executive Officer. Information about the carl essays, Premera cyber attack.

Posted March 20, 2015. Dear HMSA member, We’ve learned from Premera Blue Cross in gates millenium scholarship essay Washington state that some current and former HMSA members have been affected by the recent cyber attack on Premera’s database. No information was stolen from HMSA and essays our systems weren’t involved. These are members living in Hawaii and other places who received medical or hospital services in Washington state or Alaska anytime since 2002. Or a member’s doctor ordered labs or medical equipment on write contrast their behalf from the carl sagan essays, Mainland since 2002.

I’m very concerned about this situation and have told our team to work carefully but quickly to validate the number of affected current and former HMSA members and essay and its determine their names and carl what personal information was accessed. We’ll mail affected members a notification letter as soon as our information is validated. Last Assignment? Premera will send its own notification letter after ours. Premera has said hackers may have accessed personal information such as member names, dates of birth, email and mailing addresses, telephone numbers, Social Security numbers, member identification numbers, bank account information, and claims information, including clinical information in Premera’s systems from up to 11 million individuals, providers, and businesses going back to 2002. I’d like you to know that as a practice, we don’t share our members’ Social Security numbers, email or street addresses, telephone numbers, medical or financial information, or other personal information. Protecting your information is sagan essays a top priority and we’re doing everything we can to stay ahead of threats to member privacy: We have a sophisticated, multi-tiered security system and all HMSA employees are trained on how to safeguard member information. We always encrypt member information when it’s transmitted electronically and sagan we continuously scan and monitor our databases for suspicious activity. We regularly evaluate our security policies and in light of recent events, we’re working with leading experts to add additional safeguards that protect member information. And we regularly review the , security of our partners and vendors to be vigilant for you. Free identity protection and carl essays credit monitoring.

Premera is offering two years of free identity protection and credit monitoring services to anyone who’s concerned they could be affected. Gates Millenium Scholarship Questions? You can sign up today at You don’t have to wait for our notification letter or Premera’s. If you think you could be affected, I encourage you to enroll in these services for carl sagan peace of mind. In addition, Premera has a hotline with more resources: 1 (800) 768-5817 toll-free. It’s open Monday to Friday, 2 a.m. to 5 p.m. Hawaii time. Premera won’t email you or make unsolicited phone calls to you regarding this incident. Please be on the alert if you are contacted and site paper paper asked to provide personal information by carl essays, anyone saying they’re from Premera.

I know this can be a frustrating situation. To best serve you and answer your questions, we’ve set up a dedicated Premera phone line: (808) 948-6404 on Oahu or 1 (800) 459-3963 toll-free on the Neighbor Islands or the Mainland. The phone line is open Monday to carl, Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Hawaii time. This is a quickly changing situation and site paper I’ll be sure to keep you updated as we receive new information. President and Chief Executive Officer.

HMSA contacts members affected by Anthem cyber attack. Posted March 5, 2015. Dear HMSA member, We’ve started mailing letters to our 18,000 current and former members who are affected by carl essays, the Anthem cyber attack. If you’re affected, you’ll receive my letter in a few days.

It has information on free services from Anthem that can help keep your personal information safe. You can click here to minute assignment, read my letter to affected people who are or were HMSA members. You’re not affected if you don’t receive a letter from me about Anthem soon. Based on information from Anthem, we do NOT think our members’ Social Security numbers, email or street addresses, telephone numbers, or medical or financial information were accessed. Essays? As a practice, we don’t share this information. The only information that Anthem has for affected HMSA members would have been provided by a doctor or hospital in gates questions an Anthem state that cared for an HMSA member. Essays? Anthem operates Blue Cross and Blue Shield health plans in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin. It’s likely that Anthem kept HMSA member names, dates of birth, the cities and states where they live, and parts of their HMSA membership number after Anthem processed their out-of-state medical or hospital claims. Protections for affected current and carl sagan essays former members. If you’re affected, Anthem has signed you up for best printing two years of free identity theft repair services for sagan essays your security and gates millenium questions peace of mind. Affected members won’t have to take any action to get the sagan, following services:

Identity Theft Repair Assistance: If you’re a victim of fraud, an gates millenium questions, investigator will do the work to recover financial losses, restore your credit, and ensure your identity is returned to its proper condition. This assistance will cover any fraud that has occurred since the carl sagan, incident first began. Child Identity Protection: Child-specific identity protection services will also be offered to any members with children. Detect Repair Child ID Theft Program. This service actively scans databases to find out if thieves are using your child’s Social Security number. If fraud is found, an investigator conducts a full inquiry and completely repairs your child’s identity. In addition, Anthem is offering affected current and former HMSA members two years of free credit monitoring. Affected members should visit to enroll or call 1 (877) 263-7995 toll-free for these services. While we don’t believe our members’ financial information was accessed during the sagan, cyber attack, I urge affected members to gates scholarship, enroll in these services for peace of mind. I know this is a complicated situation.

If you have any questions, call our hotline at (808) 948-6699 on Oahu or 1 (800) 432-6633 toll-free on the Neighbor Islands and sagan essays the Mainland. TTY users can call 711. The hotline is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturdays in March from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Hawaii standard time. President and Chief Executive Officer. HMSA members affected by Anthem cyber attack. Posted February 23, 2015. According to research, information we received from Anthem, approximately 18,000 current and carl former HMSA members had some personal information accessed during the best printing, cyber attack on Anthem.

That number could increase as we try to process about 2,000 unknown names in Anthem’s file to determine if they are or were HMSA members. The data stolen from Anthem was for a 10-year period from 2004 to 2014. I’m deeply concerned about the cyber attack and the impact on HMSA’s members. We’re sending letters to current and former members who are affected. Carl Sagan Essays? Anthem is also sending affected HMSA members a letter over the next few months.

What personal information was accessed. As a practice, HMSA doesn’t share our members’ Social Security numbers, email or street addresses, telephone numbers, medical or financial information, or other private information. The only information that Anthem has on HMSA members would have been provided by a doctor or hospital in an Anthem state that cared for an HMSA member. This would include those members’ names, dates of birth, the cities and states where they live, and part of their HMSA membership number after it processed out-of-state medical or hospital services. How to know if you could be affected. If you had services in the last 10 years in write contrast papers states that Anthem serves or had an carl, Anthem health plan during that time, your information could have been accessed. Anthem operates Blue Cross and Blue Shield health plans in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Online Printing? Click here to learn more about the Blue Cross and Blue Shield system. If you didn’t have services in one of these states or weren’t covered under an Anthem plan, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. HMSA is reviewing the data provided by Anthem of affected current and former members. As soon as that careful process is completed, which could be as early as the sagan, beginning of next week, we’ll be able to confirm which of our current and former members are affected by the cyber attack on Anthem.

If you have questions about this situation, HMSA has set up a telephone hotline at (808) 948-6699 on Oahu or 1 (800) 432-6633 toll-free on the Neighbor Islands and the Mainland. TTY users can call 711. The hotline is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday. You have my promise that we’ll keep you updated as quickly and thoroughly as we can. President and Chief Executive Officer. Anthem offers credit monitoring for HMSA members. Posted February 13, 2015. Dear HMSA member,

I have a new development to carl, share with you about the cyber attack against Anthem, Inc., a Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan that serves residents in 14 states. As I mentioned last week, it’s possible that the long quotes, personal information of some HMSA members who received medical or hospital services in carl sagan one of the states that Anthem serves was accessed in the attack: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Virginia, or Wisconsin. Because of that, I’m pleased to sagan essays, report that Anthem is gates now offering HMSA members the opportunity enroll in two years of free credit monitoring and identity protection at Carl Essays? These services include: Identity repair assistance. Credit monitoring. Child identity protection.

We’re working with Anthem and the Blue Cross and best thesis Blue Shield Association to carl, identify HMSA members affected by the cyber attack. Long Quotes Paper? If you’re concerned that you might be affected, please enroll in free credit monitoring and identity protection services at for sagan your peace of mind. Anthem’s free service starts today and essay and its will continue through February 2017. Members can enroll at any time during that period. If you’ve been affected, Anthem will contact you with a letter delivered by the U.S.

Postal Service (USPS) in the coming weeks. Carl Essays? Anthem is not calling members regarding the site paper, cyber attack and is not asking for credit card information or Social Security numbers over the phone. This is a complicated and quickly changing situation. We’ll update you with new information as we receive it. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call us at (808) 948-6079 on Oahu or 1 (800) 776-4672 toll-free on carl essays the Neighbor Islands or the Mainland. TTY users can call 711.

President and Chief Executive Officer. Information about Anthem cyber attack. Posted February 6, 2015. Dear HMSA Member, I’m sure you’re aware of the national news story that was reported on February 5 about the cyber attack against Anthem Inc., a Blue Cross and carl sagan Blue Shield plan that serves residents in 14 states. Attackers accessed names, birthdays, medical IDs, Social Security numbers, street and paper paper email addresses, and employment information from millions of current and former Anthem members. No credit card or medical information has been reported stolen at this point in the investigation. There’s a possibility that some HMSA members may be affected. Essay? We’re working with Anthem and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association to identify these members.

You could be affected if you’ve received medical or hospital services in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Virginia, or Wisconsin. It’s possible that not every member who’s received services in these states will be affected. Anthem will notify you directly by letter if your data has been accessed. In addition, you can go to carl sagan essays, for the latest information or call the company’s toll-free number at 1 (877) 263-7995. It’s very important to be careful about how you share your personal information. Internet scams have already emerged in the wake of the write compare papers, Anthem cyber-attack. Never give your personal information to anyone you don’t trust, particularly if they call or email you.

We know this is causing a great deal of anxiety and are monitoring the situation closely. We’ll share updated information as we receive it, so check this webpage regularly. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to carl, call us at (808) 948-6079 on Oahu or 1 (800) 776-4672 toll-free on thesis printing the Neighbor Islands or the Mainland. TTY users can call 711. President and Chief Executive Officer. About the Blue Cross and sagan Blue Shield system. HMSA works with Anthem to administer certain aspects of your health plan. Some of our customers who received health care services in last minute assignment the past 10 years in any of the areas that Anthem’s Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies serve may have been affected by a recent cyber-attack on Anthem.

That’s because 37 independent, locally operated companies across the carl sagan, United States, including Anthem and HMSA, form the Blue Cross and Blue Shield system. This affiliation enables Blue Cross and minute assignment Blue Shield members to get the carl sagan essays, high-quality, affordable health care they need wherever they are. HMSA’s systems were not affected. HMSA, An Independent Licensee of the essay on globalization, Blue Cross. and Blue Shield Association.

2017 Hawaii Medical Service Association All rights reserved.

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Short essay on Lawyer’s Duty to His Client. In the words of Blackstone legal profession is “a science which distinguishes the criterion of right and wrong which teachers to establish the one and prevent, punish or redress the other”. The legal profession is the most independence one. Carl? A member of the legal profession never hesitates to condemn tyranny or injustice. A lawer stands for justice more than a judge, as he pleads for it.

It is a wrong belief that the lawers promote dispute and difference in the society. Best Thesis Printing? The work of the legal profession is not to create disputes but settle the disputes whenever they arise. In fact lawers are peace makers in the society. It is often said by carl, other professionalisms that the profession of law exploits the society and involves dishonesty and write thesis papers, untruthfulness. Again this is a wrong notion prevalent in the society of the simple reason that it is not the lawer who practices dishonesty and untruthfulness. Image Source: It is his client’s compelling necessity which he proves by his art of advocacy and reasons.

The charge of insincerity against a lawer disappears once it is realized that the advocate is sagan, engaged not in express his own views of the case but he is presenting and marshalling all can be said of his client view of it. Furthermore, legal profession is criticized that it does not add to the economic prosperity of a nation; and consequently a lawer is not an compare papers, essential member of society. There is no doubt that it is peace which brings prosperity for a country and peace is the result-of law and the lawyer. Had there been no law and lawyers there would have been chaos in society. However the Indian lawyer’s is a role specialist that is, he confines his occupational role to that of sagan dispute processing in the court. The role specificity of the Indian lawyer promotes him to prolong and perpetuate dispute processing.

The reason is because they hardly have any other role to pick on. The profession of law is noble calling. It is one of the site, most brilliant learned and attractive professions. It needs not only high depth of learning but also a sense of social responsibilities which calls for the high and noble conduct. The legal profession is an carl, important limb of the papers, machinery for administration of justice. Without the presence of a well developed and organised profession of carl sagan law, the courts would not be in a position to administer justice. Law is a noble profession, but it is also an elitist profession. Its ethics, in practice, (not in theory though), leave much to be desired, if viewed as a profession for the people. But law’s nobility as a profession lasts only so long as the last assignment, members maintain their commitment to integrity and carl, services to the community. The profession of lawyers ordains a high level of ethics as much as in the means as in the ends. Justice cannot be attained without the stream being pellucid throughout its course and that is of great public concern, not merely professional care.

The profession of law has been recognized as profession, a trade or a business; nor is an attorney, a trader or a businessman. A lawyer has got to remember that he is best thesis, expected to be a gentleman in the true sense of the term in every little or big act in his profession. In fact, no government can function without law and without the services of the legal profession. In other words, legal profession is an honourable profession, as ancient as magistracy, as noble as virtu and as necessary as justice. A lawyer, as part of a learned profession, has many obligations and duties of a honourable nature. Essays? It was not expected of a lawyer to bargain for any fee or to speculate on the result of litigation so as to determine his fees. The contingent fee is an innovation of modern legal profession.

The legal profession in India, which exists today is the outcome of the legal system introduced by the British during the essay on globalization impact, eighteenth century. Carl Sagan Essays? The legal profession in India as elsewhere is largely creature of statutes, though in some measures, customs, convention and usages also play an important role. It is, therefore, necessary to in research paper have an acquaintance with the legal framework in order to appreciate the essays, provisions relating to thesis compare professional ethics and professional responsibility vis-a-vis the Indian Bar. Duty to carl His Client: In India, the lawer’s relations with his client are primarily a matter of contract. The relation is in the nature of agent and principal. The agreement determines to what extent the counsel can bind his client by his acts and statements; what extent shall be his remuneration, whether he will have a lien on his client’s property etc. It is questions, evident, however, that as lawyer is also to conform to the ethical code prescribed for him by law and usage, he cannot be a mere agent or mouthpiece of his client to carry out his bidding. A special responsibility rests on the members of the Bar to see that the parties do not mislead the court by carl essays, false or reckless statements on , material matter. An advocate is not the servant of the client that engages him, but the true position is that he is the carl essays, servant of write thesis contrast papers justice itself.

He is thus in a sense a member of the body judicial and hence it follows that he can commit no graver betrayal of his function than to carl essays deceive the court by means direct or indirect. An advocate Stands in a loco parent is towards litigant. Last? A member of the Bar undoubtedly owes a duty to his client and must place before the court all that can fairly and reasonably be submitted on behalf of his client. It is the duty of an advocate to sagan welcome his client in the chamber. The client must also not feel that his presence is unwanted. The advocate must give a patience hearing to the client and whenever necessary must make enquiries.

He must reply to the client’s letter and he must not hesitate to communicate to his client even an unfavourable result as promptly as one would like to communicate a favourable result. An advocate should treat his client with much importance and sincerity. While giving opinions to the client the counsel’s duty is to act as a judge, responsible to God and man, he should advice sincerely and honestly to the best of his ability though its consequences may be loss of prospective gains. If a pending dispute is likely to long quotes be settled either by the opponent’s counsel or it is the desire of the presiding judge, the counsel must put his all sincere efforts without bringing any pressure on sagan, his client to bring about settlement. But if the client is ready to stand a risk and though he is advised settlement, he desires the case to be fought to an end it is the site, duty of the advocate to do to the best of his ability, skill, understanding and legitimate means to bring about success. When the litigation ends the carl essays, lawyer should return the brief to the client and he should not betray the confidence of the client even if he is and its impact, not engaged in essays the appellate court. Though it will amount to repletion it will not be out of place to make mention in that the relation in write that the relation between the advocate arid the client is carl sagan, here utmost good faith and confidence. So, it is the duty of an advocate not to accept retainer from other clients who had furnished him with confidential reports.

The advocate’s duty is to argue in the court the strong as well as the weak points of the case. Fixation of fees is yet another duty. He shall fix such fees as reasonable and justifiable. It is common practice that if the paper, case is to sagan essays be tried in a court of far off place or different jurisdiction the clients would incur the expenses of conveyance. The advocate should not utilize this for meeting his own expenses. In the write compare contrast, same way the money received from the client, other than fees and expenses, for sagan essays, the purpose of procuring any documents or proof shall be reasonable. Trough Indian Vakalatnama form empowers the advocate to do all that is necessary including com pro mi seethe case, but it does not mean that in view of the express authority his client’s concern is endorsable. He should be prompt in communicating to the client the happening of the thesis, court, reply to his queries and the result of the case, irrespective of the defeat or success. He should also act judiciously and wisely like a judge while handling the client’s case.

One must not forget that an advocate is a .representative of the carl, client and not an site paper, agent. After the case is over, it is the duty of the advocate to carefully return the brief to the client with all documents and certificates. The Bar Council of India has laid down the following duties of an advocate to his client: 1. An advocate is bound to accept any brief in the courts or tribunals or before any Authority in or before which he professes to practice at a fee consistent with his standing at the bar and the nature of the case. He may refuse to accept a particular brief provided that his refusal is justified in the special circumstances. 2. An advocate shall not ordinarily withdraw from engagements once accepted, without sufficient cause and unless a reasonable and sufficient notice is sagan, given to the client upon his withdrawal from a case he shall refund such part of the fee as has not been earned.

3. An advocate should not accept a brief or appear in a case in which he has reason to believe that he will be a witness; and if after being engaged in a case, it becomes apparent that he is a witness, he should not continue to appear as advocate. It is write compare contrast papers, his duty to retire, if he can without jeopardizing his client’s interests. 4. An advocate should at the commencement of his engagement and during the continuance thereof, make all such full and frank disclosures to his client relating to his connection with the parties and any interest in or about the controversy as are likely to carl sagan affect his client’s judgement in either engaging him or continuing the engagement. 5. It shall be the duty of an advocate, fearlessly, to uphold the interests of his client by all fair and essay, honourable means without regard to any unpleasant consequences to essays himself or any other. He shall defend a person accused of a crime regardless of best his personal opinion as to carl essays the accused, bearing in mind that his loyalty is to the law which requires that no man should be convicted without adequate evidence.

6. Gates Millenium Scholarship Essay? An advocate appearing for the prosecution in a criminal trial shall so conduct the prosecution that it does-not lead to conviction of the innocent. The suppression of carl material capable of establishing the innocence of the accused shall be scrupulously avoided. 7. An advocate shall not directly or indirectly, commit a breach of the obligations imposed by thesis, section 126 of the essays, Indian Evidence Act. 8. Research Paper? An advocate shall not, at any time, be a party to fomenting of litigation. 9. An advocate shall not act on essays, the instruction of any person other than his client or his authorized agent. 10. Research Paper? An advocate shall not stipulate for a fee contingent on the results of litigation or agree to share the proceeds thereof. 11. An advocate shall not buy or traffic in essays or stipulate for or agree to receive any share or interest in any actionable claim. Nothing in this Rule shall apply to stock shares and questions, debentures or government securities, or to any instruments which are, for the time being, by law or custom negotiable or to any mercantile document or title to goods. 12.

An advocate shall not, directly or indirectly, bid for or purchase, either in his own name or in any other name, for his own benefit or for the benefit of any person, any property sold in the execution of a decree or order in any suit, appeal or other proceeding in which he was in any way professionally engaged. This prohibition however, does not prevent an advocate from bidding for or purchasing for his client any property which his client may himself legally bid for or purchase provided the advocate is expressly authorized in writing in this behalf. 13. An advocate shall not adjust fees pays payble to him by his client against his own personal liability to the client, which liability does not arise in the course of his employment as an advocate. 14. An advocate shall not do anything whereby he abuses or takes advantage of the confidence reposed in him by his client. 15.

An advocate should keep accounts of the client’s money entrusted to him, and the accounts should show the carl sagan, amounts received from the client or on his behalf, the expenses incurred for him and the debits made on account of fees with respective dates and minute, all other necessary particulars. 16. Where money are received from or an account of a client, the entries in the accounts should contain a references, and during the course of the proceedings, no advocate shall, except with the sagan, consent in writing of the client concerned, be at liberty to deliver any portion of the expenses towards fees. 17. Where any amount is on globalization and its, received or given to him on behalf of his client the fact of such receipt must be intimated to the client as early as possible. 18. Sagan? Where the fee has been left unsettled, the advocate shall be entitled to deduct, out of any money of the client remaining in essay his hands, at carl the termination of the proceeding for which he had been engaged, the fee payable under the rules of the paper, courts in carl sagan force for best printing, the time being, or by carl, then settled arid the balance if any, shall be refunded to the client. 19. After the termination of the proceeding the best printing, advocate shall be at liberty to appropriate towards the settled fee due to him any sum remaining unexpected out of the amount paid or sent to him for carl essays, expenses, or any amount that has come into paper his hands in that proceeding.

20. A copy of the client” s account should be furnished to him on sagan, demand provided the necessary copying charge is paid. 21. An advocate shall not enter into arrangements whereby funds in his hands are converted into essay impact loans. 22. An advocate shall not lend money to his client, for the purpose of any action or legal proceedings in sagan essays which he is engaged by such client. 23.

An advocate who has, at any time, advised in connection with the institution of a suit, appeal or other matter or has drawn pleadings or acted for a party, shall not act, appear or plead for the opposite party. 24. Lastly, an advocate should never make use of any weak points or material facts of his former client for winning the case of another client. In all circumstances the advocate should strive to best online printing earn the good faith and confidence of the client by essays, his honest, sincere and effective discharge of duties. Welcome to! Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Essay.

This website includes study notes, research papers, essays, articles and other allied information submitted by visitors like YOU. Before publishing your Essay on essay and its, this site, please read the following pages:

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An Essay On Being Late To School Essays and Research Papers. The main reason for this essay is because I did not follow out sagan essays, proper orders and was not at last the correct place of duty for sagan essays, PT/Accountability . formation at the correct time. Although there was a miscommunication, granted on my half, there is long paper still no excuse for me to miss a formation. I want to be an excellent soldier and I want to carl essays excel in the military. The first step I need to put into action is always making sure I am at the appropriate place of duty at the correct time or preferably with time to. Carl Essays. Army , Military , Military life 1805 Words | 5 Pages. ?In today’s army, being on time can be a paramount activity. Consequences for not showing up on essay on globalization and its time can be disastrous. In a normal job, you . Sagan Essays. get up, go to work, and come home, and that is the limit of the paper paper, level of involvement.

The army is not one of those jobs. In the army we are constantly training our mind and carl sagan bodies for a combat environment. In such an thesis, environment, the carl, level of involvement must be much higher. It is understood that any mistake, however seemingly small can have extreme consequences. Armed forces , Army , Military 1523 Words | 4 Pages.

Importance of not being late . In the following paper I will be discussing what series of actions brought me to write this paper, . the carl sagan, army regulations surrounding said actions, the possible effects these actions might have on the accomplishment of the mission, the possible affects on your career, and how to discourage and possibly stop such things from , ever happening soon or ever again. Carl Essays. The reason I am being subject to this time consuming, uninspired, and rather lackluster writing assignment is. Clock , Debut albums , English-language films 1518 Words | 4 Pages. Injustice in Schools - Discursive Essay. (You will need to best thesis change the ending and sagan essays make a conclusion. I got an long, A/A- for this essay because it was not finished.) Is this a phrase that . you often hear?

I am sure it is, but why are these three words such a significant part of our daily speech? Is it because we are living in a barbaric, unjust society? Or is carl sagan it because we are living with our own ideas of best online printing what and how things should be done and when someone else comes with their philosophy on life behavior we accuse them of bringing a serious injustice. College , Education , Grammar school 1198 Words | 4 Pages. Essays. ?Importance of not being late In this amazingly well thought of essay i will discuss with you today of the last assignment, . series of actions that brought me to write this paper, the possible effects these actions might have on the accomplishment of the mission, and how to essays discourage and possibly stop such things from ever happening to me. The reason I am being subject to last minute assignment this time consuming, uninspired, and rather boring writing assignment is because I failed to be at carl sagan the correct place of duty at the time appointed.

British Empire , Debut albums , Great Famine 1259 Words | 2 Pages. Essay on School Benefits of Facebook. Facebook should be utilized in schools by teachers and students. If Facebook was integrated into schools , it would provide an . effective means for teachers and and its their students to communicate outside of the classroom. Facebook is a social network which currently helps more than 400 million people communicate every day.

Unfortunately, there are people who are opposed to carl utilizing Facebook in this manner. . Many opposed hold positions in which they are responsible for deciding the use of carl sagan essays Facebook outside. Education , Facebook , High school 967 Words | 3 Pages. . Poor organization is the most common reason for lateness. People wait until the last minute, and then do not allow themselves enough time to travel. Carl Sagan. In order . to essay on globalization impact be on sagan essays time for school and work, you should figure out how much time it takes you to travel from quotes paper, your house to carl essays your school or job - add ten to fifteen minutes to that number - this gives you a little bit of leeway in case traffic is bad or there is an last minute, obstruction like a wreck or a railroad train. Have your things organized so that you do not. Alarm clock , Alarms , Childcare 3466 Words | 9 Pages. 7 PERIOD IF I WERE PRESIDENT ESSAY ! If I were president, two of sagan essays my main focuses would be reducing job cuts and going make more . jobs.

My first plan of action would be to on globalization and its reduce gas prices by not importing oil; I would drill it here in the U.S. That would slowly build us more money, meaning less job cuts. Also, we could reduce the mass production of sweets and would save money by not using factories as much, also reducing pollution in the air, which is one way to go green. Recently the. Education , Famine , Food 1082 Words | 3 Pages. In the novel Being There, by Jerzy Kosinski the character of Chance Gardner makes the distinction between human behavior and comes from a past . that one he encounters would ever know. Chance Gardner is arguably a brilliant character and is arguably considered to be a complex person. I personally think that Chance is not complex what so ever.

He doesn’t think into things too much and is actually very blunt. Usually people become smart or brilliant by studying, researching, and being extremely disciplined. 2007 singles , Being There , Intelligence 1202 Words | 3 Pages. ? Schools Need to Start Later Dylan Bingham The start time of school has always been a very controversial topic, mainly . regarding whether students deserve more time to sleep and therefore a need for school to start later. Essays. Many people argue against this saying that teens are capable of a good night's sleep if they go to bed on time, or that after school activities will drag on sagan too late . Such responses lack supporting evidence and will be easily disproven throughout my writing. Others like myself.

Adolescence , High school , Insomnia 1080 Words | 3 Pages. what da hell let me sign up man I just want essays . Rainy day This year the summer season was unduly long and extremely hot. It was July, the compare contrast, . schools had reopened. Essays. The scorching sun and the extreme heat had made life unbearable. Going to the school , studying in the class or playing on the ground all seemed to be a punishment. One morning, clouds .Rain is a great blessing after the summer heat. In India the online thesis, scorching heat of the summer months of May and June causes great suffering to animal and plant-life. College , High school , Rain 1430 Words | 4 Pages. established in carl sagan, 1896 by the Court's Plessy v. Ferguson decision—was itself being dismantled. Challenged repeatedly by the National Association . for the Advancement of gates millenium essay Colored People (NAACP), the doctrine of carl sagan essays “separate but equal” was beginning to crack. Beginning in last assignment, 1938, the Supreme Court had, in a number of cases, struck down laws where segregated facilities proved to carl be “demonstrably unequal.” The Court ordered the online thesis, law schools at the University of Missouri and the University of Texas to be integrated. Brown v. Carl. Board of Education , Earl Warren , Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution 961 Words | 3 Pages. concern in high schools all around the United States of America.

Many teachers withstand the tardiness of the students and retain their words . while other teachers respond with action and enforce suitable punishments. Teachers who take action are highly esteemed by students who have learned to get to essay on globalization and its their classes on sagan time. Site Research. By way of teaching with an iron hand, teachers have gained regard from their students and sagan have set the last minute, tone for the year. In Charles Herbert Flowers High School , a certain teacher. Education , Essay , Essays 831 Words | 3 Pages. “? Football After School ? ” What Parental feelings does McCarthy explore in the poem and how does she use language to present them to you? . Football after school is a poem about a mothers, or the poets’, struggles in the harsh realisation of her son maturing, and on globalization having to experience school . Patricia is feeling powerless and worried about her sons inevitable future of him going to school which he has to carl sagan endure. We observe the best, poet sharing her thoughts, and images, in each verse her view changes. Alliteration , American football , Anxiety 1515 Words | 3 Pages.

Leadership in a Changing World There are a lot of carl factors that affect schools . A few of those factors are: environmental and . contextual issues. It is these two factors that influence or shape the school’s climate and community. It takes the collaboration of our administrators, school improvement team, teachers, parents, students and the community to bring the change and help needed to advance the vision of the school . A school is assignment capable of fully functioning at a high level with all of the stakeholders. Abuse , Bullying , College 1389 Words | 4 Pages. Never Too Late Imagine getting out of high school and being faced with the grim responsibility of having to get a . job. If you?re one of the fortunate, you have the option to sagan essays continue your education and postpone the reality of growing up. Now let?s assume you?ve found that so-called dream job, paying your dues with hard work and late nights, not to mention weekends and holidays. After twenty to thirty years you?re up for retirement and it sounds It's Never Too Late . It’s Never Too Late Imagine getting.

Anne Rice , Individual Retirement Account , Interview with the compare contrast papers, Vampire 1256 Words | 4 Pages. Back To School Melissa French English 121 Ms.Laloni February 28, 2011 Back to School Many careers currently require . that an carl essays, applicant have some type of higher education in order to have a chance at competing for a job in minute, today's market. Therefore, returning back to school to carl sagan essays complete my degree was a very rational decision for me to make. Essays. We are sometimes told that experience is the key to getting the perfect job, but in my years in the workforce I have learned that is not always the case. Academic degree , Bachelor's degree , Early childhood education 931 Words | 3 Pages. School Environment Analysis Essay. School Environment Analysis Essay Errick Lowe Grand Canyon University May 9, 2013 In the site research, world of . education, there are many different challenges and needs that a school will face or have at any given time. As leaders we have to be willing and ready to take on all challenges that a school may pose and come up with good solutions that will promote the carl sagan essays, success of the quotes paper, students and sagan essays the school as a whole. I have chosen to research the school that I work at and the environmental/contextual.

Education , Educational psychology , High school 1384 Words | 4 Pages. Tolerance Being Taught in Schools. Gates Scholarship Essay Questions. Donna Cook AED 200 May 18, 2012 Tolerance being Taught in Schools Taj Jensen Diversity is the carl sagan, cornerstone of American . society. The United States is one of the gates millenium scholarship, most diverse societies in the world, which is carl sagan essays strongly reflected in the classroom. Last Assignment. Today’s students differ in carl sagan, age, race, sexual orientation, religion, and culture and in the classroom, students are constantly surrounded by all these different characteristics which helps make it a wonderful environment to be taught tolerance. It is long quotes important. Education , Elementary school , History of education 1849 Words | 5 Pages. Carl Essays. Christopher Columbus found a new world and jumpstarted an age of exploration like no other. After he found the Americas there was massive colonization, giant . trade increases and more resources such as gold and silver were being surfaced. Europeans learned new agricultural techniques from the indigenous people, the Europeans also acquired a large number of site paper new crops to farm such as potatoes, tomatoes, corn and cocoa. With all of the sagan essays, pros that the age of exploration brought to Europeans it is site paper hard.

Americas , Christopher Columbus , Colonialism 1049 Words | 3 Pages. technology in carl sagan essays, relevant and real-world ways in , the classroom. All of the materials are provided for free to teachers and teacher leaders to use within . their professional development practices within the schools and carl districts. Any of the content can be customized for use within your schools and districts. There is content to support four workshops designed for K-12 teachers in the four folders provided. Each workshop is designed to run about 3 hours. Each folder contains all of the digital. Education , Microsoft , Microsoft Office 863 Words | 3 Pages. Essay On My School Picnic For Class 1. Essay on my school picnic for last minute, class 1 Contributed By: Rose Johnson, class 7, Carmel School Kuwait. Rose. My father . always likes to speak about his childhood, especially when he scolds me.

Posted: September 2, 2014 in carl sagan, childrens writing ideas, Essays for Class 1- Class4, Kids essays , Less than 15 sentence essays , Once our school picnic was to last minute assignment a zoo. Completed application form, High School a picnic at seaside essay 9 class Transcript, Essay : Share a. Sep 25, 2011 - I am writing a profile essay on a. Educational years , Essay , Fifth grade 1239 Words | 4 Pages. lips ever having touched. When critics first saw the sculpture in 1887, they suggested the sagan, less specific title Le Baiser (The Kiss).” In my view of this . sculpture I see love of a woman and a man, who have great passion for each other, I see this as being art because it is defined in and its impact, the definition of art to carl sagan be, “The quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of long in research paper more than ordinary significance” It is Rodin’s way of telling a story. Carl Sagan. Aesthetics , Art , Conceptual art 936 Words | 3 Pages. around a simple e-book or laptop that contains an exact copy of all my textbooks. I imagine the ease of being able to last pull out my fully typed . lap report or essay and being able to send it to the teacher via e-mail. Thankfully, schools have been transitioning into a more technological era and are taking the steps necessary to implement technology into the classroom.

There are many aspects a school has to consider when making this technological leap, but the most important factors by far are the carl essays, engagement. Casablanca , Education , Engagement 1128 Words | 4 Pages. what was at the time the Punjab province of British India. Excavation of Harappan sites has been ongoing since 1920, with important breakthroughs occurring . as recently as 1999. There were earlier and later cultures, often called Early Harappan and Late Harappan, in the same area of the Harappan Civilization. The Harappan civilization is sometimes called the Mature Harappan culture to distinguish it from these cultures. The Harappan language is not directly attested and its affiliation is uncertain. Bronze Age , Harappa , India 1006 Words | 3 Pages. Med School Essay One As a potential medical student, I will strive to be a tremendous asset to The Chicago Medical . School by devoting all my time and life to becoming an excellent physician. Carl. I believe that I am obligated to use my talents in a constructive manner, in a manner that benefits society. The medical career gives me the unique opportunity to express my many talents while benefiting human life. B. Write Thesis. Berston M.D. once said: . a funny thing happens to essays medical students on their way to.

Doctor of Medicine , Health care , Human 994 Words | 3 Pages. Development Professor: Hodges, Dave Late Adulthood As we all get older we wonder what is going to happen to us. What does our body go . And Its. through and why? Do you ever wonder why things happen when you get older instead of happening in your middle age time of carl life to prepare you for minute, what is coming and help you deal with things a little easier? What happens to your mind and why does it happen? Well, those are just some of the things that go through the people in the late adulthood. Some of the carl essays, questions.

2007 singles , Ageing , English-language films 1026 Words | 3 Pages. Being Late Being late is unacceptable in any working environment. Every person is . Thesis Contrast Papers. late at carl least a few times in his/her lifetime. Some people can be late occassionally due to circumtances beyond their control. Bill was late for his job presentation. Bill’s excused was because of the traffic, and there is an essay questions, ongoing road construction that is causing the traffic.

The people that Bill supposed to meet in the meeting were disappointed, embarrassed, and not willing to essays extend their waiting time period. Discipline , Meeting , Periodization 396 Words | 2 Pages. Rhetoric and Composition 1020 18 September 2012 Ask any student in long quotes paper, public high school what they like and dislike about school . . Odds are, they will say that what they enjoy most about school is the carl, social interactions it allows them to take part in, and what they dislike about school is the classes. John Taylor Gatto, in “Against School : How Public Education Cripples our Kids, and Why,” discusses the reasons for such boredom in an in depth manner. Most of the carl essays, time, nowadays, it is not the amount. Education , High school , School 1116 Words | 3 Pages. ESSAY ON SCHOOL UNIFORM Imagine being able to wake up every morning, roll out of bed, put on the same thing you . wore the day before, and last minute head off to school . Not only would you be able to do such a thing, but all of your friends were doing it, too! Sound too good to be true? Well, it's becoming more common in our society as school uniforms have gone beyond private schools to public schools . Carl Sagan. Uniforms have a positive effect on printing students' self-esteem, attendance, discipline, and test scores. They have.

Clothing , Dress code , Education 1157 Words | 4 Pages. Sagan Essays. Opinion essay Opinion essay is last assignment a formal piece of essay writing which presents the sagan, author’s point of view on a . particular subject supported by reasons and examples. The opposing viewpoint is also suggested, it goes with arguments that show that it is unconvincing. A Successful Opinion Essay Consists of: An introduction where the topic and the author’s opinion are stated clearly. Last Minute Assignment. A main body where viewpoints supported by sagan, reasons are presented in several paragraphs. This section has also the. Education , Essay , Mobile phone 792 Words | 3 Pages. PSY-102 General Psychology Michelle Worley Behavior Essay George Washington once wrote to his middle school age nephew, . “Every hour misspent is lost forever, and future years can not compensate for lost days at this time period in your life”, (U.S.

Department of Education, Remarks from research paper paper, Secretary Paige, 2004). I wish that I had someone one telling me that, when I was coming up, maybe I would not get into some much trouble for coming to school late and interrupting class. Walking the halls every morning. Child , Classroom , Education 873 Words | 3 Pages. that were affordable for everyone.” (Bowles, M., 2011, 2.4) Railway was another popular travel option that allowed people to travel great distances for both . business and pleasure. This gave Americans more job opportunities because instead of only sagan essays, being able to work locally, they could just hop on essay on globalization impact a train and work in other towns as well. Although trains and automobiles improved travel significantly, the invention of the airplane was probably the biggest advancement made in transportation.

The Wright. Better , History of technology , Innovation 1865 Words | 5 Pages. Proposal: Reason Why Students Go to School Late and Their Effects on Their Studies. PROPOSAL Title: Reasons Why Students Go to School Late and Their Effects on carl sagan essays their Studies Proponent: Stephanie Roselle M. . Online Thesis Printing. Silva I. INTRODUCTION Students must go to school in time. This is sagan because they must attend the flag ceremony and prepare for their upcoming classes. . But, other students cannot cope up of the time they are told to go to school , so they come to sagan essays school late . There are factors why the students go to essay on globalization impact school late and going to school late may have a corresponding effect to sagan essays the.

Affect , Education , Effect 557 Words | 4 Pages. Kabul Beauty School Essay : Topic # 2 With a strict and unforgiving hand the essay impact, Taliban ruled over Afghanistan from the 90's . until 2001. The Taliban hold an extremist interpretation of teachings from the Koran, the Islamic holy book. According to them, the Taliban, the Koran states that God has deemed the man of the house as the primary authority figure; they have rule over every one in the household be it wife or child. Sagan Essays. Their interpretation states, also, that women are not to reveal any part. Afghanistan , Central Asia , Hazara people 1198 Words | 3 Pages.

School uniforms should be required in public schools because their use would lead to higher education, less violence, and essay lower . cost to parents. School uniforms in public schools are becoming increasingly popular across the nation. The public school system would benefit greatly if this policy were to be adopted. Opposition is always a factor when trying to make changes. Sagan Essays. Taking all things into consideration, the positive effects would be far greater than the negative effects. Long Quotes In Research. Most teenagers, when. Clothing , College , Dress code 1988 Words | 5 Pages. Uniforms in the School Environment: Can Clothing Really Effect Your Education? Going to carl sagan public schools all my life, I heard the . gossip of fashion and whose wearing what,pretty much everyday; at least in , the four years of high school where it seemed that looks mattered the most. As people grow up, the way they present themselves becomes more and carl more important. Thesis Compare Contrast Papers. Leaving a good mark in high school means a lot to some people, and some are ready to carl essays do whatever it takes to make that mark, whether.

Clothing , College , Dress code 1637 Words | 4 Pages. Site Research. Since I first entered university, I have evolved from being convinced that an MBA was a necessary part of my future, to believing that MBAs . made careers of victimizing other people, to realizing that an essays, MBA truly will help me achieve my passion, which is helping people in my native China. Gates Millenium Essay. I am now passionate [Comment 1] about attending Wharton to challenge myself with powerful business lessons that will help me grow as a leaders [Comment 2] . My alma mater offered an orientation program that offered. Business , Business school , Business schools 1245 Words | 4 Pages. 2014 School Choice And Its Downfall On Education School choice is a rising issue in Louisiana, and across the nation. . Everyday, thousands of children attend a failing school , many of which have become dangerous and carl sagan corrupt. Lawmakers and educational organizations site school choice for low income families as a solution for not only fixing failing schools , but getting children into the jobs of the sagan, future through higher education. This solution is too simple and political to online thesis printing work.

School choice. College , Education , High school 635 Words | 3 Pages. Carl Essays. 26 May 2013 Inside of the online thesis printing, Residential School System Every person has a different way of living his or her life. Just because it may be . Sagan. different than another, it does not mean that it is wrong. For whatever reason, some people are under the impression that others who do not share the same religious or cultural views as themselves are mistaken and need help to figure out the right way to live. This is what happened to the Aboriginal People of North America; the European settlers thought the , Natives. Aboriginal peoples in Canada , Abuse , Canadian Indian residential school system 2138 Words | 6 Pages. Carl Essays. September 30th, 2013 Preparing for Success Education is the basis of in research creating a life full of wealth and contentment. Obtaining a high school . education can help one succeed in his or her future and give one the opportunities to pursue his or her aspirations. Unfortunately many students lack the education, resources and knowledge to enter adulthood after graduating high school . They are not sufficiently prepared to enter into the work force, succeed at a university, or have any understanding on sagan essays how to be.

College , Education , Graduation 1412 Words | 6 Pages. Connor Mullin Mr. Krahn Literature 12 12 April 2012 School for gates essay questions, scandal is a clear example of a typical 18th century drama. Agree/Disagree . with this statement. “ School for Scandal” is an excellent example of a typical 18th century drama. The 18th century begins at carl essays the very end of the thesis, Restoration in England. Sagan Essays. After public stage performances had been banned for 18 years by the Puritan regime, the re-opening of the long quotes in research, theatres in 1660 signalled a renaissance of English drama. Restoration comedy.

18th century , Charles II of carl England , Comedy 710 Words | 3 Pages. ? Can you imagine the amount of knowledge that is driven away by students throughout summer break? Lately, the Union City Board of Education has been . considering that it may be necessary to switch from the traditional school year to having year round school in order to properly educate the carl essays, students in this area. In my personal opinion, I most likely agree with the Union City Board of Education do to the following reasons. First of all, more time would be spent on research paper teaching new material in opposed.

Education , High school , Primary school 923 Words | 3 Pages. Sagan Essays. The Importance of Being Earnest essay. ?Eng lit essay 2 Topic question: How does Oscar Wilde bring out Victorian values through his portrayal of the following characters? 1. . Algernon and Jack- Aristocratic men 2. Lady Bracknell and Gwendolen- Aristocratic women Oscar Wilde brings out Victorian values through the following ways in portraying the mentioned characters. In Research Paper. 1. First of all, the major target of Wilde's scathing social criticism is the hypocrisy that society creates. Jack uses his ‘brother’s’ identity, Ernest to keep. Aristocracy , Irony , John Ruskin 756 Words | 3 Pages. many schools around the world enforce uniforms, requiring students to carl sagan wear specific clothing. School uniforms, which was first . Best Thesis Printing. established in 16th century England, are a topic of much debate in essays, the public school system of the United States.

Many people feel that uniforms reduce competition among students and bring a sense of unity in last minute assignment, school . People who are against school uniforms think that they prevent students from expressing themselves and carl inhibits creativity. Many students dislike school uniforms. Clothing , College , Dress code 1067 Words | 3 Pages. The Rights of a Human Being: Photo Essay. The Rights of a Human Being : Photo Essay Vishesh Thanki Ms. Ritichie CGW 4UO-A November 23, 2010 . Scholarship. The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights states clearly that “All human beings are born free and equal in carl, dignity and rights” (Universal Declaration of Human Rights). However this is not always regulated around the world.

There is in research paper a small disparity in carl essays, terms of people. Africa , Amnesty International , Human 1043 Words | 4 Pages. college. To go to college, you have to go to high school and elementary school . If you drop out or don’t go to . Impact. school at all, you’ll go nowhere. Life today, money is everything, and I think that the foundation of getting a good job is the education you get in the first 20-25 years of your life. School does not only essays, teach subjects like English, Math, History, or Science, but it also lets us meet new people and build good character. Stay in school , because it will help you meet new people, build. College , Educational stages , Employment 942 Words | 3 Pages. stories, news articles, and especially essays begin with good hooks because a writer is often judged within the first few sentences. Just as . the news tries to stimulate our fears by announcing a “danger in online printing, our water supply,” a writer must try to bring the reader from his or her world into the world of the essay . This is done with a few choice words at the beginning of the essay : the carl sagan essays, infamous hook. Minute. It is carl essays not easy to think of how to make someone want to read an essay about a novel.

It’s not even easy to. Essay , Good and evil , Human 609 Words | 3 Pages. Rogerian Essay: Same Sex Schools vs. Co-Ed School. March 5th, 2o13 Rogerian Essay Same Sex Schools vs. Co-ed Schools People everywhere have different beliefs. In . this case, trying to decide whether schools should be the same gender or mixed gender is the problem. Sagan Essays. This predicament is affecting how our children of the future will learn and succeed in life. There are pros and cons for both co-ed and same sex schooling.

Some say co-ed schools should remain the way they are; others strongly disagree and research paper believe that schools should consist of one sex. College , Education , Gender 879 Words | 3 Pages. ?Introduction: Things that need to be changed or addressed in carl sagan essays, the school . A. Changes with the school cafeteria menu, damaged . Millenium Scholarship Essay. lockers, dirty classrooms, exercise, etc. B. School is a way of students learning and carl sagan how the school is long quotes functioning plays a huge role in student’s success. Nonetheless, not everyone thinks school is perfect and some things could be changed. These changes will improve our school and essays make a better learning, environment for site, the students and improve students overall academic. Cafeteria , Education , High school 1036 Words | 2 Pages. The Importance of essays Being On-Time The principal reason for this essay is since I did not follow out proper orders and . was not at write thesis contrast the right place of duty for PT/Accountability formation at the appropriate time. Though there was a miscommunication, granted on my half, there's nonetheless no excuse for me to miss a formation. I desire to sagan be a great soldier and I desire to excel inside military.

The first step I need to put into action is often making sure I am at the appropriate place of duty. Carl Sagan Essays. Army , Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff , Continental Army 1691 Words | 5 Pages. ?French Essay Dans mon ecole de reve, nous aurions un studio pour mixer de la musique parce que je trouve cela tres agreable. A l'heure . actuelle j'ai beaucoup de tests pour les quels je dois etudier. L'annee prochaine, je vais faire mes GCSE et je vais continuer a etudier l'anglais, les mathematiques, la biologie, la physique, la chimie et la religion parce qu'ils sont obligatoires. Je dois aussi etudier l'EPS, PSHEE et education civique. Scholarship Questions. Les autres matieres suivantes: l'histoire, le francais.

France , Trigraph 1141 Words | 3 Pages. ?Please describe any special circumstances of hardship, financial or otherwise, you feel should be taken into consideration related to your scholarship . Carl Essays. application. (Up to 200 words) (Optional Question: Applications with completed essays are given priority). I was raised in a family that stresses the importance of hard work. If I want something I have to research paper work hard enough to receive it. So, when I turned 16, I got my first job. I have kept that job for almost 3 years, growing, and learning along. Education , Homelessness , Individualized Education Program 853 Words | 2 Pages.

Year-round Schools The possibility of year round schools has been a hot debate topic for carl, quite some time. The question is, . Assignment. is the idea of year round schools acceptable considering all the potential drawbacks? Year round schooling can be disruptive to both the family of the students and the teachers themselves, it can be too costly for a large group of people, and year round schools do not provide the same opportunity for learning as the traditional school year does. For several reasons, the. Education , High school , School 1246 Words | 4 Pages. Sagan. Similarly, “My First Conk” is an essay by Malcolm X where he wrote about the steps and awful experience while he was conking his hair. At that . time, black people were inferior to white that’s why he conks his hair just to fit in that society. In his essay , he is emphasizing that people should accept who they are; changing just makes you feel guilt and it doesn’t show whom you are. Nobody should feel that they are inferior with others. Racism was huge deal on late 1600’s and 1700’s. Blacks were treated.

Bhutan , Black people , Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck 1356 Words | 5 Pages. net worth four point two billion, Oprah Winfrey - two point seven billion, Mark Zuckerberg, Henry Ford, Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates Now here comes the . Coup de grace, Looking at these individuals, what's your conclusion? Neither of them in being successful, Ever graduated from sagan, a higher learning institution. Now some of you may be like, Money is compare contrast papers only the medium by which we measure worldly success, And some of carl sagan you even have the nerve to say I don't do it for best online thesis printing, the money. So what you. Alternative education , David Beckham , Education 908 Words | 4 Pages. ?Devaughn Harris Ms.Brooks English 3 June 23,2015 Double A Shakespeare Comparison Essay of Can you see the carl, Pride in questions, the Panther and Uncle Jed’s . Barbershop Tupac’s poetry pieces are littered with archetype racial dissociation. However this by no mean discourages the sagan, inspiration star who sparked millions to share in the distinction. Shakur's Can you see the pride in the panther and assignment Uncle Jed’s Barbershop by sagan, Margaree King Mitchell will be compared to long paper express the heart wrenching situation and plot of. African American , Afro-Latin American , Barber 803 Words | 3 Pages. Looking for Alibrandi and Being Sixteen Essay.

Looking for Alibrandi Being Sixteen Essay The theme of change is explored throughout the carl, novel Looking for Alibrandi by . Melina Marchetta, Penguin Books 1992, where she confronts the readers about the variety of changes happening in Josephine Alibrandi’s life. Similarly Being Sixteen by Michael Khan also explores the changing of the persona as she grows up and minute changes her perspective. Change may be caused by many influences, such as family, culture, society and the environment; these influences. 2001 albums , Change , Fiction 1012 Words | 3 Pages. September 20, 2012 Synthesis Analysis Essay In order to be a successful student there are many requirements that a person needs to complete . Essays. before calling themselves a student. In the reading, “The achievement of desire” Richard Rodriguez was a student who faced many challenges that made him work hard and earn what he wanted to obtain out of his education. Another important character in the reading “Learning to read” who also wanted to challenge the gates scholarship essay questions, status quo and prove his community that nothing. Sagan Essays. Black people , Black supremacy , College 1365 Words | 4 Pages.

Factors Affecting Why Are the Students Late in Going to the School in Colegio de Las Hijas de Jesus. the Students Late In going to the school in Colegio de las Hijas de Jesus An Action Research Presented to the Science . Department of online Colegio de las Hijas de Jesus Iloilo City In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements in Research II Chapter 1 Introduction Background of the Study June is the start of classes in the Colegio de las Hijas de Jesus Iloilo. Many students are getting ready for sagan, school . Everyday they do their home works and other paper works for printing, school . Sagan Essays. Student’s. College , Education , High school 1858 Words | 7 Pages.

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essay goal in life always try the best of your ability to conquer and complete each task. “Nothing is given and everything is fought for in this world” these are some of the words that I will always have on my mind while I face a new life as an independent human with ambitious thoughts of a better life. Whenever I see or hear the word college I get a feeling of excitement and a feeling of frustration. After I graduate high school I would like to see myself attending a prestigious university where people do not care. Goal to Abolish Slavery in the Autobiography The Narrative of the carl sagan, Life of Frederick Douglass. question anything that his master did. He was unable to have rage, sadness, or even sickness, or else he would have been beaten. Small acts of disobedience ended in the murder of many slaves he had known personally. Losing friends can make a slaves life so much harder than they already are.

For a lot of long quotes, them, friends are all they have because they have been tragically separated from their families Those inhuman acts that occurred to him and around him without even a tiny bit of care for a black slave. Some of essays, my major accomplishments were becoming an online business owner of write compare contrast, three sites and a versatile online marketer. The success of these accomplishments developed from my will to change. I was able to have a large amount of continual passive income every month “to put on the table” and the potential of the Internet to do just that. After over a year of trials and errors trying to establish an online presence, I finally got the break I have been looking for.

In 2007 - 2008 I officially became. Essay on Goals: Management and Goal. 2. Carl! What qualities and values are you best known for today among the people who know you? 3. Write Thesis Compare Contrast! What do you consider to be the most important values guiding your relationships with others in your life? 4. What are your values regarding money and financial success? Are you practicing these values today? 5. Describe your picture of an ideal person, the person you would most want to be if you had no limitations. Carl Essays! 6. Write your own obituary to be read to gates millenium essay your friends and carl sagan family at millenium essay, your funeral, exactly. personal life.

As Dr. Jonah, Alex’s distant advisor suggested to brainstorm with his team members and arrive at logical solution of various QA as a process of Socratic Method which is a form of inquiry and debate between individuals with opposing point of views based on QA to sagan essays stimulate critical thinking and to illuminate ideas. He simultaneously applied these scientific methods in business while realizing its contribution to best printing facilitate the essays, ongoing process improvement and in his personal life trying. is communication and the method of communication depends on the audience (Kalargyrou, Pescosolido, Kalargiros, 2012, p. 39). Leadership skills and using effective communication skills are a few skills that I will need to write thesis compare contrast papers develop to sagan essays reach my goals. I plan to develop these skills by being a team leader in our group projects and thesis compare papers effectively using good communication and asking for feedback in how I am doing as a leader. Teaching is carl sagan, another skill I need to thesis develop. Developing teaching skills for.

Our company products saves life and it makes me proud to work for a company that saves people lives. This is the reason I would like to get promoted to a Sourcing Manager III this position requires a four year degree and sagan essays would allow me to grow in my professional career. With my personal strengths of dedication and the support of paper, my family, manager and friends this goal of mine is attainable. With a four year degree and my work experience I will have new opportunities with my current employer and. short term goal for your patient, from the day of admission, having met this goal , you know that it is time to look into the long term goal that has being set and sagan essays from there you know it is time to plan for discharge. The same way it works with me setting my personal goal, after the well accomplishment of going through my present program, and then I will know it is time to move to the next step. ! In line with earlier discussed progress towards moving to the next step of my personal goal. My long term. company's situation, which at the time seemed in sagan, good condition. The conversation ultimately leads to the question, What is the goal of any business?

After rethinking his conversation, Alex realizes that the goal of any business is to make money. Furthermore, if the goal is to make money any action toward this goal is considered productive and any action not moving towards the goal is , nonproductive. Alex unsure of such a simple answer decides to contact Jonah to continue the search for more answers. This. Goals are an important part of carl sagan essays, our lives and we must always remember that if we set them, we should stick to them. The second step to having a feeling of online thesis, success is to dare to dream. Our minds are filled with many thoughts each day. In fact, it is from these thoughts that we formulate tasks for ourselves to accomplish. Carl Sagan! Someone may think, “One day I want to be the President of the last minute assignment, United States.” But it is what they do with that dream that counts. Allowing oneself to dream always is not easy.

One. skill to interpret and make decisions in everyday life. Another characteristic of an educated person that I want to promote is to be someone who is skilled in communication and social interaction; a well-educated person is articulate and confident in everything he/she does. In addition, I want to learn to be able to organize ideas powerfully and carl sagan essays clearly and deliver them effectively to the world. A well-educated person is printing, able not only to carl sagan keep the main goal in focus, but is also able to continue to think. Completing certification is important to me, and something I feel is worth pursuing, or establishing a goal-setting routine wouldn't be worth doing. Defining My Reasons 1. Earn More Money. With a bachelor's degree I can earn twice as much I can with an associate degree. The more education I have, the higher my income will be. Having enough money to take care of my basic needs and the needs of my family is research paper, vitally important. Many of the sagan essays, best-paying jobs require a college degree.

In general. stated by Locke and Latha, there are four mediators or mechanisms of , goals that can affect performance. The first one is carl sagan, that there is “focus of attention on scholarship, the desired end state to the exclusion of other goals” (Smith and Hitt. 2005). This means that goals can limit and sagan essays direct employee’s attention, effort and action to write compare only goal-relevant activities and carl sagan not interrupted by unwanted and irrelevant ones. In Research Paper! For instance, if one’s goal is to get a high distinction grade in Mathematics, one will focus and. or work harder, if you’re pursuing a goal. The goal-performance relationship is subject to various moderators. Goal commitment is the most influential moderator. Sagan Essays! Goal commitment is especially important with difficult or complex goals. If people are not committed to their goals, they will not be motivated to reach them.

In order for someone to be committed to long a goal, they must believe it is important or significant. Individuals must also believe that the sagan essays, goal is gates, attainable, or partially reachable. going back to school, and carl I have set some short-term and long-term goals that will help me be successful in achieving my goals. Professional Short-Term Goal My short-term professional goal is to complete successfully the course of study that I am taking to the best of my ability and graduate from University of Phoenix with my bachelor’s of science degree in nursing. Professional Long-Term Goal My long-term professional goal is to best complete my master’s in nursing and one-day become a teacher. there. When you set goals, FIRST, do what Stephen R. Sagan! Covey suggests. “Begin with the end in mind.” So, picture yourself having accomplished your goal when you want it accomplished. There are short term and long term goals. SECOND, be sure your goal is scholarship essay questions, measurable- to see your progression and to know when you’ve completed your goal. For example, getting a specific degree by a certain age or reading a book by a certain date.

If you set a time limit on your goals, they are more likely to be. Personal and Professional Goals. Essays. UTILIZING RESOURCES I have to progress towards my goals during the journey if I can get assistance from my friends family members I will gladly accept their help. STAY FOCUSED I have to stay focused to my goal there will be lots of problems but I am ready for essays, the challenge.

For achievement of goals one needs to be commitedt towards their goal , progress towards achieving it, self motivation ,stay focused, attain or achieve the goal finally satisfaction out of it. I want to walk with pride prove. with what she had, than this wouldn’t have happened. One can relate this to research paper paper their life in the since that if you become obsess with how you look than there’s a price to pay. Beauty doesn’t come cheap.

Through the symbolism of a necklace the author was able convey many themes to carl sagan his readers. He was able to reach his readers on many levels that they could relate to and learn. By him doing this, I can agree that his goal was accomplish. I think that this is research, realistic fiction. Maupassant through the use. each program that Hope Cancer Resources offer, goals and objectives are stated. Goals and objectives need to sagan be clear and are important in gates scholarship questions, an organization because they represent the purpose of the organization. Some of the carl, goals and objectives are long term and some are short term, but the ultimate goal of each program and best thesis printing resource is to battle cancer and sagan the effects of it. On Globalization! Even though there are many different programs at Hoper Cancer Resources, the goals and objectives of each support the carl sagan, overall outcome. Mapping Out Important Goals Essay. reasonable goals.

I will have to break time into a pie and divide it into smaller time tables. I will have plan time accordingly for Family, work school, and last leisure. Carl! I know that it will be difficult a challenge, but at on globalization, the end I will reap its rewards. c. What kind of techniques will you use to manage the stress that you may encounter in achieving your goals? In this case, finishing school will be stressful, and will at some point in time drag everything else along and carl then your whole life will be. Defining the site paper, Goal Constraints ? Small Rooms X1 ? d ? d ? 5 ? ? 1 ? 1 Medium Rooms X 2 ? d ? d ? 10 ? ? 2 ? 2 Large Rooms X 3 ? d ? d ? 15 ? 3 ? 3 Defining the Goal Constraints ? Total Expansion 400X1 ? 750X 2 ? 1,050X 3 ? d ? d ? 25,000 ? Total Cost ? 4 ? 4 18000X1 ? 33000X 2 ? 45.150X 3 ? d ? d ? 1,000,000 where ? 5 ? 5 d ,d ? 0 ? i ? i GP Objective Functions ? There are numerous objective functions we could formulate. The Goal: a Process of Ongoing Improvement Essay. thought Alex the Theory of constraints, which basically says that anything that makes a process slower or not productive, should be eliminated. In order to run a business, the first thing you should know is, “what is the carl, goal of this business?”. Alex realized that his plant goal, as any other business, is to make money and be profitable. Best Printing! “Anything that brings us closer to it is productive and anything that doesn’t isn’t.” Based on his finding, Alex immediately convoke a meeting with his staff. models and methods that idealistically and unrealistically(in most cases) presume the optimization of a single objective subject to a set of rigid constraints.

Goal Programming was introduced in an attempt to sagan essays eliminate or, at the least, mitigate this disquieting disconnect. Conceived and developed by paper paper, Abraham Charnes and William Cooper, goal programming was originally dubbed “constrained regression”. Constrained regression, in turn, was and is a powerful nonparametric method for the development of. ] personal statisfaction. Goals Professional Goals My short term professional goal is to become a better, more effective and respected manager. During this class I have learned a very important thing about team building and conflict resolution. “Conflicts are simply the differences of opinion” (University of Phoenix, 2004). One of the most important parts of my job is to carl sagan essays manage conflicts in my office. During my team project I found a lot [use great. class.

I am tired of doing the bare minimum just to research paper get by. Sagan Essays! I’ve made up in my mind that I am going to go above and essay and its beyond to ensure that I meet my full potential. Setting goals is one of the carl sagan, biggest things that helped me out. I set long term goals and write compare papers use my short term goals to make sure that I’m on track to meet my long term goals. Sagan Essays! Once I complete my associate of science in business administration I will be an. day after taking power, Peron’s new government issued a proclamation of its main objectives, which emphasized the site paper, importance of industrial development, which could be considered a “prerequisite for attaining economic independence”. Sagan! Other economic goals were an increase in employment, and industrial growth, which would attempt to close the gap between the extremely wealthy and the extremely poor. In his Twenty Truths speech, Peron claims that the best online thesis, Peronist or Justicialist doctrine consists of an “economically. you were bored. Examine your goals, or lack of goals, at those times.

3. Happiness could be defined as the carl essays, emotion of progress toward desirable goals. We can use this definition to quotes paper understand unhappiness as well. When were you last unhappy? In each case, you probably 1) had no goal, 2) were trying to reach an undesirable goal, or 3) you were making no progress toward a goal.Using the definition of happiness makes happiness easy to achieve. Carl Sagan! Simply chose desirable goals and make progress toward them.

There Are Several Reasons Why You Might Set Goals. Discuss the Importance of Setting Realistic Goals and essay on globalization and its impact Describe Your Most Important Long-Term Goal for University. control of sagan, their schedule and time, therefore moving through short term goals with ease. In this case, my goal is to develop and acquire skills necessary for sagan essays, my chosen career change. I see the completion of each unit as a step closer to reaching my ultimate goal: the transition into a classroom educator. To sustain motivation, I will endeavour to use the tools I strongly believe will help me to successfully achieve this goal. Firstly, I intend to implement incentives when I have accomplished. Statement of Educational Goals Essay.

of their life is based on best printing, this idea of self-importance, because we start our lives as egocentric beings. There may be a student in the classroom that wants to be a farmer, just like their father and grandfather (or any other family tradition). This student may feel, either by personal assumption or being told by carl sagan, someone else, that book knowledge will not benefit them in their chosen life's work. It is best online printing, up to the teacher to convince them of an education's importance in essays, any realm of gates millenium scholarship questions, life and it needs. Reflecting on past conversations and discussing the quality of sagan, life can also assist the family with making an ethical decision. In Research! This is where nursing can help provide comfort, empathy and clarity to the family, by explaining quality of life to the family in conjunction with their mother’s past life’s expectations and willing to live in a vegetative state. Sagan! As described by Chitty. K.K Black.

B.P., (2011). Nurses have four fundamental responsibilities: to essay on globalization promote health, to prevent illness, to restore. conditions of the sagan, situation. One of the more advanced contingency theories is the path–goal theory of leadership that formally links leadership and motivation theory (effort!performance!reward). Path–goal theory adds participative and achievement-oriented leader behaviors to directive and supportive behaviors to address the effort–reward linkage, performance–reward linkage, establish stretch performance goals, and clarifies of followers’ need for rewards (House Mitchell, 1974). Finally, substitutes. there will many more opportunities available to me. Essay Impact! A Bachelor’s Degree will also allow me to make more money and also give room for carl sagan, a promotion within a company.

What kind of techniques will you use to manage your time so that you can achieve your goals? I will need to set aside enough time each day to work on and complete all assignments that are required for each class. I will also need to set aside time to read and study the materials at the beginning of each week of class. I will need to prepare. Organization Focus and gates millenium essay questions Goals Essay. goods and services to produce the sagan, consequential goals. ! The goods or services provided are characteristics of product goals within in an organization. The uses from any organization, which puts the power to generate or search of other goals in each area to contribute its function, will allow derived goals.

The functions of goals within the overarching would be classified as societal goals, which are pertaining to the society in general. Another goal would be output that would enhance the contact. and carry out carl, dexterous soccer-skills in order to achieve a common goal of scoring goals and preventing an opposition from scoring on oneself. Considering that the following agent is adapting to a current, changing environment, choosing the most efficient way in order to carry out a function, and performs based on intelligent deductions, the soccer robot is therefore classified as a learning agent. Gates! Furthermore, if the desired goal of creating autonomous robots to beat a human team, an intelligent. demonstrates “discipline, brotherhood, equality, and carl essays solidarity” as “one body united” (Esposito, 2002, 19). The straightforward manner sacred Islamic literature uses accentuates the significance of community in one of the most important aspects of a Muslim’s life. The actual praying procedures mandatory for Muslims reaffirms this notion; community first, then individuality: “After completing the obligatory prayers, Muslims can privately petition (dua) God regarding their individual needs” (Esposito, 2002, Hsm 240 Goals and Objectives Essay. be a bit of clarity inferred from the Community Counseling Services website.

Although their goals and objectives are not directly stated in minute, bold lettering, there is information as to essays what each program offered plans to do in way of helping with different types of social problems. Write Compare Contrast Papers! For example community counseling services outpatient services are mentioned to provide help to patients with different types of carl, life issues and long quotes paper what types of licenses workers are available to achieve this. For one of the other. Essay on Conflicting Goals and Processes. Next attempting to determine how their goals represent what they stand for as well as evaluate what outcomes they hope to achieve.

One would need to evaluate how well the organization has done at achieving their goals. Also evaluating factors such as how long it took to achieve such goals and what methods were used to achieve them. Having reviewed the goals of the department, I would prepare a survey for various groups of stakeholders, such as the city council and the chamber of commerce. Survey. go; he just knows this meeting isn’t for him, not today. He needs to carl understand what the goal is. After a pizza and last minute assignment a six pack of beer it hits him, money. The goal is to make money and anything that brings us closer to it is productive and carl sagan anything that doesn’t isn’t. Chapter Six Mr. Rogo sits down with one of his accountants and together they define what is best thesis printing, needed in terms of carl sagan essays, achieving the goal.

Net profit needs to increase along with simultaneously increasing return on investment and. Identifying Therapeutic Goals Essay. After identifying therapeutic goals, the write contrast papers, behavior therapist considers the techniques he wants to use. He knows he has several to choose from and with confidence can choose the most appropriate for his client’s situation. He knows his work stems from empirically measured techniques and from evidence-based practices. The behavior therapist can be creative as he tailors his interventions for the individual needs of his client, or he can use some existing techniques within his treatment plan such as.

Personal Goals and Objectives Essay. service. Problem solving and prevention which encompasses the skills and abilities required to sagan essays analyze issues within a specialty area as well as evaluating alternatives to achieve quality and millenium questions technical solutions that support the long and sagan short term goals of the users. Communication and long quotes paper Service which encompasses the skills and abilities required to effectively exchange information in carl sagan essays, order to interpret the and its impact, needs of organization’s customers, respond to their needs, achieve user satisfaction as well as. Essay about My Goals for carl essays, the Future. future goals of mine are owning my own resturant or grill and marrying the last assignment, man of my dreams and becoming the best wife, step mom, nurse and business owner I can possibly be, and with God Center of My life I know I can reach these goals. Carl Essays! I want to be as much like the proverbs 31 woman that I can. ( An excellent wife, who can find? For her worth is far above jewels. The heart of essay on globalization and its, her husband trusts in her, And he will have no lack of gain.

She does him good and not evil all the carl sagan, days of gates essay, her life. She. toothbrushes are stored in a caddy with individual slots so that there is sagan essays, no cross contamination. Essay On Globalization Impact! I also make sure that the children have the right amount of healthy food according to the CAFCP program. Functional Area 3: Learning Environments One of my goals in the functional area of Learning Environments is to see that the sagan essays, children are free to site research paper paper learn. I allow the children to learn while they play.

When they are engaged in the different centers there is carl essays, learning material provided. Gates Essay! I ask them to point out. Essay on Goals Objectives Report. to the needs of different consumers, the targeted ages for carl essays, these male consumers would vary in ages. For example, Biotherm Men’s “Anti-aging” product range would target male consumers who are 30 years or older (Biotherm Homme 2011). Since the goals of the organization is to expand Biotherm Men into the luxurious skin care market, Biotherm Men products would be sold in retailers such as Myer or David Jones; retailers which are known to sell branded goods. Hence, this consequently affects the consumers.

different time zone, infrastructure, finances and so forth. I know that just by assignment, making the statement, however, it would not lead to carl sagan essays its achievement. On Globalization And Its Impact! Completing certification is important to carl sagan essays me, and write compare contrast papers something I feel is worth pursuing, or establishing a goal-setting routine wouldn't be worth doing. Defining My Reasons 1. Earn More Money. With a bachelor's degree I can earn twice as much I can with an associate degree. The more education I have, the higher my income will be. Having enough money.

Personal Goals and Strenths Essay. Sure enough, I then had a friend for life in carl sagan, Joy, only now, of last minute assignment, course, we were both outcasts. Sagan Essays! I knew I had done the right thing, even though I was only six years old, but at essay on globalization, least they stopped teasing her, and we were generally ignored, unless the kids were in a mean mood, then they would tease both of us. This went on carl, for years, all through grade school, so I developed a tough outer shell, but inside, I was hurting pretty bad. Still I hung in there, and tried to be as kind as I could to every single. which helps us mitigate risk but I’ve also used it as a tool to help mitigate stress.

I not only worry about research paper my stress levels but the stress levels of my soldiers also which I need to carl sagan keep at , an moderate level so they can be effective. Some times in life you’re going to have high stress and you just have to deal with it but by knowing it’s their you’ll be able to deal with. Essay on carl, My Career Goals As An Artist. competitive price range for essay, your work/service? What methods are used to calculate price?) How will you promote yourself to beat the carl sagan, competition? Skills and Tools: What specific skills must you have to fulfill your professional goals? To fulfill my professional goals I have to have traditional artistic skill, technical skill, and write thesis compare papers business skill. Being creative is a very crucial thing as an artist.

Although in the 3D animation industry, most of the works are done by computers. So mastering the. Purpose and Goals of Supervision for Counselors Essay. Where supervision can differed is how the key components are addressed and how the supervisor facilitates these primary goals in supervision. Two such models are the discrimination model and reflective model. Both models have the primary goal of skill enhancement, development of carl essays, personal and professional identities, and last assignment encourage a great self-awareness.

Both models are based off a relationship between supervisor and supervisee. Both models also have a form of evaluation. Reflective supervision. Essay on sagan essays, Time Management and Setting Goals. that online education offers its faculty is time flexibility and independence and for students as well. Students benefit from an online environment when they work or have family responsibilities. Essay On Globalization And Its Impact! Therefore students should learn to prioritize their goals. As higher education becomes more expensive each year, online education would become more attractive to new and future generations because of its lower cost. Sagan Essays! The younger generations are so used to using the Internet and computers that for them online. Essay on Strategies for the Technical Professional: Goals.

What are at least two goals that you have set for yourself in this class? Why? A: One of my class goals is to turn my work in on time, and completed to the best of my ability. I'm not worried about being at the top of my class, I'm more concerned with understanding the material being taught, and retaining it for use later on in my career. Paper Paper! I think the sagan, reasons why I have set this goal are self-evident.

If I don't turn in my work on time, I will not receive full credit. If I don't complete it.

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Heroes: What They Do Why We Need Them. By Scott T. Allison and carl essays, George R. Goethals. Each year we celebrate Mother’s Day, and this reminds us of the results of a study we conducted recently that underscored the importance of family members as heroes. In the study, people of all ages and best thesis printing, from all walks of life were asked to list their heroes. We were surprised, yet pleased, to see that family members were listed about a third of the time. Most importantly, one fourth of minute, all people listed their mothers as their hero.

Mothers were mentioned more than any other person, including fathers. Mother’s Day became a nationally recognized holiday in 1914 because of the efforts of Anna Jarvis, a West Virginian who campaigned to carl, honor mothers after her own beloved mother passed away in last assignment 1905. Ironically, by the 1920s Jarvis became disenchanted with the commercialization of Mother’s Day and began campaigning against the holiday. Still, we believe her initial sentiment was on target and we applaud the opportunity to carl sagan, recognize the paper, heroic qualities of mothers everywhere. Many highly accomplished individuals are quick to attribute their success to their mothers. American presidents are especially likely to essays, do so. Abraham Lincoln once noted that “all that I am, or can be, I owe to my angel mother.” George Washington also observed that “all I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.” Andrew Jackson claimed that “there never was a woman like my mother. She was as gentle as a dove and carl, as brave as a lioness.” Other celebrities also express their indebtedness to best online printing, their mothers.

Seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong once said, “My mother gave me more than any teacher or father figure ever had.” With these words, Armstrong identified the precise reason why so many of us view our mothers as heroes. It’s all about the loving generosity of mothers. When the participants in our study were asked why their mothers were heroic, they generated three main reasons: generosity with time, money, and essays, love. There are many ways that mothers gave their time to us. According to survey respondents, mothers tended to us when we were sick, accompanied us to school and paper paper, soccer practice, made us dinner, and read stories to us. Our mothers made financial sacrifices, too. They wore old clothes so that we could wear new clothes; they took on part-time jobs to buy us gifts; they saved money for us to essay and its impact, attend college; they gave us our weekly allowance; and they made sure we had food on the table. But the most important quality that distinguishes mothers from other heroes, including fathers, is the carl sagan essays, free offering of love that mothers give us. Mothers were there for paper, us when we needed emotional support.

Mothers hugged us. They comforted us and assignment, let us sit on sagan their laps. They kissed us on our cheeks before school and at carl, bedtime at night. Why are mothers viewed as so heroically loving? There are at least two reasons.

First, research has shown that women tend to be more likely than men to possess communal traits such as lovingness, affection, warmth, and nurturance. These communal traits are highly valued in the context of raising children and are associated with morality and goodness. Second, it is well known that during childhood, mothers are our primary attachment figures. They are more likely than fathers to interact with, and bond with, infants. Our society is no doubt evolving toward fathers having more communal traits and sagan, showing more attachment behaviors, but mothers still hold the edge. And so on this Mother’s Day, we’d like to acknowledge and thank Anna Jarvis and all the thesis contrast, women who have given so much to carl essays, us all. We wish everyone the happiest of Mother’s Days!

Do you have a hero that you would like us to profile? Please send your suggestions to site research, Scott T. Allison ( or to site paper paper, George R. Goethals ( 22 thoughts on “ Why Our Mothers are Our Heroes ” Mothers can be wonderful, or weird. In my case, both. #128512; In the days when we were very poor, my Mother worked very hard to make sure we were all taken care of.

Not an easy thing to do when you can’t afford to millenium, have the sagan essays, furnace fixed and ice is forming on on globalization the inside of a drafty old house. But we survived and I, for one, have many happy memories of those days. Some of thesis compare papers, my best memories are of my Mother reading with me, or the popcorn parties we had when The Munsters were on. I worked in Women’s Health for 22 years and I saw many Mothers fight and carl sagan essays, sacrifice and suffer for their babies. These were inner city women who were poor and uneducated, often suffering from addiction or abuse, and most of , them didn’t have a clue what to essays, do. But they, most of them, would do whatever it took to make sure that their babies were born healthy and had a chance at a better life. Sometimes that meant working night and day for essay on globalization and its impact, minimum wage, sometimes it meant struggling to sagan, overcome their addictions or dependencies, and research paper paper, sometimes it meant giving up those babies to others who could give them more. Nothing could be more heartbreaking, or inspiring. Happy Mother’s Day, everyone. #128578; Hello.

I’m here again. I don’t know exactly why our mothers are our heroes. But I have a theory. Our mothers are the first person that we know when we born. The first person that we learn to sagan, love.

Sometimes this first person is not your mother. But a person who acts like her. And that to you is a person whom you will mirror in the future. My mother is my hero. Because she faces the worst situations and gave me a example. “She who believes will always achieve.” She taught me to keep the faith in myself…and believe in everything that I want. She shows what is real love. And I’m sure that my siblings are proud of her, too.

Thank you for the history. I didn’t know the , context of this holiday. But now I know. Congratulations for this post. And Happy Mother’s day to every mother in the world.

What a wonderful tribute to all the mothers. Mine has been gone for over 25 years, but she lives on in her legacy. She was a lady! Just for the record, I think she would have loved ALL of these hero stories. Thank you for this one. And don’t forget: Welll behaved women rarely make history!” (author unknown) I surfed whole internet to read comments about scholarship, this subject. Best regards. I 100 percent agree with this blog. My mother is my hero; she is the reason who I am.

I respect all moms across the online printing, world, especially single parent moms. I have the most respect for my mom because she raised me and my two brothers on her own. I feel that I owe her my life, the sacrifices she made for carl sagan, my brothers and I are unthinkable. I wouldn’t want to trade her for anything in the world. I would definitely agree that mothers are unsung heroes. I feel like we often overlook them as heroes since their influence is so obvious!

There are few that have greater influence in quotes in research our lives. So when labeling people ‘heroes’ we are overlooking what’s right under our nose, or in this case the carl, one who gave us our nose in the first place. I would definitely consider my mother one of my heroes. She has spent a good part of her life making my life as it is now possible. She helped me to grow and develop into who I am now and has always been there for any type of support I may need. My mother truly has helped me become the last minute assignment, person I am today. Mothers are a perfect example of how some degree of heroism is very personal.

Many heroes are only defined in the eyes of one individual – like mothers. Does that make them any less heroic? Absolutely not. Also, I’d like to add that that cookie cake looks delicious! My mom is by far one of my greatest heroes. She is the essays, mother of four girls, works as an research RN and carl sagan, yet still makes time to come to every one of our sporting events and still have dinner ready for online printing, when everyone gets home.

I know that I do not thank her enough for all that she has done for sagan essays, me, but reading this blog just makes me realize how important she is not only to on globalization and its, me, but to my family as a whole. I would not be who I am today without my mom, and carl sagan essays, I know my family would not be either. Great blog #128578; Wonderful posting. I really could not have explained that better. I am not sure if everybody will go along with you, but it probably doesn’t matter. Keep up the carl sagan, great work. My mom will always be my hero because of what she does for my family everyday.

She is the site paper, sweetest lady i know, next to my grandma. She works extremely hard and carl sagan essays, does it for other people, not just herself. She works at a public school, where the kids are to poor to sagan essays, go to any other school because their parents cannot afford to send their kids to any kind of school. So This school provides an education for thesis printing, them and my mom is the carl essays, vice president of the organization. She means the world to me and carl sagan essays, I am sure she is not just my hero. Love you mom! Because they are our guardians, bodyguards, food providers, care takers, moral supporters, friends, etc,etc,etc, good post. Many thanks to Anna Jarvis – we are encouraged to stop for a moment and say “thank you” to all the Mother’s in the world.

They deserve so much more, but a special day is just fine. My mom worked so hard to make sure my sister and I had an essay impact education and we have never let her down. Strong when she needed to sagan essays, be, and compassionate and understanding when things got tough. I am lucky that she found love again after my Dad passed away. She is a remarkable person and compare papers, I hope my sister and I enjoy many, many Mother’s Day celebrations with her. Thanks for site paper paper, reminding us it took another strong woman to stand up and recognize Moms for all their hard work! #128578;

Mothers truly are some of the carl, most unsung heroes of all time. They give their children what they need in so many different facets of their lives, which is what makes them so spectacular. The ability to provide emotional, financial, and even practical support such as cooking meals and papers, doing housekeeping – these are all qualities that mothers tend to possess, and essays, their ability to gates scholarship, do all of this and stay sane is remarkable. Mothers are some of the most caring, selfless people on earth. They want what is best for their children, and they keep their families united. It is from our mothers that we learn so much about how to sagan, behave and how to care for others, qualities that are some of the most important things we can learn as children.

It is no surprise that mothers are nearly always our attachment figures when we are children, because mothers are the ones who protect, nurture, and gates millenium essay, love us unconditionally. It is very fitting that we have a day to honor them, but we should be praising our mothers, our greatest heroes, 365 days a year. I love my mom so much I wrote a paper on her for compare, one of my school projects. Everyone relize that a mom is the most important person in the world. I think most everyone can understand why mothers are unsung heroes. Even if you do not have a personally great relationship with your mom, you can see in so many circumstances where mothers are excellent role models, and figures of love and affection to quotes in research paper, so many people. Mothers are the reasons many people become the people they are, and many credit their mothers for carl sagan essays, developing and building their character. My mother is absolutely my personal hero. I admire her every day and long in research paper, hope to be more like her as I get older! I love this blog on mothers. My mother has been, and always will be one of my dearest heroes.

She has helped to shape and transform me into who I am today. As I grow older, I hope to see more qualities of my own mother in myself. I have the carl essays, utmost respect for my mom, and I am thrilled to see a blog honoring all mothers around the online thesis printing, world. Mothers are the comfort that kids need. My mother has overcome multiple obstacles and continuously puts others before herself. She was my high school field hockey coach and while she lead us to many championships she taught us a lot about life. Her belief in others and last minute assignment, charisma has given her the title of a hero, not just for me but for carl essays, others too. In addition to my father, my mother is also one of my biggest heroes. I think this blog is important because of how heroic mothers truly are. The term “unsung hero” is perfect for contrast papers, mothers because I believe people tend to overlook how much mothers really do.

I love my mom and there’s nothing I could do to carl, repay her for everything she has done for me. She will always be a hero in my eyes whether she knows it or not. I was very pleased when I came across this post. My mother is my hero for an abundance of reasons, and I feel that many mother’s heroism goes unnoticed. I myself sometimes take my mom for granted. She has helped me form into the person I am today, and I can’t imagine my life without her.

As both a mom a daughter – and as usual ‘odd one out’ compared to essays, the modern Western world norms – I can say I find it easier to BE a mother than to , have had one… Whilst I value the fact that without my now-deceased mother, I would not be as I am today, and that SHE fed me, clothed me, and cared about me, as well as gave birth to me – I was never close to, inspired by, or looking up to carl, my Mom. I have to say that I rarely put ‘my’ Mom above other mothers…. or even recognized her role and value until becoming a mother myself. It was not until I myself gave birth and had a precious human being to care for, protect, look after, worry about, and ‘put first’, that I even noticed that a Mom was anything special. I therefore wonder how many of us who ARE moms have changed our view of our OWN Mothers since becoming moms – and carl sagan essays, if this may make a difference to how highly we rate them. My mom is my hero, without you I would not. live .. good by mom ..

God bles with you. As a single mother, I’m hoping that one day there’ll be a day dedicated to recognize celebrate the heroism of single mothers who despite all odds, manage to stand “on their own feet”. our mother is the loving soul to us.we are existing due to our mothers care.she sustains during emotional and hard situations.when we feel sick,she is the the only soul that remains our mothers are the first god to us. Comments are closed. 500,000 VISITORS TO THIS BLOG (1) Activist Heroes (24) Artist Heroes (9) Celebrity Heroes (30) Commentary and Analysis (37) Fictional Heroes (16) Legendary Heroes (24) Our 1st Book — HEROES (1) Our 2nd Book — HEROIC LEADERSHIP (1) Our latest books on HEROIC LEADERS (10) Political Heroes (19) Science Heroes (15) Spiritual Heroes (11) Sports Heroes (20) Superheroes (9) Unsung Heroes (41) War Heroes (20)

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