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Rubric for essays in high school

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Using a Writing Rubric with Students

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Rubric for essays in high school

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broken dreams essay Irony is a cruel mistress indeed. I will never walk down the in high aisle to meet a man, and now that dream I had lies scattered like the pieces of a broken mirror before me. My eyes tear as I see reflections of essay on proverb this fantasy in the glass, cracked like a spider's web. Nothing in rubric in high school my life will ever be as I imagined it. I have never been kissed, by anyone, male or female, in my fifteen years of life. There was a time, when the spark of essay my life was a young man, who I secretly hoped underneath my calm exterior would be the rubric in high person to help me into the world of adulthood by finding his way into my heart. I loved talking to statement life essay, him, about myself, the world, school, and in high just about anything else. The conversations on the phone were long and enjoyable.

The time I spent with him was so wonderful, so precious to aber interpol submission, me. But nothing lasts forever, and it was I who changed for the worse. He had never done anything wrong, never tried to touch me against my will. We were never more intimate than just a hug, and arm around shoulders. It was enough for me. My parents thought he was lovely, so polite and rubric for essays in high kind. Even my father, whose first words on the subject of boys were If I don't like him, I'll shoot him, took a liking to him. But something inside me resisted becoming any closer. I remember so clearly, one day when he came to my house.

We had been playing a game he had brought, and right when he was about to leave he asked if he could hug me. I said sure, wondering why I was so nervous underneath my smile. I tensed up when he embraced me, and it felt wrong, foreign. He told me later it was like Hugging a log. I lied and told him I wasn't feeling well. But I knew the truth inside.

I had tried to deny it, but it had crept up on me from some dark corner, so it seemed. I hoped this would just mean I was bisexual, so I could continue to see him. It was not so. Catcher In The. In the rubric in high school locker room I found my eyes wandering to the other girls. I would blush and look away, not wanting to accept that. If it were to come out, I knew it would crush him. Essay On Personal. But months of hiding this all ended with one slip of my lip. It was on the phone, talking to him about school, our friend.

Somehow the conversation turned to sexuality, and essay development he wondered if perhaps she was bi. In one second, I said I might be too. Silence followed this statement, and then a gasped Oh my god! I told him I had to go, and left for a church group. I managed to hide the pain that was tearing me apart from my mother for rubric only around 20 minutes, and then it spilled out. I talked to an advisor at the church, and she told me to call him. I felt like he had rejected me, and was disgusted by me.

When I came home I called him, ready to aber essay, spear him if the need arose. Rubric In High School. He didn't understand why I was so angry. As it turned out, he thought I was joking. He said he still supported me, and it was all I could have hoped for from him. In retrospect, what he said that night was not entirely true.

He must have noticed my closeness with my female friends, but he was, like me, in denial. As I became more comfortable with my sexuality in the following weeks, I began to case with solutions, wear rainbow pins on my backpack and purse. I was asked questions, and I responded truthfully. I was raised to in high, not reject any aspect of myself, so I responded in such a manner. I did not see the pain it caused him. His friends went after him, asking him how his girlfriend had turned lesbian on catcher rye research paper his watch. Rubric For Essays In High. He kept this from thesis statement for pro me, and for good reason. School. It would have crushed me to know such a thing at essay on personal development, the time. His problems kept building, his family was in for essays in high school debt, his grades were suffering, and his friends would not leave him alone about me. He became isolated, and as much as I tried to in the rye research paper, console him he pushed me away.

The phone conversations stopped, and it hurt. I became angry with him, and told my friends I was thinking of breaking up with him. I never meant it. It was just me blowing off steam. Then, one Friday morning, he came up to me before class and rubric told me a few simple words: Hey, I have bad news for thesis you. Seeing as you're a lesbian and there's so much shit in my life, I have to break up with you. Sorry. And he left.

I was crushed. For Essays In High. He had abandoned me, left me to the shadows that stalked me and haunted my dreams. He had labeled me. I was so angry with him, I tried to hit him over catcher rye research paper, the head at for essays, lunch. I felt he had betrayed me, gone back on ethics with what he had said. I know he was crushed, he felt he was the reason I had turned out how I had, and wondered what was so unmanly about rubric in high school, him that I would.

I hate to say it, but of all the problems he had at essay on proverb is wealth, the time, I was the easiest to get rid of. I am crying as I write this. As much as he was hurt by this, he needs to in high school, understand something. My dream of a husband, of a normal life, is reflective on personal development, gone. I can never find it again. A hard road faces me now, and if I could choose, I would not have chose this path. I wanted to find happiness with him; I wanted to for essays school, know him better. Case On Business Ethics Solutions. I wanted to speak those words to him, I love you, that I had been waiting to tell someone for so long. But I cannot. My dream of for essays in high school that life lies shattered before me, and within it is the thesis statement for pro life dream I had of him. I can only in high stare at it as the dying light reflects off the broken pieces.

It tears me apart, that it had to on business ethics, happen this way. Rubric In High. I will probably never see this young man again. On Business Ethics. He is going away from me on another path, in more ways than one. Rubric For Essays In High School. But still, the thesis for pro life old dream haunts me like a ghost from time to time, when I see his face in the yearbook, or just hear his name spoken in a book or by someone else. My path has taken a drastic turn, and as I walk down it I leave my dearest hope, a dream that I held dear for so long.

As I walk away from it, the sunset taunts me by playing off the broken pieces, and I can only hang my head and for essays in high cry as I leave my broken dream behind me.

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Graffiti Art: An Essay Concerning The Recognition of for essays in high, Some Forms of Graffiti As Art. Phil 651 Aesthetics. Graffiti art is an art form. The reasons, including aesthetic criteria, as to why it is an art form far outweigh the criticism of illegality, incoherence, and nonstandard presentation. The objective of this paper is to explain how graffiti art overcomes these concerns and thereby can be considered as an art form. Suppose that Leonardo, Monet, Picasso, or any of the interpol essay, recognized artisans of Western European culture were alive in the present day. Then, suppose that one of these famous artists decided to paint a masterpiece on the side of your house or on your front door or on a wall in your neighborhood. Would Picasso or Monet's markings be graffiti or art or vandalism or graffiti art? The answer may vary across people, but I would claim that those markings are art in for essays in high the form of graffiti. Bell Thesis! Their markings would qualify as vandalism only in high school, if they appeared on for pro essay, private or public property without permission. The same answer holds for the present day, genre of graffiti known as graffiti art.

Graffiti art originated in the late 1960's, and it has been developing ever since. However, it is not readily accepted as being art like those works that are found in a gallery or a museum. It is not strictly denied the status of genuine art because of a lack of form or other base aesthetic elements. Most of the opposition to graffiti art is due to its location and bold, unexpected, and unconventional presentation, but its presentation and for essays, often illegal location does not necessarily disqualify it as art. In this paper, I elucidate how some forms of curve, graffiti can be accepted as art. This type of graffiti is known as graffiti art, subway art, or spraycan art. The arguments of vandalism and unconventional presentation as negating the rubric for essays, ability of some graffiti to be art is usurped by an explanation of those properties apparent in some forms of graffiti that do qualify it, aesthetically, as art.

To show this, I provide a historical context of graffiti, and statement for pro life essay, then I provide persuasive evidence that graffiti art is art. The origins of graffiti go back to the beginnings of human, societal living. Rubric For Essays In High! Graffiti has been found on uncovered, ancient, Egyptian monuments, and graffiti even was preserved on walls in Pompeii. Graffiti is the plural form of the Italian word grafficar. In plural, grafficar signifies drawings, markings, patterns, scribbles, or messages that are painted, written, or carved on a wall or surface. Grafficar also signifies to scratch in reference to essay is wealth different wall writings ranging from cave paintings, bathroom scribbles, or any message that is scratched on walls.

In reference to present day graffiti, the definition is qualified by adding that graffiti is rubric for essays in high, also any unsolicited marking on a private or public property that is usually considered to be vandalism. There are various forms of graffiti. One of the simplest forms is that of individual markings such as slogans, slurs, or political statements. Examples of this type of graffiti commonly are found in bathrooms or on exterior surfaces, and this graffiti is usually handwritten. Another simple form is on personal development, that of the tag which is a fancy, scribble-like writing of for essays school, one's name or nick-name. That is, tag signifies one's name or nick-name. Both the tag or individual mark have little or no aesthetic appeal. While they might suggest a flair or style of writing, these forms fail to qualify as example of superb graffiti art because of a lack of aesthetic qualities and inability to produce a maximal aesthetic feeling in the viewer. In fact, the tag or individual mark is not produced for artistic purposes. It is basically a means to indicate the writer's presence, i.e., the age old statement of I was here.

Gang markings of territory also fit the definition of graffiti, and they mainly consists of tags and messages that provide news of happenings in the neighborhood. Murals for community enhancement and beautification are also a form of graffiti even though they are not usually thought of this way because most murals are commissioned. These are more colorful and complex. They take considerable amount of skill to complete, and murals can be done in a graffiti art style or a traditional pictorial scene. The last form of graffiti is graffiti art which is the creative use of spraypaint to produce an artwork that is graffiti or done in a graffiti-like style, and this the is the concern of this discussion.

Modern graffiti art originated in reflective development New York City, and it was known first as New York Style graffiti. This art form began in rubric for essays the late 1960's when teens used permanent markers to tag or write their names, followed by the number of the thesis statement life, street on which they lived, in rubric for essays school subway cars. This trend originated with the appearance of Taki 183 which was the tag of a Greek American boy named Demitrius. Tagging soon became a way to on business solutions get one's name known throughout the city. However, it should be noted that tagging appeared in rubric school Philadelphia before New York.

The monikers, Cornbread and in the rye research, Top Cat were well known in Philadelphia, and rubric in high, when Top Cat's style appeared in curve states New York, it was dubbed as Broadway Style for its long skinny lettering. The advent of the spraypaint allowed for the tag to develop in size and rubric for essays, color. For it was not enough just to have one's name scrawled over any available and visible surface because everyone was doing this. The spraycan separated the reflective on personal, taggers from the artists in that color, form, and style could be emphasized creatively with this new tool to produce s tag as a part of an overall artistic production. The tag which is monochromatic and a writing style that just about in high anyone can do, gave way to the throw-up, which is a two color tag usually in outline or bubble-like lettering. Again this style is study on business ethics solutions, not too difficult, but soon more complicated styles evolved. The stamp is for essays in high, a little harder and essay, involves the use straight letters to produce a 3-D effect. The piece, which is short for rubric for essays in high, masterpiece, appeared next, and it is a large multicolor work. A production is a piece that is usually on the scale of a mural, and it involves original or familiar cartoon characters in addition to the writer or graffiti artist's name. It should be noted that every graffiti form listed involves the artist's name, whether as the central feature or as an aber interpol, ornament within the piece because writers want to be known. Hence, finding new and creative ways to display one's tag in rubric for essays in high a highly visible place, as opposed to just scribbling it everywhere, was the fundamental force spurring the development of modern graffiti art.

In the middle to late 1970's, writers started painting subway trains; thus the name, subway art. Train painting was instrumental to statement life essay the development of graffiti art because the in high school, trains became the stage for the style wars which was a time when everyone who wanted to essay on proverb health is wealth be recognized as the best artist or the King or Queen of a subway line got- up, i.e., painted trains as often as possible. For Essays School! If one's name was on a train in a colorful and thesis for pro essay, unique style, it was guaranteed to be seen by rubric for essays in high many people; most importantly by the other writers, because the subway trains in New York City travel in circuits throughout different boroughs. To be a King or Queen one could not just get-up or simply paint his or her name in a thousand different places. On the contrary, style and artistic talent were and continue to be extremely important. The goal was and is to create burners which are pieces that stand out essay health because of creativity, color, vibrancy, crisp outlines, i.e. no drips, and overall artistic appeal.

It is the recognizable artistic talent of the graffiti artist that established his or her reign on the subway line and not just the appearance of s name in a thousand different places. The styles that emerged with the previously mentioned forms during this time were round popcorn or bubble letters, wildstyle which is an intricate, interlocking type of calligraphy that is difficult and almost impossible to read, computer and gothic lettering, 3-D lettering, fading which blends colors, and the use of cartoon characters. The ability to produce complicated pieces is what separates the tagger from the graffiti artist; graffitist for short. Taggers scribble and graffitists do art. The high visibility of the train and the potential audience encouraged more artists to participate in this new form of art. Despite New York City's vigorous anti-graffiti efforts the style flourished and soon influenced artists in cities all over the world. The biggest promotional vehicle for graffiti art worldwide has been the Hip-Hop phenomenon which is the school, culture associated with rap music. Subway art now is termed as spraycan art because subway trains are no longer the canvas of aber essay submission, choice. Besides, every graffitist could not possibly do all of his or her work on subway cars because of laws, police, and the dangerous environment of the subway yards and lay-up stations. Ironically, the latest innovation in rubric spraycan art has been that of freight art in which graffitists paint railroad, freight cars with the expectation that their artwork will travel across the United States and throughout the continent. There are two major questions associated with the explanation of graffiti.

One, who is essay on proverb, responsible for it, and two, why do graffitists produce spraycan art. To the surprise of most people, graffiti art is not the sole possession of poor, urban, lower-class American kids. Not only rubric in high, do half of the graffitists come from Caucasian middle-class families, but there are graffitists all over the world. When asked, What sorts of kids write graffiti?, police officer Kevin Hickey of the New York Transit Police Department's graffiti squad replied, The type of kids that live in New York City. They range from the ultra-rich to thesis states the ultra-poor. There is no general classification of the kids Graffitist range in age from 12-30 years old, and there are male and female artists. In the past, graffiti artists usually worked alone, but the for essays in high, size and complexity of pieces as well as safety concerns motivated artists to essay health work together in crews, which are groups of graffitists that vary in membership from rubric, 3 to 10 or more persons.

A member of rye research, a crew can be down with, i.e., affiliated, with more than one crew. To join a crew, one must have produced stylish pieces and show potential for developing his or her own, unique style. A crew is headed by a king or queen who is usually that person recognized as having the best artistic ability among the members of the for essays, crew. The reasons and interpol, values for why one might engage in graffiti art are as varied as the rubric for essays in high, artists who produce it. A chief reason is the prospect of fame and recognition of thesis for pro, one's artistic talent. Graffiti is also a form of self expression. The art as writing is a creative method of communicating with other writers and the general public. What it communicates is the artist's identity, expression, and for essays in high school, ideas. Is Wealth! Judgments are based solely on one's artistic ability. This type of communication is of value because it links people regardless of cultural, lingual, or racial differences in way that nothing else can. In addition, producing graffiti art with a crew builds team work in that the crew works together for in high, the accomplishment of a common goal.

The feeling of case on business ethics solutions, this achievement in league with others is of value to the artist. In his book, Graffito, Walsh notes that some graffitists view their art as a ritual transgression against rubric for essays in high, a repressive political and economic order. For some artists see themselves as revolutionaries reacting against the established art market or gallery system in that art is catcher, not only that which appears in the gallery as determined by the curator. Some artists also view their creations on public and private spaces as a statement against Western ideas of capitalism and private property. In High School! Of course, the reflective essay, majority of graffitists enjoy what they do and find it to be fun, rewarding, and exciting. Although these reasons are valid, they do not conclusively settle the rubric for essays in high, matter as to why graffiti art is art or why it is statement life, a valid art form despite its illegal origins. Graffiti as seen and experienced on the New York City subway trains and that which developed into the modern-day form of spraycan art is art. The production of graffiti art includes established techniques and styles, and the art form also is characterized by a standard medium; spraypaint. For example, novices are taught how to use spraypaint according to various styles and rubric, how to adjust nozzles as well as how to fit and use other types of aerosol caps onto spraycans for thesis, different artistic effects.

The forms of graffiti art have developed through the for essays, years from the mere gestures of tagging to established conventional practices of the aber essay, graffiti art world such as creating the tag according to in high a method, like wildstyle, that makes it an integral, flowing element of the overall piece. In addition, graffiti art is not a spontaneous activity like tagging in the form of fancy scribble. The completion of curve states, a piece or a production involves a great deal of imagination, planning, and rubric in high, effort. The graffitist first does a sketch. Then he or she plans out characters and selects colors. Next, the artist selects his or her canvas or surface and does a preliminary outline, followed by a filling in interpol submission of colors and ornamentation, and then the final outline is completed. Graffiti can also be analyzed according to the elements of lines, color, and structures that are present in the work in order to produce a narrative about it. Another significant reason why graffiti art can be viewed as art is by considering the producer's intention. Graffitists intend their work to be apprehended as art that can communicate feelings and ideas to the audience. This is in line with Tolstoy's mandate that art must allow people to express ideas and share in each other's feelings via the in high, artwork. Plus, graffiti art has a function of not only communicating to others, but it also beautifies the community by appearing on areas that normally would be eyesores, such as a wall in a vacant lot or an abandoned building.

Furthermore, all of the aesthetic properties and criteria from the base element of color to the complex issue of artist intention which are ascribed to other works in order to characterize them as art can all be found in case with solutions examples of spraycan art. The only difference between those works in a gallery or museum and graffiti art in terms of how and for essays in high school, why the latter is not readily accepted as art is due to essay on personal its location and presentation. Indeed the rubric, issues of location and catcher in the rye research, presentation are the most significant obstacles to a wholehearted acceptance of spraycan art as art. Graffiti art cannot be disregarded simply because it is not presented in the conventional location and manner, i.e., framed and in high school, placed in a museum or gallery. The location of it on a wall or subway without permission only makes it unsolicited art. As such, it can be called vandalism, but again, this does not disqualify it as art.

Rather the categorization of graffiti art as unsolicited art that is for pro, vandalism only justifies a removal of it from the surface. On the rubric school, other hand, the vandalism aspect of graffiti art can be considered as a uniqueness and not a detracting feature of the art form because as vandalism, graffiti art is very temporary. A piece which might be sixty feet long, twelve feet high, and take twenty to thirty cans of paint and at least eight hours to produce might be gone in a matter of minutes. Another challenge to graffiti art is that it is forced upon the public because people have no say in its production despite the fact that public funds are used to remove it. Graffitists counter with the argument that buildings, billboards, campaign ads, and flyers are also forced on the public in essay on proverb health is wealth a similar manner.

Spraycan art suffers other criticisms because of the generic characterization of all graffiti as being gang related and simply a matter of tagging. However, only 20% of graffiti is gang related [ed. note: according to Walsh, who mentions this number in school _Graffito_. Because he used anecdotes from LA and San Francisco to obtain his figures, and it is not known what definition of gang he refers to, this number is questionable.], and it should be noted that not all instances of graffiti art are good examples of the bell curve, art form; just like not all framed artistic creations are good examples of painting or even worthy of being called art. Graffiti is also criticized for being too hard to understand, but certainly this cannot keep graffiti art from being art anymore than the rubric, obscurity of paper, abstract art or Picasso's cubism prevents either one of those hard to understand art forms from rubric in high school, being considered as art. Goldman's aesthetic theory is of use to clarify the problem of location and presentation in relation to thesis life essay graffiti art. Goldman claims that art takes us to other worlds in rubric for essays in high a manner that is case study solutions, quite fulfilling sensually and aesthetically. This removal from the for essays in high school, real world is enhanced by the mood of the gallery or the dark setting of the opera house. Reflective On Personal Development! Most of the time when we encounter art and are transported by it to other worlds, we are in a location in which we expect this to happen. However, this is not the case with graffiti art. For it appears suddenly and in school unexpected places.

Thus, when we apprehend it, we are transported to these other worlds at statement for pro life essay a time and in a place that we are not accustomed to doing so. We are not used to school art approaching us outside of conventional settings such as a museum. Case Study On Business Ethics With Solutions! Instead of the rubric, audience going to view the art form, spraycan art reaches out to the viewer; sometimes in a startling manner. Bell Thesis States! One can only imagine how shocking and surprising it might have been to see a colorful train moving swiftly through the dingy stations and rubric in high, drab boroughs of thesis statement for pro life essay, New York City. Spraycan art is an art form that is completely open to the public because it is not hemmed in by the confines or laws of the gallery system or the museum. Perhaps, this is its only crime. The institutional theory, in rubric in high brief, mandates that art is aber interpol essay submission, that which is displayed by the art world to be accepted as art as determined by the members of the rubric for essays in high, art world. Since graffiti art is on proverb health is wealth, not permanently established in any galleries or museums, often it is argued that it is not art, but even this criticism falls short because there are instances where the art world has recognized graffiti art as art. In the 1970's, galleries in New York and Europe brought graffiti to the attention of the school, art world. Lee Quinones, a prominent writer in New York and one of the few graffitists to bomb, i.e., paint, a whole train from health, top to bottom and end to end, was invited to exhibit his work on canvas in Claudio Bruni's Galleria Madusa in Rome.

Likewise, Yaki Kornblit of Denmark, an art dealer, helped to launch the careers of for essays, several graffitists during the years of 1984 and 1985 at Museum Boyanano von Beuningen in Rotterdam. Jean Paul Basquiat collaborated with Andy Warhol for joint paintings in 1985. And recently, in 1996, Barry McGee, also known by his tag, Twist, was commissioned to do a graffiti art mural for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. As graffiti was introduced to aber interpol the art world, two trends happened. One, the art world of collectors, dealers, curators, artists, and the like helped graffitists evolve in style, presumably by sharing their artistic knowledge with the rubric for essays in high, newcomers.

Two, the exposure helped to expand graffiti to on business with solutions all parts of the world. Furthermore, cities such as LA and Chicago have recognized the talent of graffitists by providing a means for them to do legal graffiti art which has helped to foster the rubric, art form and lessened the amount of graffiti art that appears in case study on business with the city as vandalism. Likewise, organizations of rubric in high, graffiti artists such as the Phun Factory or the United Graffiti Artists in New York solicit places to essay development do legal graffiti such as abandoned buildings, businesses, or community walls in rubric for essays parks. What this shows is that some graffiti, particularly in the form of spraycan art, is recognized as art by the art world. This recognition of graffiti art by for pro essay the art world is for essays in high school, important for two reasons.

One because of the social, political, and economic influence of the art world, its recognition of graffiti art as art helps to increase the in the rye research, awareness and overall understanding of the art form. Two, this recognition prevents the sweeping generalization that all graffiti is vandalism and therefore something that always should be eradicated. For in actuality, spraycan art does not necessarily have to rubric in high be illegal or on a wall to be considered as graffiti art, although, philosophically, this might be the purest essence of the art form. What matters is that the thesis statement, art is produced according to rubric for essays school a graffiti art style. So examples of art works that are produced on canvas with spraypaint and in a graffiti style can be considered as spraycan art.

And the exhortation that graffiti should be on a visible private or public space in order to be in its optimal context is not so much to glorify any illegalities but rather, to highlight the reflective essay, idea that graffiti is meant to be completely accessible to the public for immediate appreciation. Also, the increasing acceptance of graffiti art is not due so much to its adoption of traditional techniques. Rubric In High School! On the contrary, books, magazines, movies, and the artists themselves have helped people to understand how and where graffiti harmonizes with and aber interpol, goes a step beyond traditional methods. For example, wildstyle changes with each artist's interpretation of the alphabet, but it also relies on the use of primary colors, fading, foreground and rubric for essays in high school, background, and the like to is wealth create these letters. Thus, it is important and valuable to characterize some forms of graffiti as art because this challenges people, who are conditioned to accept art works as art only if they are created in a traditional manner and appear in for essays in high school institutional setting, to appreciate art works that originate and develop outside of these constraints.

In doing so, people come to realize graffiti is not an art form that is done just for the sake of rebellious destruction. Case On Business Ethics With! Quite the opposite, it is an innovative and truly original art form that is rubric in high school, meant to bring an aesthetic pleasure to the audience like any other recognized art form. In summary, some forms of graffiti become art according to rye research four criteria. First, graffiti art is separated from everyday graffiti markings by the artist's intention to for essays school produce a work of art. Second, graffiti art has an established history of development in style and technique. Third, graffiti art even has been recognized by the art world. A fourth criterion is in the rye research, that the public response to graffiti art indicates that it is art.

Whether or not all of the public agrees that graffiti art is good, bad, or extremely valuable is a different discussion about evaluation and not whether or not graffiti art is art. The evaluative concerns actually play more into where, when, and how graffiti art should be displayed. The above criteria are defensible in so much as they have been used to legitimize other artistic forms. However, what appears to be the most significant answer to describing how and why graffiti art is art is the in high, notion of understanding where the artist and the audience synchronize in agreement about a particular work being an example of art. It is a matter of comprehending what makes a creation art for bell curve, the artist and what makes this same creation art for the audience. When and according to rubric school what criteria that these two viewpoints coincide is what thoroughly determines graffiti art as art. And like other art forms, graffiti art is definitively art when both the artist and the audience agree on the works ability to statement essay provide maximal aesthetic satisfaction. While it is rubric for essays school, almost impossible to formulate a theory of necessary conditions or rules specifying when graffiti art is art, I think it is sufficient to draw on already established aesthetic theories and criteria to point out that some forms of graffiti do qualify as art. Therefore, graffiti in the form of statement, spraycan art is art.

It has form, color, and for essays in high, other base properties as well as an arrangement of thesis states, these elements into structures that qualify it aesthetically as being art. Just doing something with spraypaint might make it graffiti, but it does not necessarily qualify it as art or graffiti art. In addition, when the spraycan art is analyzed according to rubric in high school the artist's intention and value to audience, there is even more evidence to suggest that it is genuine art. The only obstacle that has hindered the general acceptance of graffiti art is its location and presentation. However, the instances of acceptance of graffiti art by the art world shows that conventional methods of presentation are not all that matters in determining if something is art. And graffiti art is not to health be disqualified as art simply because it might appear unsolicited. Rubric! In short, graffiti in the form of spray can art is art like any other work that might be found in a gallery or a museum. Castleman, Craig. Getting Up.

Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press, 1982.

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Abortion/ Teen Pregnancy 3 term paper 16996. Teen pregnancy has become such an issue facing America that President Clinton has addressed the issue. Statistics show that every two minutes a teenager gives birth in the United States (Guernsey 6). For Essays School? This means that at least three thousand teenage girls become pregnant everyday and almost one millione teenagers become pregnant every year ( Four in ten teenage girls become pregnant at aber submission least once before they reach the age of twenty. Because of this high number, the United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate in all of the for essays in high, industrialized world. In New York state alone, 61,700 teenagers become pregant each year, ranking New York number forty two in the U.S. However only bell curve thesis 22,197 of those teenagers go on to have the rubric for essays in high school, baby, leaving New York number fourteen in teenagers having a baby every year ( In the U.S. more than 500,000 teens keep their babies, 100,000 put them up for a doption, and 450,000 choose to essay on proverb health have an for essays, abortion (Gutman 7). Sadly, pregnant teenagers in society today are too often labeled as sluts . While the majority of gilrs become pregnant by accident, a small number become pregnant on aber submission purpose. Rubric In High School? These girls feel that they will be loved, or have someone to love, or that a missing void in their ife will be filled.

Worst of all some girls plan to ethics with become pregnant to heal a relationship or to hold on rubric for essays in high to a boyfriend. The fact is, if two people are in a unstable, struggling relationship, having baby will just bring on more stress and turmoil. For the other girls who become pregnant by accident this is due to carelessness, lack of knowledege, the it can t happen to me attitude, or just really by statement for pro life accident. For many girls, they are under the false pretense thatthey cannot become pregnant the first time they have sex. Not only is this false, but one out of twenty girls become pregnant the first time they have sex, and ninty percent of all teen pregancies occur within the school, first year of having sex (Guernsey 19-20). Pregnancy is catcher paper a very serious situation for teenagers, because young teenage bodies are not developed enough then the bodies of women who are over twenty. Due to this, the death rate is sixty percent higher among pregnant teenagers under the age of fifteen than among older girls and women (Gutman 24). Babies born to teenagers are twice as likely to die before their first birthdays than are the babies that are born to women in rubric in high school, thier twenties,also teenage babies run a hihger risk of reflective essay development being born premature or being born with mental and physical handicaps (Gutman 25).

Some teenagers are afraid to tell someone about their situation, so they do not get pre-natal care which harms both the mother and the baby. When a teenager finds out that she is pregnant, she has three choices: give it up for school adoption, keep it, or have an abortion. A large number of these teens choose to have an interpol essay submission, abortion. Twenty five percent of all abortions are among the teen age population (Bender and Leone 58). For many girls this is an rubric, easy way out of a difficult situation and they feel that know one will know that they do not want to reflective on personal development know. For some those feelings stay true, but for others a deep sense of in high depression falls over them for reflective development killing something that they made. For other girls that choose not to keep the baby but are against abortion, they give the baby up for adoption.

For many girls adoption is a stressful and heart breaking experience, after carrying a baby for nine months and in high school then handing it over to strangers, I don t see how it wouldn t be a heart breaking time. There are agencies that allow mothers to keep in interpol submission, touch with the family, but most girls know that they will never see there baby again. For other girls, they may make all the arrangements for adoption and then after giving birth may change their minds completly and take on their motherly role. For the teens that keep the baby,they encounter a very challenging situation. They have to get proper health care for rubric for essays in high school example. Many girls are forced to essay drop out of school and get jobs or the school, father of the aber essay submission, baby drops out of school to support his family, if he stays with the mother. Rubric For Essays? Less than one third of teens who have babies finish school before the reflective essay on personal, age of eighteen ( Once a teenager has a baby they have to focus on rubric in high someone other than themselves, which means they can not do what they want when they want anymore.

Their lives revolve around their baby and its needs. Many unmarried teen mothers end up poor or on rye research welfare. Every year the in high school, federal government spends about forty billion dollars to help teenage mothers (Flinn Hauser 15). However for some teenagers watching their baby grow or the bond that they share is a reward for their hard work. An often over looked part of teenage pregnancy is the interpol essay submission, role of the father. About 1.1 million males father babies every year (Ayer 27).

Approximately ten percent of fathers marry the for essays in high school, mother of their baby. Essay Health? Some fathers care for their baby and pay child support but do not stay with the mother, or sadly some fathers refuse resposibility and do not give support in any way. A fatherly role is very important in rubric in high school, child raising, so some communities and schools are now starting programs for teenage fathers and educating boys about teenage pregnancy. Many teen fathers may at first feel out of place, scared, and not educated enough to become a father. They may feel that a whole financial burden is now being placed on them, or that they will not be able to provide for their family. This leads to many fathers skipping out on their responsibility. Programs are now being designed to give fathers emotional support so that they will be able to for pro life handle becoming a teenage father, and to realize that there are benefits and obligations of fatherhood. As the article states the benefits to rubric children, families, and society of the commitment of fathers are undisputed. Therefore, it is states worth the time and rubric for essays effort of schools and community organizations to implement programs for young fathers that will enable them to develop into responsible adults, meet thier obligations, and create a generation of well-nutured and effectively educated children ( For the unfortunate teen that has no support there a teen pregnancy houses that house both mother and child.

Many clinics such as Planned Parenthood give free or low cost care to thesis statement mother and child and offer services to help ease the teens time of confusion. Community-wide teen pregnancy prevention efforts are also underway (Dryfoos 214). The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregancy was organized in 1996 and is focused on reducing the rate of rubric for essays in high school teen pregnany in the United States,to improve the well being of children and to try to reduce child poverty. In conclusion, teen pregnancy is an issue that should be taken seriously. With the growing rate of teenagers getting pregnant every year more steps should be taken to try to eliminate teen pregnancy. Perhaps these steps should be educating children while their younger or a better sense of birth control for teens or showning pictures of abortions, like they did in my high school. This may be cruel, but how many people who see the pictures will want to get this done after they see what it does.Teenagers are using abortions as a way of birth control , they feel that if they become pregnant there is development always an abortion. Abortions can not be like that.

If more teens are serioulsy educated then possibly less teens will be careless and the rate of pregnany will decrease. For Essays In High School? It might sound ridiculous, but maybe parents should really give the thesis statement for pro essay, birds and the bees talk , because if children hear it from their parents they may take sex more seriously. Some children have sex to feel cool or just to rubric for essays school fit in. For Pro? It cannot be like that and children need to be taught that.Teen pregnancy is rubric for essays in high a serious risk for both the mother and the child. Many teenagers do not know about these risks and they need to know before it is to late and case study they are stuck in a situtaion that they can not get out of. The programs for teen fathers are wonderful because they really tell the rubric for essays, boys how it is. Many boys do not know the risk of pregnancy and everything that it entails, these prograns will help to work with them and essay submission possibly scare them or at least give them a little more knowledge.

Having a baby will change a teens whole life and the steps that are being taken will hopefully work to help teen mothers and school fathers and aber interpol essay help to lower the for essays in high school, birth rate in teens. Study On Business Ethics With Solutions? There is for essays school many books out that show cases of teen pregnancy, they should be read to get to know the effects that a baby has on a teens life. With the statistics and facts givin, I really learned so much on teen pregancy and hopefully others will to. Our writers are all Uni graduates able to statement for pro essay work effectively on any level under time constraints. Well-versed in most subjects and citation styles, our writers have years of ghostwriting experience doing both academic and in high professional projects.

Every paper is written from scratch based on your instructions and there is no plagiarism of any kind. Plus, we guarantee free unlimited revisions. You will enjoy direct contact with the writer throughout the entire process and essay development will receive the paper by e-mail/download. The projects are never resold and will remain your unique property for a lifetime. The service is totally confidential and all client information is school kept private.

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Essay On The Responsibility Of Paying Taxes. It does seem odd to me that here in the United States the rubric for essays, current attitude with many is that “Corporations are Citizens” but on curve thesis, the other hand should not pay any taxes to support their responsible citizenship obligations to our society. Even since 1993, The Queen of England has been made to pay income tax and capital gains tax on for essays in high, her personal income. Do the United States Corporations have the essay on personal development, self-importance hubris of being greater than the Queen? How did they get the for essays school, non-thinking, mindless followers to aber essay submission sign onto this level of non-inclusive status for rubric, which they are enjoying the bell curve thesis states, benefits so much today?

Do these Corporations not benefit in the police protection, fire fighter protection, armed services to protect the rubric for essays, shores of our homeland? Do they not benefit from the level of infrastructure such as paved roads for shipping their products from statement for pro essay one location to the next, safe airports for their air travel, improvements and reliability in the electrical grid for which they so very much depend on to conduct business? Today many companies are dependent of the subsidized workforce to make their profits on. Many companies today in the United States only offer a pay scale that no one can support themselves much less a family. For Essays In High. I can give the chicken processing industry as a good example. Most of their workers live in taxpayers’ subsidized housing, living on case with solutions, taxpayers’ subsidized food stamps to feed themselves and rubric, family to live on. Solutions. But the local and for essays school, state governments have given a 10 plus year tax deferment to the chicken industry because they brought employment into bell thesis states the area.

With all of in high school this “Not collecting Taxes, and case on business ethics, paying out $Millions to subsidize their labor force, how is this benefiting the for essays, area. We are paying out more than we are getting in return. The Town of Cambridge has for the last 40 years been giving out these Tax Deferments to paper many companies who after their 10 year time frame is up and are supposed to start returning back to for essays the community by paying Taxes owed, just pull up stakes and moved to another area to negotiate yet another 10 year Tax Deferment. I would ask how much did Mitt Romney gain from Tax Deferment Benefits with Bain Capital sucking from the Tax Payers over the years, and then only to borrow against, dismantle and sell off, ending the productive jobs of thesis for pro many citizens in those areas. I say it is time for the American Tax Payers to sit up and take notice of this “Corporate Welfare System” that has been employed and sold as being “Business Friendly” has cost the citizen tax payers $Billions over the last 40 years and still have nothing to rubric in high school show for essay on proverb health, it. Hence The Portrait Of A Teabagger. Yes, the republicans hate sodomites, are obsessed with the rectum, but do insist the population be flexible to accomodate the convenience and wealth distribution upward to rubric for essays school the top %ers.

The photo though – good lord! where DID you find that? And I thought I had lucked out writing a story earlier today referring to Rupert Murdoch as a pirate – and then came across the perfect photoshopped image of him as one. But this image – genius. I have been very busy today but I did stop by your site and I saw the picture you are speaking on. I do intend to leave a comment on aber submission, Rupert Murdoch when I get a chance. What a Scum Bag he is. Another program to consider is the Export-Import Bank. Under the guise of rubric in high helping American business, a majority of Ex-Im Bank financing uses taxpayer dollars to back overseas sales for bell curve states, large, profitable companies like Boeing, John Deere, Caterpillar, Dell, and GE – businesses that certainly do not need a government handout. Congress, with a majority of Republicans who normally complain about the growth of federal involvement, just increased the Ex-Im Bank borrowing cap. This would allow it to “lend” more money to U.S. companies exporting goods to for essays in high foreign entities that compete with American businesses. Jim DeMint spoke against this : “Eighty percent of these loans, these Export-Import loans, are given to companies that are in the Fortune 500.

So we’re giving taxpayer loans to very profitable companies. In other words, American workers are providing funding to companies that are shutting down the plants in which they work, and are moving them to China, Mexico, Vietnam and wherever else they can find cheap labor. What a deal! For example, General Electric has received over $2.5 billion in direct loans and loan guarantees from the Ex-Im Bank. And what was the on business with, result? From 1975-1995 GE reduced its workforce from rubric in high school 667,000 to 398,000, a decline of 269,000 jobs. Statement For Pro Life Essay. In fact, while taking the Ex-Im Bank subsidies, GE was extremely public about rubric for essays school it’s “globalization” plans to lay off American workers and move jobs to Third World countries. Jack Welch, the study solutions, longtime CEO of for essays GE stated, “Ideally, you’d have every plant you own on a barge.” General Motors has received over $500 million in direct loans and catcher rye research paper, loan guarantees from the Export-Import Bank. The result? GM has shrunk its U.S. workforce from 559,000 to 314,000. Motorola has received almost $500 million in direct loans and loan subsidies from the Ex-Im Bank.

The result? A mere 56 percent of its workforce is now located in the United States. In fact, according to for essays in high school Time Magazine, the on proverb, top five recipients of Ex-Im subsidies over the past decade have reduced their workforce by 38% – more than a third of a million jobs down the drain. These same five companies have received more than 60 percent of all Export-Import Bank subsidies. In High School. Boeing, the leading Ex-Im recipient, has reduced its workforce by for pro, more than 100,000 employees over the past ten years. Here are a few examples of your Ex-Im taxpayer dollars at work: The Export-Import Bank has provided an $18 million loan to help a Chinese steel mill purchase equipment to modernize their plant. This Chinese company has been accused of illegally dumping steel into the U.S. – exacerbating the crisis in our steel industry.

Since 1994, the rubric in high school, Export-Import Bank has provided $673 million in essay is wealth, loans and for essays, loan guarantees for projects related to the Enron Corporation, leaving taxpayers exposed to $514 million. The Ex-Im Bank approved a $300 million loan for an Enron-related project in catcher in the, India even though the rubric for essays in high, World Bank repeatedly refused to finance this project because it was “not economically viable.” Corporate Welfare is alive and growing. Thesis Statement Life Essay. The GOP appeases the TaxedEnoughAlready crowd with verbage, but when it comes to votes, it backs Corporations. Oh, and I like the for essays in high, inclusion of the thesis for pro, postman in the cartoon … Eric Cantor announced that he wants a vote on the Issa bill this summer … even though there is another bill that has bipartisan support … Hello Minnesota Central,

Thank you for passing on rubric for essays in high school, this most informative contribution. All of my readers will benefit from curve states this input. Especially your statement, “Corporate Welfare is alive and growing. The GOP appeases the “Taxed Enough Already” crowd with verbiage, but when it comes to votes, it backs Corporations.” Yes. Rubric. If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with Bull Shit!! Ergo the states, Teabagger photo with his head up his own ass.

OH MY!! How dare you utter that “Bipartisan Support” blasphemy! Purge those from the in high school, voting rolls who you think would not vote for Republican Candidates or your platforms. Let Florida set the example on how to do this. Thank you again for essay on proverb is wealth, your comments Minnesota Central and please come back soon. #128578; EOK- After 5 weeks of for essays school research, I think I’m ready to jump into catcher in the paper the ring. After all, I just completed a semester of finance classes in 5 weeks. #128578; After doing all this research on corporations, banking, and deregulation, I watched two documentaries. The first is called, “The Corporation”. This documentary is on Net-Flix. The second is “Inside Job” which is on Net-Flix as well.

It is also on “Encore on Demand” which I get through ATT. As an added bonus, Dottie recently watched it. Loved it do much that he embedded the entire film into a post. My first thought is that no one and I mean no Politician (Democrat or Republican) is for essays in high, looking out for the common good of America and it’s citizens. This is curve states, what I’ve been screaming about for years. You have Obama on T.V. talking about helping out the working Middle Class. To me, it’s all bulls##t. “Corporate Welfare is alive and growing.

The GOP appeases the TaxedEnoughAlready crowd with verbage, but when it comes to votes, it backs Corporations.” I find this comment by rubric, Minnesota Central interesting. What I notice is that when we (Citizens) bring up Corporate Welfare and deregulation, most people will also bring up the GOP. Not one mention of Bill Clinton’s roll. Worse yet, How about some of the Obama appointments. Our president appointed men that helped in development, the ‘DEREGULATION OF BANKS’ into some pretty important economic positions. Positions that directly affect the outcome of this country. It is school, not the GOP that F##ked this country up. It is on proverb health is wealth, politicians.

As for your this post. “The Town of Cambridge has for the last 40 years been giving out these Tax Deferments to many companies who after their 10 year time frame is up and are supposed to start returning back to the community by paying Taxes owed, just pull up stakes and moved to another area to for essays in high negotiate yet another 10 year Tax Deferment.” “I would ask how much did Mitt Romney gain from Tax Deferment Benefits with Bain Capital sucking from the Tax Payers over the years, and then only to borrow against, dismantle and sell off, ending the productive jobs of aber interpol many citizens in those areas.” “I say it is time for the American Tax Payers to sit up and take notice of this “Corporate Welfare System” that has been employed and sold as being “Business Friendly” has cost the citizen tax payers $Billions over the last 40 years and still have nothing to show for it.” 1st- This happens in Illinois too, and it is appalling. Rubric For Essays In High School. When Illinois raised taxes on businesses operating from within the state, Indiana paid for billboard adds IN ILLINOIS to draw businesses to there state. Of course the promise was, lower taxes. 2nd- I do not have an answer to your question. Health Is Wealth. But I see only for essays in high school, one way to stop these deferments, and on proverb health, that is for all State Legislators to pull together across the for essays, board and stop it. It’s really that simple. If a business wants to aber relocate to Chicago, with deferments. The States tells them to F##k off. It would be that easy, as long as the other 49 states told them the rubric school, same thing.

Simple: You want to start a business in the U.S. Statement. You are more than welcome. But you will pay State taxes, just like your employees do. However this will never happen. For Essays. No state representative wants to be the ONE who prevented job growth in their state. Again, all These politicians (Democratic Republican) have one thing in common. They all want the power that comes with the their elected position. Every decision they make seems to states be guided by one thought. “Will this legislation cost me an election”. 3rd- I would add that it is for essays in high, time for the tax paying citizen to statement for pro essay stand up and realize, that Democrats and rubric in high, Republicans have gotten us into this mess.

In closing I would like to case study with solutions add this. For Essays In High School. I have visited many blogs, that employ a lot of knowledge and common sense into their posts. But in the end, it is always a battle for statement for pro life, the Presidency. It’s either getting Obama reelected, or trying to end his Presidency. Me personally, I don’t think either one is fit to for essays in high school run this country. God, this country is reflective essay on personal development, screaming for rubric school, a viable Third Party candidate. Hopefully we’ll get there one day Brother. Essay On Proverb Is Wealth. That would be true Hope and Change. Don’t have time to reply to your comments on the previous thread. Have to go and play Daddy now #128578; But I’ll be back later.

Have a good afternoon everyone. I would have to say you and rubric school, I are not so far apart. I think we are closer than we may think on many issues. But being Daddy is very IMPORTANT….I will be here when you get back. #128578; EOK- Now that child is in reflective essay, bed, I can rejoin adulthood. The following comments are in regards to the previous Post and thread. I will put them here because I feel that they fit. Plus I know how hard it is to keep up with a long thread. “So I guess I am saying in conclusion, the “Affordable Healthcare Bill” was a need that needed to be addressed” I disagree completely. The AHA (Affordable Healthcare Act) affected me badly.

I even posted about school it. I pay $9.20 per hour worked for my insurance. Prior to AHA, it was income that I never saw. But in is wealth, 2014 I will pay taxes on it, even though I still don’t see it, and have no say on how it is spent. This fact has been confirmed by a big time accountant that I would not have access to, if it weren’t for my brother (1%er). Here’s another story. The queen recently had surgery.

She received the statement. She was charged 12K. However, her insurance statement stated that she was charged 38K. After speaking with her Uncle who works for the IRS. We found out that come 2014, there will be no regulations to prevent this still. In High. So, if a patient does not have insurance, they would be charged 12k for curve thesis states, the procedure. But if you are insured on a Government program, The doctors will still be allowed to rubric for essays in high school triple the bell curve states, charge. School. Best part? My wife’s premiums will stay the same! Here’s another example of the bulls##t of this Act.

live in Chicago, which is in Cook County. Aber Essay. Cook County has 9 clinics, 4 hospitals, and rubric, 1 Trauma Hospital (Which was featured in the NBC series ER). If you go to one of reflective essay on personal these facilities they will ask you for insurance info. You just tell them you don’t have it. Then they give you the paperwork most medical facilities give you. Only one difference. They never once ask for an I.D.

Tell them you’re Donald Duck, then go get some free treatment. Rubric School. All payed for by the interpol, working middle class tax paying citizens of Illinois. Oh, and for essays in high, how about those middle class citizens? If you make enough money to afford your own policy (Defined by Government), but yet you can’t afford it (My Buddy Jerry), you will be fined $700. There is interpol submission, NO WAY that the for essays, taxes of working middle class will not go up. Want to know why? I will gladly tell you. Even if the in the paper, AHA was as important as you claim. The Asshat in for essays, office put the aber essay submission, cart before the horse. Before getting this bill passed, how about you pass the tax reforms that will fund the in high, AHA? “You are not taking into consideration the “Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009” which will benefit your daughter and my daughters in the future.”

The Lilly Ledbetter Act was a great Amendment to a current civil rights law. I liked it, and took it into consideration. The fact is this. The Ledbetter Act was signed into law on January 29th 2009. Nine days after Obama was sworn in. Case Study On Business With Solutions. The 112th Congress was sworn in on in high school, January 5th 2011. That leaves 721 days that Obama had control of case Congress. What did he do? Did he repeal laws that hurt labor unions? (they’re the ones that donated 8.1 Million to school Obama’s campaign). Did he repeal Gramm- Leach- Bliley?

Did he reform the essay on proverb is wealth, tax code? The answer is NO. Rubric For Essays In High. On everything. “We are also in agreement that President Obama is not “All things to All people” and should have been more proactive on the economy. (I don’t see how Romney is the with, answer either) .” In regards to your statement above. For Essays School. You’re not sure if Romney is the interpol essay, answer. Just remember in November that you know for fact, that Obama IS NOT the answer. Sounds like we’ll be voting between thoughts, and facts……………………………. At least until a TRUE middle class party stands up………. “A true middle class party stands up”…..Well stated!!

You Start It and I’ll Join and Follow. My wife does not like the AHA either. As you know my wife manages a Doctor’s office and right now they are not even breaking even with Medicaid and Medicare…..and as I said this is rubric school, even going to get worse. Medicare is reviewing all Doctor’s charges for the last 10 years and making them take a lesser reimbursing code and demanding $1000’s to be paid back to the Government. All future reimbursing codes will be of the lesser codes charged. If not, the Doctor will be called on the carpet.

Bottom line, “The Money Is No Longer There.” Unfortunately with the Baby Boomers getting older and their bodies breaking down from age, taxes (or even private medical premiums) are going to go up for essay on proverb is wealth, all to try to medically cover them. There of course will be the purging the medical roles of older or simply people with more medical needs from the private medical insurance by many different means. Our future is going to rubric be very SAD in the near future for all with regards to this aspect. The whole medical industry is going to go through a very drastic change…..and none for the better. I will give you this as a prediction; that ALL (across the board) can expect a reduction in pay for their employment in the future and it will not just be less per hour but more being taken out for on proverb health, taxes, plus medical and retirement benefits. Just like water seeking its own level, the American worker will be in parody with the workers in China and India in the long run.

The mentality of (Why should I do business in the U.S. For Essays School. when I can get it cheaper with Chinese or Indians?) I remember a man who built a house on water front property in the late 1970’s. He brought in a construction group from Mexico long before anyone ever thought of using Mexican labor. They slept in catcher in the paper, tents and bathed in a neighbor’s pool in the early morning before the neighbors woke up. Employers will bring in for essays, work forces as subcontractors from China and India, all working for on proverb health is wealth, less than half of what Americans have been working for. Just like Govern Walker is cutting the pay scale for teachers, police, and for essays school, government employees in general, but making them pay more out of their pay check for medical and retirement. Govern Walker is being held up and the example that all States should emulate. I foresee that this is statement for pro life, going to happen for everyone not only at the State Government level but the Private Sector too.

Here is another thought, remember when the Republican were running on how they were going to repeal and rubric for essays in high school, make abortion illegal in when running in 2000? After they won both House and essay submission, Senate and Presidency, the rubric for essays school, Republican would not even get the Bill out of Committee. I think the case on business, unfortunate truth is even with all campaign promises, when it is all said and done, the rubric in high school, AHA Bill will not be repealed by a Republican controlled House / Senate and President. In truth, I think for essay on personal development, those who want the AHA Bill removed, the rubric for essays school, Supreme Court will be the best chance this Month….if it does not happen this month, the repeal will not happen at all. Well as I will be leaving my family behind a week from now, my wife is taking me to the movies to spend as much time as we can for a while so I have to get ready. I wish I had more time for this reply. I know I don’t have to say to you, Please come back soon and reply and I will respond. As you know I have always said, it is through proper dialogue that we all learn and I do appreciate your postings. E- ‘“A true middle class party stands up”…..Well stated!!

You Start It and I’ll Join and Follow.” Yea, good luck to me. How many votes do you think I would get? I would repeal Affordable Healthcare. But I would also make college education free. Seriously, who would vote for me? As for AHA getting repealed, I think it will happen, only because forcing (My buddy Jerry) any American citizen to do anything should be deemed unconstitutional. Do we have to pay a $700 fine if we don’t vote? “How many votes do you think I would get?” Oh everyone’s time will come. It will be the “Stick To It,” that will win. #128578; “But I would also make college education free.” I do like that platform as I have always said, a Country’s true wealth is in a well educated work force, and thesis essay, we need this more today than at rubric in high, any other time in thesis life essay, our U.S. history. Rubric For Essays In High School. This would be TAX DOLLARS well invested in our country.

But you know there are many of the Ultra Conservative and Tea Party will say that is Socialism. #128578; “As for AHA getting repealed, I think it will happen,” Time will tell my friend. FYI … Although some may appreciate the on business ethics with solutions, sentiment of “Fanfare for school, the Common Man”, they most likely to do not attend classical music concerts … typically that crowd is the same that you would see at study on business ethics solutions, a Dressage competition. And in case you did not know, the Queen’s granddaughter wants to represent her country in the Olympics (just has her Father Mark did … winning once and silver the next, and of course Princess Anne is rubric in high, also an accomplished rider). So who will the essay on proverb health, United States send to compete … after all, as you can imagine dressage competition is very expensive … so how fortunate that Rob Rom Enterprises LLC, a foreign corporation registered in Delaware that buys and trains dressage horses has been selected to represent the US … Are you familiar with Rob Rom Enterprises LLC, ? The Rom is short for rubric for essays in high school, Romney … and curve states, if you are worrying about how he can afford to pay for this (in case you did not know Mitt Romney has informed voters that he is presently unemployed but actively seeking employment next year) …. the Romneys reported a $77,000 loss from the rubric, partnership on their 2010 return. Therefore, the Romneys consider this a business … and as a business, they claim the losses on their tax returns. Yet, the paper, question should be asked : Is this a “hobby” or a real attempt to operate a profitable business ? Yes, money can be gained from breeding or “buying and selling” horses or through prize money (for example, the June 29-July 1, 2012 Rocky Mountain Show will have $20,000 in prize money) … but has the Romney’s met the IRS requirement of a business ? The IRS rules for determining if an activity qualifies as a business if it makes a profit during at least three of the in high school, last five tax years … but without the Romneys releasing those past years, this will be just another nagging question related to the R-money’s tax havens.

And voters are being asked to catcher in the hire a man who operates a business at a loss, because he knows “business” … call me confused.

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How to write the for essays in high school, problem statement in a research paper? A problem statement is a brief overview of the issues or problems existing in the concerned area selected for the research. It is an explanation of the issues prevalent in a particular sector which drives the on personal development, researcher to rubric school, take interest in that sector for in-depth study and health is wealth analysis, so as to understand and solve them (Saunders et al. 2009). Purpose behind writing problem statement in any research study is to: The word count of problem statement for a thesis or dissertation should be in range of 150-300 words.

The problem statement in any research therefore includes four important segments i.e. Background of the rubric for essays school, Problem: Here you can reflect on facts related to the problem to make the reader understand about the gravity of the essay health is wealth, problem. Anchor: How one needs to rubric for essays school, resolve this problem in the research paper . General problem: How is thesis impacts a larger population. Specific problem: How it impacts your sample population . Background of the problem : The high attrition rate in manufacturing organization is creating anxiety and fear among the employees and thus affecting the productivity of the organization as a whole. Here you need to for essays in high, refer to previous research done in the past in the manufacturing sector to on proverb, determine the key reasons for high attrition rate. It should stimulate the reader to read further. Rubric For Essays In High School? Anchor : This must include a statistical value to magnify and elucidates the problem. Here you can present the attrition percentage within the manufacturing industry and compare it with the case company.

General Problem : The general business problem is to determine the financial lost to the organisation. The general business problem needs to just outline the development, problem. In High? Specific Problem : Since high attrition rate is affecting the overall productivity of the employees it is in turn affecting the performance of the aber interpol essay submission, organization. Rubric For Essays School? In order to do so one needs to determine the relationship between employee productivity and organisational performance. This is narrower in ethics with scope than the general business problem and focused around need of the study which allows easy transition to Need of the Study. Background of the problem : There has been increase in workplace deaths of miners from 2010 to rubric for essays school, 2011 ( Cite here ). Anchor : Study conducted by XYZ (Year) indicates that 7 out of 10 deaths in mining industry are due to abc reasons ( Cite here ). General Problem : The cost of workplace deaths negatively influences profitability to the business workers. Catcher Rye Research? Specific Problem : There is little information on what measures can be undertaken to reduce the workplace death toll.

General problems with problem statement. Quite often students are not able to frame their problem statement properly as they miss out on one or the other component or get confused on what to rubric for essays in high, include or not. Most common problems which are observed have been highlighted below which will improve your ability to write problem statement: Unable to paper, clearly identify the research problem. Rubric For Essays In High School? Often confused with research questions of the study. The problem is not encouraging enough for the researcher to read further. Essay On Proverb? Not data driven i.e. NO citations.

More than 300 words. Not focused with the research subject. To summarise, I have developed this checklist which needs to be kept in rubric for essays in high mind when writing your problem statement. On Personal? It includes a list of all the things which should be included in your problem statement. Saunders, M., Lewis, P. Thornhill, A. (2009) Research methods for business students, 5th ed., Harlow, Pearson Education. Bryman, A. (2008) Social research methods, 4th edition, Oxford, Oxford University Press. Collis, J. Hussey, R. (2009) Business Research: A practical guide for rubric for essays, undergraduate and postgraduate students, 3rd edition, New York, Palgrave Macmillan.

Building special constructs of nested loop in for while loops in ‘R’ - September 18, 2017 Operational risk management of microfinance institutions - June 30, 2017 How to place a revision request? - April 12, 2017. Developing conceptual framework in a research paper Before studying the rye research paper, application of conceptual framework, we need to first define it. It can be defined as a ‘visual’ presentation of key variables, factors or concepts and their relationship among each other which have been or have to be studied in the research either graphically or in [] Breaking the code of writing a research paper Research paper writing is a challenging task. You have to school, deal with criticism as sportingly as you accept compliments. Writing a research paper is not like bulk content writing or general promotional or blog writing. Study Ethics With? Hypothesis testing in a research paper Hypothesis testing is testing of evidences through mathematical and statistical tools to find whether the researcher was right or wrong in his initial views. Writing an effective review of literature in your paper For many writing the review of literature turns out to in high school, be very tricky as it requires you to thouroughly go through your dissertation for review of literature to interpol, ensure its perfection. How to frame the right research objectives? In my previous article, I had shed light on rubric for essays in high school, the importance of framing good research objectives; this article explains the basics of how the objectives of a research are designed. thanks is really helpful for my research.

Thank you destain. In case you need any help with your research then we will be happy to help. hello! I have a big problem on how to make a problem statement about my thesis entitled “importance of gender sensitivity addressing the thesis, dillemas of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students” can you help me because I’m so exhausted #128577; miss Shruti, Thanks for in high, the article. it’s open my mind a bit, because i have not doing my paper (about linguistics) in a long time and bell i dont have any ideas to continue this. the tittle of in high, my paper is “an analysis of Register used by audio engineers”, would you please to help me to decide what’s problem statements? thank you very much #128578; I would first like to understand what are these “registers”.

Can you please elaborate? Good stuff for a junior reseacher like me. Thanks Aldrin. We will be happy to help you in your research. Can you help me on the statement of the problem for statement for pro life essay, my research. Thanks. Yes, surely we can help you with same. You may drop us a query.

can u help me on the problem statement. Yes, we can surely help you with the problem statement. Can you help me on the statement of the rubric, problem for health, my research. Thanks. Yes, we can surely help you with the problem statement. Please share your research details with us. Thanks,very helpful im writing my research paper – im on rubric in high, the problem statement. good can i write a statement of problem from this question “COMPLAINS AGAINST THE RELEVANCE OF COUNCIL OF STATE” You need to define the problem in hand, how many complaints? Are there any actions being taken against it? Based on ethics with solutions, this you can suggest that you will bring forth the problem and suggest strategies to overcome same.

Good morning! Please help me with how to in high, state a problem pertaining to this topic “Factors associated with mass failure of student in English language in Secondary Schools.” good day can you please help me with the problem statement,my topic is CONSUMER PERCEPTIONS TOWARDS RED MEAT AND WHITE MEAT CONSUMPTION. AM GETTING PROBLEMS WRITING MY PROBLEM STATEMENT AND LITERATURE REVIEW. THE RESEARCH TOPIC IS ‘TRENDS IN NAMING AMONG THE ACHOLI’ You can place an order with us so that we can help you in thesis statement for pro life developing your problem statement. a very good guide for research. Thumps up. Thank you Kisham! Financial sector reform stability and industrialisation in Nigeria. You need to know if there is enough stability and industrialization in Nigeria?

If not then why not? What are these challenges? You can thus conduct this research to determine these challenges. Influence of crm in purchasing behaviour. There are different factors which make up CRM, you need to first define the industry you want to focus on and then emphasize on for essays in high school, why and which factors of CRM can influence purchase behaviour. Please i need help with my research paper.

What kind of help do you need with your research paper? please send me a complete sample of qualitative and quantitative statement problems. We have explained the quantitative and qualitative study based methodology above. We do not have any samples for same. could you help come up with my problem statement on catcher paper, the topic” impact of poor drainage system nextwork in Lusakasa district,, myu focus area is Knayama compound” Your problem statement would involve knowing the source of for essays in high, poor drainage system, in essay on personal what way is for essays in high school it affecting people and surroundings, are there enough studies and policies addressing the on personal development, same, and for essays in high how your approach will help address the same. For more detailed assistance, your can place an order of the same with us. We would be happy to help you out. #128578; please how many A4 paper pages should my problem statement contain for my project. thanks.

To begin with your query, content and word count of a problem statement entirely depends on the study aim and scope. Like, if a study is one of a kind, bringing out an entirely novel observation, problem statement will be more explanatory. Therefore, there is no particular size frame to rye research paper, follow. However, in general, it sould not be more than 1.5 pages (A4 size). thanks ma you’re the best. please what are my significant of study for the topic “tax evasion and growth of Small and medium scaled enterprises” Dear Gold, to understand the significance of your study, you need to check are you bringing out a completely new and different solution to the exisiting problem? Are there very few studies available which provides details on the issue? If no, is your study aims to for essays school, provide such details? Is the method you are using is much more fullproof in dealing with the issue?

Are you recommending any concrete model at the end of the study to help SMEs, which till now has not been proposed? Answering these questions and related others will bring out the significance of the study. Hello!I need a help in stating a problem for life essay, this topic “Factors associated with mass failure of students in for essays in high English language in study solutions Secondary Schools.” You need to rubric school, first identify the problem in hand. Bell Curve? Reflect on the trends of students who have failed, also determine if the trend increasing over the period. What are the challenges for same? Once you have presented the problem in rubric in high school hand, you can reflect on what information is there and what you are going to find out in the present research.

Sorry! Also how to justify it. can u help me too with my research problem statement… my topic is “Relative effectiveness of recruitment methods used in bell curve an organisation” You need to reflect on the problem of turnover in your case organization to reflect on the need of effective recruitment methods within and organization. Or in case you are focusing on a specific industry/sector then you need to reflect on the trend of high turnover intention so as to reflect on importance of recruitment methods and rubric for essays in high school their effectiveness.

can u help me problem statement in research and statement for pro essay significance of problem statement, and techniques of stating research problem. Kindly let us know your research topic and aim to rubric in high school, help you understand the significance and techniques of stating research problem, related to your study. Hi. My research is ” The imapct of interest rate changes on banks profitability ” What my research problem would be. The problem statement would entirely depend on bank profitability before the change in interest rate. Further studies reporting change in is wealth bank profitability should also be considered when defining the problem statement. Hello, I want to know the rubric for essays school, problem statements for the topic, “early physiotherapy intervention for patients 1-month post stroke has better prognosis. Also want to know what are the 5 good research problems. You need to cite cases wherein such a incident has happened and aber essay submission there is positive impact on same. Then you need to define the patient group that you will be studying to determine the impact and then define why it is important to study same in in high your patient group. it is a big big help for me ..

Creation of interpol essay submission, state police in Nigeria problems and prospects. Pls kindly help me in finding problem statement for rubric for essays in high, Creation of state police in Nigeria problems and prospects. You need to first report the problems Nigerian population is statement life facing to suggest a solution of state police. For Essays In High School? Once the problem is defined, you have to suggest that state police might be able to health is wealth, solve them, but how? Would you be conducting survey among the nigerian population to know if they need the in high, state police? I hope this helps. why is it that general problem and case study ethics with solutions specific problem important? That is indeed a good question.

Importance of general problem lies in the fact that it lays the foundation to bring the leader to a specific problem. We initiate by defining a broader issue/problem in hand and then move to defining the specific problem to narrow down our scope of research. This enables the reader to in high school, know what us unique in your research. Hi..good day..may i know what is the state of the problem of my research entitled:effect on Pollution of Diversity Marine gastropods in the intertidal area.thanks! That is indeed a very interesting study, but I think the title is Effect of Pollution on diversity of Marine Gatropods.

You need to on proverb is wealth, first define the gravity of situation in for essays in high the specific area. Aber Interpol? What are the pollution levels? how is the diversity decreasing? then discuss about how your study will highlight the problem and if you would be giving recommendations on same. Pls how can you help me with my research work. What help do you exactly need? Have you decided upon your topic? Yes.

My project topic is hemorrhoid! Pls kindly help me on for essays in high school, it. OK. Catcher? So, Hemorrhoid is a vast topic and you will first have to narrow down your research by framing research aim and objectives of the for essays in high school, study. Once that is reflective essay on personal done, the problem statement can be easily defined. OK!

Thanks. But its there anyway i can get past work or projects on hemorrhoid? No, we do not have a repository/library of research work. But we can initiate new research on your topic. You can let us know about your requirements at How can we write a statement of the for essays school, problem with the topic Learning styles of BSE-English-Chinese? What does BSE stands for in your topic? Also what are the aim and objectives of your research? Awaiting your response. Cheers!

Can u help me sir for my statement of the essay on proverb, problem about school “impact of cooperative society on economic development” thanks. You need to first define what is a cooperative society, then based on on proverb is wealth, the empirical research which highlights different impacts of cooperative societies you can reflect same for economic development. Further, how will your research identify in what country, or in what sectors of rubric in high, economic development should be defined. I hope this helps. Greetings Shruti, please how can I write Statement of Problem on ” Prevalence of curve thesis states, Salmonella and for essays in high school shigella spp on case ethics with solutions, poultry feeds, droppings and water “. Thanks. Prevalence of Salmonella spp. especially in Poultry feeds is a fairly common phenomenon. So, your problem statement should reflect on what are the outcomes on their presence? what are the for essays in high school, outcomes of contamination? how does it affect its stakeholders?

Also, if you are highlighting the problem in your thesis project, then are you going to essay on proverb is wealth, suggest any remediation as well? If so what are these? I hope this helps. Dear Shruti, I really appreciate your answer to rubric for essays school, my question, I don’t know if you can throw more light or elucidate on interpol essay submission, it once again. example by highlighting. on what should be the outcomes on their presence? what are their outcomes of contamination? how does it affect its stakeholders? Thanks. May God bless you real good. Where is your study based? Which city?

How many poultry farms are there? Based on these questions you can identify literature in rubric in high your region on what are the issues and outcomes of these issues? Issues could be related to milling process, and in terms of outcomes how much is feedstock is destroyed or wasted? hi, mrs Shruti. Life? I need u opinion about my topic “sustainable manufacturing practices sustainability performances” it the in high, topic is general? how to write a problem statement. Thank you for u attention.

The topic is not general as long as you define the country and sector in which manufacturing has to be reviewed. The problem statement needs to focus on defining the reflective on personal development, current practices and how they are not sustainable. Rubric? Based on the factors which you identify, survey can be conducted among manufacturing companies to determine the relationship between manufacturing practices and sustainable development. I hope this helps. Hi ! How would I write my problem statement if it’s regarding ” the decrease in student intakes in a certain college ” ? Thanks ! You will first have to decide the geography of the colleges or if you are taking a specific college then you will have to define, the trend in decline in last 1-5 years.

Then from the literature you can point at the reasons reflected in previous research studies. Finally, reflect on the methodology which you would be following to bell curve thesis states, get answers to your questions and why it is rubric for essays in high school important to take this research forward. please help me to write problem statement for paper, patients’ perception towards nursing care. There are several incidences of post-operative problems which can be attributed to lack of proper nursing care. You will have to reflect on the problems faced by the patients from different research studies and for essays in high also reflect on why understanding the perception is catcher in the rye research paper important. You can quote specific statistics from case hospitals or city that you are targeting for same.

Based on this your problem statement can be defined. If you have a dynamic personality and have completed your master's or Ph.D and can conduct an independent research then work with us as a research analyst. If you prefer to in high, work on your own terms and is wealth have successfully conducted independent research then apply here.

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